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From: Quest (
Subject: Scientific Thought Control
Date: May 13, 2005 at 3:45 pm PST

Scientific Thought Control

And I want to speak to you about scientific thought control.

Scientific thought control is based upon the focus on the subtleties, what you normally overlook is what has the vat effect on your outcome, the manifestation process, because the subtleties are embedded in your unconscious mind,

And your UM composes 90 % or more of your total mind. And as you think so you manifest, because you thoughts lay out the pattern in which you attract, and compose, the events, and the environment which occur in your life.

You cannot blame anyone else because you are the cause, and it is in the realization of that responsibility that you must awaken your mind and spirit to the realization that you have an immense power at your disposal,

Which really, you have no choice but to use for creative purposes; because if you do not use them for creative purposes, you will end up uses them for destructive purposes.

In other words, the power is there, it lays asleep, but is liable to wake up at any moment, a and in fact it does wake up in moments, in intermittent time periods which you are not aware of,

And so, this power, left to nature, uncontrolled, unrefined, is dangerous, animalistic in nature, shall we say, abut if you refine it, and control it, with consciousness and awareness,

Which is the ultimate in refinement, by it's nature; it does not need to learn morality, it is morality, it does not need to learn ethics, it is ethics, that is the nature of the spirit.

So, contacting that spiritual realm and having that portion influence the material world, you rise to the highest heights, you attain, the ultimate ecstasy in the world, which is the witnessing of the manifestation process occur in you life:

That is the magic, that is the miracle,

Enough for today.

Letting Go

It is in the letting go process, which we access, the unconscious real, and let the unconscious realm be the unconscious realm, let the conscious realm be the conscious realm, let these realms function as they are meant to function.

Unconsciousness, and sub consciousness are different gradations of the mind and the brain, they demonstrate the depth in which we are talking about, when we say mind we are speaking more in terms of the spiritual realm, when we say brain, we are speaking more in terms of the physical realm,

Yet the two are so interconnected that there functions is often confused, it is a question terminology, but in any case unconsciousness is a deeper level, consciousness is the highest level, it is what you are aware of now, you are aware of what you see, what you hear, what you taste, what you touch, what you remember, what you are experiencing now,

And each individual has a different level of consciousness, that is different experience abilities, some have higher level of consciousness, and some have lower level of consciousness, some are actually sleep walking, they are like robots, they have no level of consciousness,

Now, a high level of consciousness is excellent to have, because it allows you the distinction necessary in order to function in life in ways which will actually bring you what you want, the manifestation process, which is a desire each individual has, is more likely to occur in a person which has a higher level of consciousness,

Now, this is not guaranteed, you can have an individual with a higher level of consciousness then the other, but the other person with the lower level of consciousness, has tapped into strategies of improvement, plans, systems, ways, have founds pathways to power,

And therefore a lower level of consciousness person may actually reach the manifestation process much quicker then a higher level of consciousness person if they are shall we say, determined, destined...

If they have found the strategy, if they have pinpointed their desire, if they have stated there outcome, in a clear precise methodology, and it is the manifestation process in which we focus on,

Because that is the natural desire or thirst each individual has, and has the right to be quenched, indeed, in fact it does...but a starting point is to know what the functions of the mind, what the functions of the brain are:

The conscious mind functions as a filtration system and a recall system, the CM is what you are aware of now, therefore whatever you are capable of now which is actually unlimited is available to the CM, that is why it is said, " raise you conscious level" so that you can recall, organize, re-collect, the past as you which, and organize it in such ways that you are better able to predict the future:

Thinking is a process of organizing, disorganizing, and re-organizing, data, information, pictures in such ways which actually benefit you the individual, so that consciousness has a very important role, and yet it is actually, said to be a small portion of the total mind,

Maybe 10 %, if that, but it has perhaps the most important role, now through the CM we can access the subconscious realm, which is actually a deeper level of the mind, deeper then the subconscious is called unconsciousness, so through the consciousness we access the subconscious and the unconscious realm,

In order for us to do that, we need to put ourselves in a state or trance, or actually put ourselves in a position where we can reach to it: say you wanted to reach a glass from a cabinet, you couldn’t do it from the floor, you have to get a ladder or what not, you have to put yourself in a position to reach it,

So first you put yourself into a position, and I like to call it, " altering your state of mind" because ultimately the state of mind allows you to access the realms and potentials which you want, so you put yourself into the state of mind, you get into the subconscious mind,

You reorganize and then you let it alone, that is what I am trying to say: you let the subconscious be the subconscious, you let the unconscious be the unconscious, if you try to be conscious, about something that needs to be unconscious then you are shooting yourself in the leg,

It is just like when you first learn to drive a car, you have to do it consciously, which is mechanically, but then as you learn the behavior needs to go unconscious; it needs to function unconsciously, in order for you to be able to do it, at a higher level of efficiency,

What if you were to try to drive a car consciously? Over and over and over again, that wouldn’t work, that is inappropriate, and so let the unconscious do it's part, let it drive the car to the point or position it needs to go, and as this occurs, just watch and observe, be the witness to the response you are receiving from the universe,

The way you guide your life, the compass you use, is the feedback you are receiving from the atmosphere, so, you take an action that is like throwing a pebble in the water, you take an action and you watch the response. Where are the waves going? What happens from this action? And you learn from it, this is science, this is what you do,

And so, we can say that experience, personal experience is the greatest teacher, but the wisest individual, learns from other peoples experiences through witnessing what is going on, the observer,

But in order to do this, you must be clear headed, clear minded, in other words the basic needs must be met, that is food, and sleep, and oxygen, and no chemicals which influence thought and behavior; all chemicals influence thought and behavior to various degrees,

Some actually could be beneficial, like actually one cup of coffee might be good for you, the science is unclear about that, but chemicals can actually enhance your performance, but to make sure you are not falling under the illusion of the chemicals,

For example, many marijuana smokers think that the marijuana is actually helping them when in reality it is hindering them that are how an individual can lie to himself. Many alcoholics think that that alcohol is helping them to relax, while if you are drinking more then a half a beer, a half a glass of wine then you are not helping, you are hindering...

And even a half a glass a day, a half a beer is a questionable help, something that is not needed, vitamins; this could be beneficial indeed why not? It could be extremely beneficial; exercise is definitely beneficial to your state of mind,

Now what we want to do is increase the quality and quantity, both are valuable but quality is probably more important because it is now, it is the experience you are having now, it is something you can control now. Quantity is in the future; quality is in the present- that is the difference.

Quantity is not guaranteed, because it is in the future, you say you would like to live to be 95 yrs old, alright, well you can take the steps which would increase the probability for living that long, but there is absolutely no guarantee that this will occur, you could get into an accident (G-d Forbid), or you could have diseases hit you which are well beyond your control

And so, you cannot fully guarantee the quantity, you can only increase the likelihood, but the quality is something that as this very moment you can make a decision to live by, (And this quality) it can never be taken away from you, you can decide to live,

An ecstatic joy from this moment onwards, to sing and to dance, to release those chemical endorphins, which only you can release, this is true meditation, this is true ecstasy, the awareness, the conscious....

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