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VegSource, we believe there's a lot more to vegetarianism than what you put in your mouth . . .

As founders of this site, my wife, Sabrina, and I were vegetarians before we had our own children. When wehad kids, we became even more aware of the world around us. Does it sound selfish to say that we want the world to be a better place for our kids (and grandkids)? Most everyone wants that.

We believe that being a vegetarian is a good start. It's a healthier way to live physically, as well as ethically and (dare we say?) spiritually. If you can teach a child from the very beginning to be kind to animals -- the weaker links in our society (and that doesn't just mean not pulling on their tails or yanking on their ears, but also not killing them ) -- then it's not such a huge leap that they'll grow up to be people who are kinder to human animals, as well.

This site is not just for vegetarians, but also for people who are making the transition to becoming vegetarian, or who are open to considering it.

And you might want to consider it.

Just ask Sabrina how she beat an "incurable" auto-immune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis by adopting a vegan diet. Ask Dr. Ruth Heidrich (one of our experts) how she beat breast cancer the same way. Or ask any of the thousands of people who happen through our site every day how a diet- and life-style change saved or improved their own health.

VegSource is not a vegetarian caste society where the vegans are better than the lacto-ovos, who are superior to someone else who eats some kind of meat.

Everyone is welcome here, and included in everything.

In addition to the noble and humanitarian reasons for VegSource's existence, there is another equally important reason for this site -- having fun!

And as you look around, not everything we highlight has to do with vegetarianism or food. There's more to health and life than what we put into our mouths, so we may spotlight dance, humor, music, education...whatever kinds of things from time to time that we find interesting, and think you might too.

You like? Don't like? Want to share your opinon? Sign up for free as a member of our community, comment on News stories and Blog entries -- even start your own blog on VegSource, and interact with others.

Come one, come all! We want to get to know you better!

Jeff Nelson

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To learn about Jeff Nelson's family -- which founded the Armour Meat Company, read this article.

Nelson Family
Nelson Clan in Maui, 5/96

Nelson kids 8/98
(blatant ad for the vegan diet!)

Three Vegan Sugar Plums
(December 1999)

Nelson family -- 2001

Growing up veg!
(June 2002)

Attending a wedding!
(June 2004)

Aspen, Colorado

Times Square, New York

Kings Canyon, CA

Santa Cruz, CA