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From: Chuck (
Subject: Re: Amenorrhea- Please Help!
Date: March 31, 2003 at 2:20 am PST

In Reply to: Amenorrhea- Please Help! posted by Denise on March 30, 2003 at 9:26 pm:

Menstruation Is A Diseased Condition Of The Body

„Disease exists only where it is necessary and it lasts as long as there is a need for it.“

Elimination And „Female Disease“

Extraordinary elimination through the mucus membranes is looked upon as normal! We witness millions who perpetually cough and spit or expectorate gobs of mucus. Coughing and spitting is the process of clearing the throat membranes of the foul matters eliminated there on an emergency basis. Catarrhs, asthma, colds, etc., are but an intensification of the process.

Elimination in the form of phlegm or mucus can take place through any part of our „internal“ skin. The most dominant form of such elimination is through the nose and mouth in the form of expectoration, or a runny nose or dripping sinus, etc. ALL SUCH ARE BUT THE EVIDENCES OF A FILTHY INTERNAL SYSTEM! To eliminate the maladies, the symptoms or the diseases, JUST ELIMINATE THE CAUSES! No medicine or physician in the world can help these conditions. There are no cures! The vital functions that force these morbid discharges can be inhibited by drugs and the offending symptoms disappear, BUT, UNLESS THE CAUSES OF ILTHY BODY ARE REMOVED, these wastes and poisons dam up in us and come out in even more serious form

This brings us to yet other forms of elimination! This elimination through BODY ORGANS NOT DESIGNATED FOR EMERGENCY DETOXIFICATION!

In women there is yet another avenue of compensatory elimination. Extraordinary elimination is provided for through the uterus. This occurs monthly and is called menstruation.

Almost no one questions this female disease, for disease it is - it is un-ease, therefore dis-ease. It is a monthly occurence in unhealthy females and varies in duration and intensity in accord with the state of health of the subject. But the thinking person will question everything. These questions will arise in the observant:

1. What is the phasiological role of menstruation?
2. Is it necessary accompaniment to ovulation?
3. Why do NOT females the world over menstruate?
4. Why do healthy women not menstruate and the sickly menstruate at length?
5. Is menstruation functionless: If not, what is its function?

Females of the human and near human species, who live in accord with natural requirements, rarely, if ever, menstruate. We witness animals that never menstruate in nature. But these very same animals, when domesticated and fed the concoctions of human provisioners, and subjected to the stresses of domestic life, begin to menstruate.

If the body becomes overburdened with toxic matters beyond the capacity of normal and compensatory outlets to eliminate them, it retains the uneliminated wastes and, TRUE TO THE PRINCIPLES OF SURVIVAL, the body stores these uneliminated morbid matters in organs and areas which our body intelligence deems least essential to the body economy, and then sets about to expel these wastes through wounds, weaker organs, etc. One, as a consequence, comes to hear a long train of „itis’s“ such as appendicitis, colitis, nephritis, tosillitis, etc., etc. The „itis“ means inflammation of an area or an organ. Such inflammation means that the area or organ is OVERLOADED WITH TOXIC MATERIAL otherwise uneliminated.

Leucorrhea Reveals A Toxic Condition

The term leucorrhea refers to the elimination of a whitish, viscid discharge from the vagina and uterine cavity and results from inflammation and irritation of the mucous membranes lining the genital organs.

In Diseases of Women and Children, Dr. Tilden, one of the illustrious formulators of the Hygienic philosophy, states that leucorrhea is a process of vicarious elimination - „the excretion, through the genital mucosa, of waste matter which the overtaxed organs of elimination are unable to handle. The more imperfect the systemic elimination, the more discharge there will be from the uterus.“

It has been generally noted that the severity of the menstrual symptoms is proportionate to the profuseness of the mucus discharge.

This continual discharge depletes the energy of the entire system. The proper channels of elimination are overburdened. Organs with their own specific functions are now performing in an emergency capacity as well. The whole body is compensating for the wrong living conditions that have produced a toxic state.

Leucorrhea, like other catarrhal conditions of the mucous membranes, is primarily produced by an acid forming diet. That is, a diet consisting of flesh foods (meat and fish included), dairy products, bread and grain diet, brings on an extremely acid state within the body. Dr. Cutler states the physiological fact that, the normal condition of the blood is alkaline. Disease is a manifestation of acidosis and toxicosis (a condition of being acid and poisoned). The only rational treatment for a cold or any other disease is to clean the poisons out of the poisoned body by proper elimination. Then the cold will clear up.

A diet of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts is that dietary to which the human body is constitutionally adapted. This diet will restore the alkaline-acid ratio within the body. Diet and right living will reduce and finally remove all acid, toxic diseased conditions within the body.

Is Menstrual Haemorrhage A „Normal“ Condition?

In female Degeneration and Regeneration, Doctor Clements notes that… „two deep-seated beliefs, each supported by the medical world, prevail as to menstruation, viz., (1) that the process is a discharge of impure blood and (2) that the process is essential for fruitfulness. Like many other absurd beliefs that have at least been overthrown, they are entirely erroneous and without foundation in fact.“

The prevailing opinions of leading gynaecologists who have been investigating the matter, support the position of the ancients. These gynaecologists have accumulated a mass of evidence showing that menstruation, instead of being a discharge of impurities from the body, as is popularly believed, is a harmful haemorrhage involving the loss of vital fluid.“

An eminent gynaecologist, Loenthal, absolutely declares menstruation to be a pathological or diseased condition, which women bear and are healthy „in spite of it.“

Again quoting Dr. Clements „ the conclusions of those who have studied tha subject are that, primarily and fundamentally, menstruation is a haemorrhage. NO authority on earth can successfully maintain that a haemorrhage is naturyl and normal, no matter in what part of the body it occurs.“

The fact that the uterus is less vital to the immediate welfare of the body than is the brain or lungs, is the only reason why haemorrhage in the uterus (menstruation) does not cause immediate death.

While menstruation does not cause immediate death, it does its deadly work slowly and insidiously, like a thief in the dark. It saps the vitality gradually and causes death by impreceptible degrees, giving rise to many serious symptoms. These symptoms, which are danger signals, are misunderstood by the patient and are mistreated by medical stupidity.
If the condition caused sudden death, such as results from haemorrhage in more vital parts, it would be regarded as dangerous and treated accordingly.

Regarding the view that menstruation is a release of impure blood, E. Kovak, M.D., gynaecologist at John Hopkins University, leading authority on the physiology of menstruation writes: ‚the old theory that menstruation is a cleansing process, ridding the body of poisonous and obnoxious materials, had lead some to believe that amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) allows a retention of such products in the body, and the amenorrhea is therefore injurious to a woman’s health. As already stated, no scientific evidence has been adduced in support of such a belief and indeed, clinical evidence is quite opposed to it.‘ (Menstruation and its Disorders)

Leading authorities assert that menstrual blood is as pure as the blood in other parts of the menstruating woman. Very true - and if the blood of that woman were in a normal state, the condition of health would prevail, and there would be no menstruation. It is a polluted blood-stream that poisons the body to the point where menstruation appears (concurrent with other conditions produced by wrong living; constipation, enervation, weak muscles, etc.), not as a normal function, but as a state of disease; and the menstrual blood is just as pure or just as polluted as the blood in any part of the body.

„The quality of menstrual blood varies according to the chemistry of the toxic material. Bright red, profuse, odourless blood accompanied by severe uterine cramps indicates that the preponderant irritant comes from improper digestion of sugars and starches. The offending toxins are acids which have failed to be completely oxidised to carbon dioxide and water. On the other hand, if the menstrual blood is dark and odorous, clotted and stringy, the toxins of protein indigestion or putrefaction are present. Eggs, cheese and well cooked meat can cause most offensive odours in the menstrual blood. Thus it is obvious that under chemical duress the uterus, which nature developed as the organ of reproduction, can become an organ for the elimination of putrid waste.“ (Dr. Bieler)

The more toxic material that is within the female the more pronounced her flow and the longer its duration. The cleaner her system the less the flow until we come to those who have no blood flow at all - only a slight amount of mucus-like material marks monthly ovulation. Many women who have adopted the hygienic regime have been startled to find cessation of menstruation as a result.

Health And Menstruation

It has been repeated over and over again by men who are in a position to know, and I qoute from one o them, „the more nearly natural the conditions of life, apparently, the less profuse the capillary haemorrhage from the uterine membranes.“

In her Talks to My Patients, 1870, Mrs. R. B. Gleason, M.D. who with her husband, Dr. R. B. Gleason, conducted the Elmira Water Cure for many years, says: „Marked improvement in the general health may arrest the (menstrual) flow.“ This was not a theory with Mrs. Gleason. She was speaking from experience extending over a period of more than thirty years.

It has been truly said that „the facts of experience silence the voice of theory.“ No theory of the need for and cause of menstruation yet offered by scientists fits with the fact that improved health causes it to cease.

I, as a layman, must speak from experience, as I have not found anywhere the final answer on menstruation. As stated previously, medicine as a „science“ was developed long before the observations of men constructed the many theories of what is now known as physiology. It is just as heretical to state today that leucorrhea and menstruation are pathological states within the body, produced by completely unnatural and wrong living conditions, violating the laws of the body, as it was to state, in the middle ages, that the sun did not revolve around the earth. Man has for so many centuries erred and violated the natural order that physicians will call a man „healthy“ who is grossly overweight, wears glasses, takes drugs (for any number of „irritations“), and has the „expected“ diseases of „old age“ in „due course“. Do you have a concept of what true health should be: Man must constantly be questioning his own state to have any idea of what the true state of man should be. If the people who are observed or tested for a „norm“ are not in a perfect state of health, what can the theories based on the observation of these bodies tell us? Health must be redefined. True health must be sought after.

I, prior to a complete change of diet and way of life, every 28 days suffered from 6 days of painful menstruation. It was accompanied with depression, loss of emotional equilibrium, loss of ambition and personal direction in my life and attitude in living, extreme fatigue and many times fever. Since adopting the hygienic regime recently, I now menstruate every 40 days for a period of 3 days and I expect further only a slight loss of energy the first day. I am no longer driven to bed and isolation. I personally know many who have had similar experiences when adopting an all raw diet of fruits, nuts and vegetables, and living a more natural life. I know also several women who have completely ceased menstruating. Case histories are on file at Dr. Shelton’s Health School in San Antonio, Texas, of those who have shown, that, when living healthfully in the true sense, menstruation ceases.

Again, Dr. Clements states: „It was as logical to assert that normal ovulation should be so attended. If the pain and haemorrhage are normal, then how shall we account for the fact that these have frequently been observed to disappear in many women who were free from it?

„If menstruation is a normal function, it should be present in all women. Investigation shows that menstruation accompanies weakness and disease, while it diminishes and often disappears as health improves. It is the weak woman who suffers from painful and prolonged menstruation. The healthier the woman, the more certain she is to be free from this ‚curse‘“.

Menstruation And Ovulation Are Different Processes

Although it is claimed that menstruation is correlated with ovulation, the two processes are not always coincident. Numerous cases are known where women have borne several children and have never menstruated. I personally know one woman who is the mother of five children and she has never menstruated in her life. I know another who menstruated during her adolescent period, married a man who had changed his way of living to a truly natural life style, she joined him in his health regime and became a fine specimen of health and ceased menstruating. Thereafter she had three children, all delivered naturally and painlessly and never menstruated again in her life. There are many, many cases on record, verifying the fact that ovulation is the natural and normal recurring process of the body, and that menstruation is that disease condition which accompanies ovulation because of a weakened and toxic state in women. No bodily function should ever be accompanied by haemorrhage. Blood loss is not normal.

Ovulation, in the healthy woman, occurs without menstruation. Menstruation occuring coincident with ovulation is not normal. Weak muscles in the abdominal area contribute to the haemorrhage condition that the menstruating woman experiences monthly. After the woman ovulates, there is a thickening of the mucus membrane lining the uterus, in preparation for conception. When conception does not occur, this thickened membrane is sloughed off. In the weak and toxic woman, this sloughing is accompanied by a haemorrhage of the small capillaries that have built up behind this mucous membrane, again in preparation for conception. In the healthy woman the mucous lining is passed out as a very slight mucus discharge. The many fine capillaries diminish in number until preparation is again made for conception after normal ovulation. Due to a weakness of the capillary walls and excessive inflammation, the toxic woman experiences a haemorrhage of the uterus, a pathological condition, which, because of its near universality, she mistakes as part of the normal function of ovulation.

Ovulation, the normal function, does NOT cease with menstruation. Abnormal „function“ is eliminated by diet and correct ways of living. The only way to stop ovulation is to remove the ovaries. Ovulation occurs because of an oscillation of the hormones produced first in the pituitary gland and then in the ovaries. Ovulation is one of the products of the functioning of the endocrine system. The very detailed account of this process as observed by physiologists can be found in Guyton’s Physiological Basis of Medical Practice and in Best and Taylor’s Physiology.

The woman who does not menstruate will pass off the unfertilised ova with no haemorrhage, pain, a loss of vitality, or any other of the many symptoms or conditions that are produced by the pathological state of menstruation. There will be only a very slight mucus discharge that should be barely noticeable, to mark ovulation. The healthy woman, one living hygienically, will not experience leucorrhea, the diseased condition that is usually proportionate to the toxaemia revealed by menstruation. The healthy woman will only occasionally have the slightest mucus discharge. It is a natural function of the body to keep clean and moist its mucus membranes. In the body’s performance of this function some mucus discharge is normal.

Diet alone, will not eliminate these diseased conditions. A complete changed way of life will relieve most women of these problems. That means the hygienic diet of live or raw foods, following the correct principles of food combining, as well as exercise every day, plenty of fresh air, sunshine, rest and sleep and appropriate indulgence in all sexual activities and thoughts.

Mrs. Nelson, quoted in She says: „There are women who never menstruate and yet bear children.“

Mrs. Nelson did not learn this fact from me. She got her information from the New York Medical Centre and the Academy of Medicine. Let me refer to another portion of her article wherein she refers to the fact that Metchnikoff, Francis Marshall and others have suggested that there is „something amiss“ when women menstruate. I call attention to these facts so that those of ny readers who worship at the shrine of medical „science“ may know that I, am not alone in stating that menstruation is abnormal.

It will readily be seen from the above that the observational and clinical basis for the assertion that really healthy women do not menstruate is much broader than may at first be imagined. It does not rest upon my own personal experience and observations only. Nor is it a new observation. Such cases are so numerous and the conditions surrounding them are of such a nature that they cannot be regarded as exceptional, or as abnormal or as anomalies and dismissed as such. Nor can their plain implications be dismissed. Herein lies the factual basis for the regeneration of the human species and the greater health and freedom of every individual.

The fact that the whole ovulation cycle can occur time after time without the loss of blood, and can and does this in so many cases, especially in women and whole tribes and should cause us to doubt that menstruation is either necessary or normal. The fact that it is in the healthiest and strongest women that in proportion to the decline in physical vigour, should cause us to-conclude that this, like all other losses of blood, is abnormal.

If many women enjoy good health for a long and happy life, bear several children and never menstruate once in their lives, the least that can be said from these facts is that ovulation is the normal process of the body and is carried on without the need of menstruation and that true health eliminates such troubling conditions as leucorrhea and menstruation.

Exercise „Unfavourable“ To Menstruation

Drs. E. Duntzer and M. Hellendall, who examined 1,500 women gymnasts, reported „unfavourable effects“ of „strenuous exertion“ on menstruation.

All of these and many other physicians who have made similar investigations of the influence of active exercise on the „menstrual function“ condemn „all forms of heavy gymnastics for menstruating girls.“ Why? Because they think there is a „connection between the intensive exercises and the functional changes noted.“

Blinded by their beliefs that menstruation (which is certainly no function) is normal and its absence abnormal, they think exercise to be injurious. Even Drs. Duntzer and Hellendall, who admit that their examinations revealed no unfavourable effects of gymnastics on childbearing, regard exercise as „unfavourable“ to menstruation.

„Intermittent amenorrhea“ was found by Dr. J. H. Parton in school girls as the most common menstrual irregularity (amenorrhea meaning cessation of menstruation). He blamed this intermittent absence of menstruation upon „long hours of continuous effort, mental and physical“ and found that „normal“ menstruation occured during holidays, when the girls led a more sedentary life.

Dr. Augusta Hoffman undertook a series of observations on women training to be athletic instructors and women training for laboratory positions. A careful check of both of these groups before they underwent their respective training showed that the first group were of a better physical type and showed fewer irregularities of the menstrual cycle. But during training, „the picture changed.“

In the second group menstrual irregularities developed in only five of the 127 students and in one of these the change followed gymnastic activity. It was noted that their general muscle tone improved and consequent better health was the result.

The first group, having at the outset a better state of health, was able to, through exercise alone, able to give results that indicate that the active, strong, healthy woman should not menstruate. The second group had to first achieve a better physical condition in order to effect positive menstrual changes.

Dr. B. Skerly, of Europe, analysed the menstrual periods of young women attending a school for gymnasts. His work extended over twenty-two months. He found dysmenorrhea to be comparatively frequent. He noted that twenty percent showed no changes in their menstrual flow.

Menstruation As A Cause Of Anaemia

While prolonged and excessive bleeding at menstruation is admitted on every hand to be a cause of anaemia in women, there seems to be no general agreement that so-called „normal losses“ at this time result in a mild anaemia in large numbers of women. It is asserted by some, however, that anaemia probably appears in pregnancy only when it was previously present, a condition that may well have resulted from blood losses due to menstruation.

A recent book discussing the differences between men and women says of women, that: „for half her life she must sustain a monthly drain on her vitality that is in very many cases a serious strain.“ I maintain that any blood loss is a serious strain and thus weakens the body as a whole. It is implicit in the authors statement that he has not questioned the occurence of this periodic drain and loss of blood. He is very „scientific“, which means that he accepts, the tentative conclusions of present-day investigators.

It would be difficult to estimate accurately how much damage results from the so-called „normal“ losses of the menstrual period though we may be certain that some impairment occurs. As the loss serves no purpose and, as we have seen, is not a natural necessity or function, there should be no opposition, at least from women, to efforts to normalise the female function so that these losses no longer occur.

Let me insist that it is normal „function“, if they will. Women can realise nothing but good from building such a high degree of health that this „normal“ haemorrhage becomes so „abnormal“ that it ceases altogether.

Iodine And Lecithin Are The Principle Constituents Lost

„One reason why menstruation imposes such a drain on the female brain, as witnessed by the mental depression and nervousness that recurs at each menstrual crisis, is because it involves an abundant loss of iodine. This explains why the thyroid gland tends to swell at the time of menstruation, just as it does under conditions of iodine deficiency. Since iodine is necessary for normal brain growth and efficiency (for which reason the birth of congenital idiots in inland regions where soils and foods are lacking in iodine, with the result that the thyroid gland does not receive sufficient of this element to form its normal internal secretion), we can understand why menstruation is such a drain on the female brain. Added to this iodine loss is the loss of lecithin, a phosphorised fat essential for the nutrition of the brain and the myelin sheaths of the nerves, and also loss of calcium which stabilises the nervous system. The loss of these vital substances, plus others, explains why menstruation acts as a drain on the growth and vitality of the female brain, whose development and capacity would be much greater if it were eliminated.“ (Physiological Enigma of Women)

Nervous Symptoms“ Precede And Accompany Menstruation

Dr. Mary Jacobi lists the most frequently observed mental and nervous symptoms that are concurrent with menstruation, and says this regarding their appearance: „It is when the nutrition, and hence the vital resistance of the nerve centres has been diminished, that the rise in tension irritates nerve elements, and all degrees of nervous erethism may be produced from ill temper to insanity.“

She is one among many physicians and gynaecologists who observe and mark tha varied changes in states of mind, experienced by „approximately eighty percent“ of all menstruating women.

Concurring with the observation of Jacobi, Loenthal and others, I have found that these nervous symptoms have their most intense expression one to two days preceding menstruation and the first day of the flow. The discharge preceding menstruation (usually mucus) is rich in the iodine, lecithin, calcium elements. At this time women experience depression, become apathetic and lethargic, find themselves easily upset and angry or crying. Women commit more suicides at this time than any other in their lives.

When women begin a health building regime, their losses of these vital elements are diminished as they lessen their mucus and menstrual discharges. Once a woman has regained health, she can expect all „nervous symptoms“ to cease.

Myomas, Cancer And Menstruation

„Dr. Schroyer believes that menstruation, like leucorrhea, is a diseased condition, rather than being normal as commonly supposed, and is subject to dietary treatment and correction. When menstruation is permitted to continue unabated, he says, there is a great tendency for pathological growths in the uterus to develop after a certain age. For this reason, by the time most women reach the age of 35, twenty percent have myomas (tumour of the muscle tissue) in their uterus, which are produced by the current menstrual hypertrophies (abnormal enlargement of an organ or part of the body; from the Greek, hyper - over; trophe - nourishment) of the endometrium, while at the age of 50, forty percent have myomas.

He believes that menstruation is in some way related to the development of myomas, since both depend on inflammation and thickening of the uterine mucus membrane or lining. This is indicated by the fact that myomas never develop before the onset of menstruation nor occur after its cessation following the menopause. Also, uterine tumours and cancer, which follow in the wake of 30 odd years of periodic menstrual haemorrhages, in Dr. Schroyer’s opinion, are products of the progressive endocrine inflammation that menstruation brings on. After the menopause the inflammation advances from the haemorrhagic to the atrophic state; and this is the age when cancer of the uterus is most common. But it is his belief, based on his experience, that uterine growths, like menstruation itself, are amenable to dietary treatment and correction. He says: „I have seen cancerous masses diminish half their size through diet alone, such as a raw fruit or vegetable diet.“

The observations of Dr. Schroyer, as noted on page 6 of the Physiological Enigma of Women, are being verified by physicians over the world. There is a tremendous increase of „female disorders“ and pathological conditions among women of meat eating and „highly civilised“ cultures. Women are beginning to see the mistake of not questioning every aspect of their mental, physical, and bodily circumstance. If one wrong condition in the body is not alleviated, it will compound itself and lead to other, worse conditions. As previously stated, when the organs of elimination are overburdened, the body stores some of the waste and then seeks other avenues (not used or designed for elimination of waste disposal). But because the true cause (wrong food and living habits) is never removed, conditions only become worse. First there is leucorrhea, then menstruation. With this continual drain of vital fluid from the woman, other glands and organs overwork. As well, the uterus is subject to continual irritation which, if not corrected, may eventually manifest in later years as cancer. It is never too late to change. We must align ourselves with the LAWS OF LIFE that govern the body.

Sterility And Leucorrhea

Ludovici, in Man: An Indictment, speaks about man’s violation of the laws of his own body and those of nature. He observes that constipation is one of the causes of leucorrhea. This constipated state is „caused“ or brought about by wrong eating and wrong food stuffs, especially meat. Because our bodies are not designed in any way to handle flesh foods (not digestive juices, the character of the intestinal tract, or acidity of the blood and secretions of the organs, or the teeth, or the many less obvious, but no less critical indications and systems of the human body which distinguish our state and constitutional capabilities from that of the carnivore) constipation is a resulting condition. Ludovici states: „It (leucorrhea) is a reducing, an exhausting and a sterilising ailment (sterility, where it is not the result of malformation, is almost always the result of leucorrhea).“

No disease occurs without cause. Physicians only treats symptoms. Natural Hygiene is a proven, scientific body of laws, which when followed, can alleviate the body of pathological conditions and, because one is now working with instead of against the laws of the body, regain HEALTH. Let us begin to regenerate the body with the most essential and fundamental change - diet.

Diet And The Disturbance Of The Tamed Animal

Every woman at some time in her life, asks herself: „How is it with animals in nature: Do they menstruate?“ Experiments on animals have conclusively shown that the frequency of ovulation, and consequently estrus (corresponding to menstruation in humans), is a DIRECT function of diet. Overfeeding, especially on protein foods (and of the wrong kind of protein), has the tendency to accelerate (stimulate) the growth and bursting of the Graafian follicles by creating an excess of follicular fluid. In women this results in menstrual discharge. It is therefore evident that proper protein in the diet (raw, unsalted nuts and seeds, approximately 4 oz. a day) will tend to prevent follicular rupture by forming only a small quantity of follicular fluid, and this will mean an absence of menstruation.

Undomesticated animals do NOT menstruate, but they have periodical mating seasons known as rut, heat or estrus, which usually occurs once or twice a year, in spring and in autumn, but more generally in the spring time alone. But under conditions of domestication or captivity, these sexual periods become more frequent, and the genital congestion attending them becomes more intense, until it finally manifests as a menstrual haemorrhage. It is now agreed by most observers that the cause of menstruation amnog domesticated animals is the food they receive at the hands of man. In other words after the non-menstruating animal is captured, the pro-estrum becomes transformed into a bloody flow as a result of unnatural foods and artificial conditions of living.

That menstruation is an unnatural process is furthermore shown by the fact that artificially fed animals menstruate much more often than they rut, the greater frequency due entirely to artificial conditions of living. (Ibid. p. 49)

A Vitiated Diet, The Monstrous Corruption Of Mankind And The Way Back

„Since animal foods (flesh foods including fish, eggs and dairy products) have the greatest tendency to develop mucus in the body and lead to catarrhal conditions of the mucous membranes, manifesting in leucorrhea, the first step in the cure of vaginal and uterine catarrhs is to cut out animal proteins and fats, as well as acid-forming grains, such as wheat. Dr. Schroyer (author of Diseases of Women) advises the abundant use of raw green vegetables for the „cure“ of leucorrhea. On the other hand, he condemns white flour products and white sugar, saying: ‚whiteflour and white sugar are real poison producers. There can be no doubt that refined foodstuffs are, to a degree, responsible for cancer.‘ These foodstuffs are important causes of inflammation of the uterine mucosa, manifesting in leucorrhea, which disease will disappear on a natural diet, accompanied by avoidance of any sources of erotic excitation that will promote excessive activity of the glands of the genital tract. This is best achieved through sexual continence.“ (Ibid. p. 74)

The consensus of physicians and gynaecologists who have asked themselves the questions necessary regarding the original cause of menstruation, instead of simply accepting the current „medical viewpoint“ and teaching, conclude that menstruation is hereditary. (This is true in the sense that generation after generation of wrong living habits produces weaker and weaker females, thus making it harder to relieve the condition.) Menstruation arises specifically as a result of a toxic condition of the blood and form a resulting chronic catarrhal irritation of the uterine mucous membrane, which becomes periodically haemorrhagic due to the chronic weakness of its capillaries, which are unable to resist the blood pressure in the uterus, after conception has not taken place.

„This (menstruation) largely results from the high protein meat diet of civilisation, which, as Charles Watson, has shown, tends to cause an inflammatory condition of the uterine mucosa. A low protein (taking in 20 to 25 grams protein a day) which would be obtained by the intake of 3 to 4 oz. of nuts, is the amount necessary to maintain a man of 140 lbs., doing heavy work, for one day. Clinical tests have shown that the 140 lb. man expends 15 to 19 grams of protein a day in his work and life activities. Dr. Shelton has addressed himself to the question of correct amount of protein intake in a booklet „Too much protein.“ A strictly vegetarian diet will reduce the inflammation of menstruation and also the blood pressure, thus tending to reduce and eliminate the resulting uterine haemorrhage.

Dr. George Starr White, M.D. author of The Emancipation of Women, in which he claims that menstruation is unnatural and pathological and that he has helped thousands of women patients overcome this malady, so that their periods (monthly ovulation) was no longer attended by any discharge of blood, writes: ‚Nothing influences a woman’s monthly flow more than diet. Sometimes one who flows very profusely can be cured entirely by cutting down the diet and living on raw foods. Often persons will skip one or two months when changing from heavy cooked food to raw food, but they need not worry about it.‘“ (Ibid. p. 59.)

Cooked Food As A Primary Cause of Menstruation
Breast Cancer And All Pathological Conditions

In her book The raw Food Treatment of Cancer, Dr. K N.o.l.f.(i), M.D. (available from Healthway Publications, Drawer X, Pearsall, Texas, 78061) tells the battle she as a physician had with breast cancer. She reveals how she would not undergo any of the „normally prescribed“, current treatment for this kind of cancer and set out to heal herself. She found that her malignancy diminished and finally vanished when she adopted an all RAW fruit, nut and vegetable diet. In her resolve to be sure and scientific, about her conclusions, ahe added a few steamed vegetables to her evening salad. Within three months the tumours had returned and were beginning to enlarge in her breast. Again, with the elimination of all cooked food, her condition cleared again, such that she volunteered to undergo an operation to confirm the tissue damage and quality of the affected, now healed area.

Dr. N.o.l.f.(i) reveals how her raw food diet helped many, as she left the directorship af a hospital in Copenhagen to open her own healing institute, alleviate the man made diseases of cancer and menstruation.

Dr. N.o.l.f.(i) experience echoed the experiences of Miss Olga Howe, accounted in „Physical Culture“ magazine, in 1908. Miss Howe suffered severely with her menstrual periods, which lasted from seven to eight days, every 28 days. One of the first things she noticed upon changing from conventional living to a more healthful mode of life was that her suffering ceased and her periods were reduced to three days. During a year on raw foods her flow gradually lessened and this encouraged her to continue. In two years her flow ceased altogether. She says: „during this entire period I enjoyed better health than ever, and was much stronger.“

As a test she included cooked foods, butter and milk in her daily fare and in one month her menses re-appeared. A return to raw food ended its appearance.

Cooked food is dead food, food that has had its nutrients altered and destroyed by heat. The altered nutritional elements are now not able to be absorbed by the body. Raw fruits, nut and vegetables, are the true foods for man‘s physiology, eaten as they are given to us by nature.

Continence And The Health Of The Body And Mind

Any irritation to an already inflamed part of the body can only cause further irritation and delayed healing. It is a fact that the body requires up to 2 hours additional rest within the 24 hours following sexual intercourse. Dr. Shelton in Healing For All, p. 21, states that „if sexual excesses deplete the powers of life they do not merely produce sexual impotence, they weaken and exhaust the whole body.“

Again quoting Dr. Shelton in Health For The Millions, p. 297: „The sex glands serve more than a reproductive function. The vitality and vigour of the individual depends upon their healthy endocrine function. Bodily and mental vigour depend, to a large extent, upon the healthy function of these glands. This being true, it becomes important for us to understand that excessive exercise of the sexual function drains the mental to health and life.“

„It is well known that sexual excesses impede intellectual activity, in order to reach its full power, intelligence seems to require both the presence of well-developed sexual glands and the temporary suppression of the sexual appetite. Inspiration seems to depend on a certain condition of the sexual glands.“ (Carrel, Man The Unknown, p. 143)

If we are to further the evolution of the race, women‘s sexual glands must be healthy, instead of „progressively“ becoming weaker, generation after generation.

Hysterectomy And The Destruction Of The Unity Of The Body

„The removal of the genital glands, even in adult individuals, produces some modifications of the mental state. After extirpation of the ovaries, women become apathetic and lose part of their intellectual activity or moral sense. The personality of men who have undergone castration is altered in a more or less marked way.

The testicle, more than any other gland, exerts a profound influence upon the strength and quality of the mind.“ (Carrel, p. 143)

One cannot have only one part of the body diseased. He whole body is actually diseased. Every woman should strive to eliminate the diseased condition called menstruation. As the flow diminishes, because of correct diet, moderation in sexual activity, sun, rest, exercise, etc. this will be to her an indication of the changed condition of her whole system, of the growing health of her body.

Mind Over Matter

In the pursuit of health it is necessary to reduce sexual activity, and it is, as well, necessary to refrain from obsessive thought of sex. Dr. Shelton, in Introduction to Natural Hygiene, writes: „We do not require to know what mind is, its origin and destiny, in order to understand the laws of its operation. Mind will continue to present us with the same phenomena regardless of our theories and guesses about it‘s essential nature. Whatever mind is, it exercises a control over the activities of the human body. Mind, so far as we know, functions only through an organism. It is affected by the condition of the body itself. Worry, for instance, inhibits many of the body‘s activities and produces disease. Emotions easily overflow the eyelids and tears, thus showing the power of the mind to activate function. Excesses of such emotions are destructive, and it must be emphasised that it is emotion and not calm calculating thought that exercises this powerful, inhibiting or accelerating influence on the body.“

So you can see how continual thinking on sexual matters or viewing sexually oriented movies or books can exert its destructive influence on the body. Thoughts, even without their physical expression, such as desiring or thinking about intercourse, „the constant dwelling of the mind upon sex, causes congestion of the sex organs in preparation for the complete act. If such congestion is not released within a natural time, it is harmful to the organism. Diseases of the uterus, ovaries, prostate gland, and the breasts can frequently be traced to the uncontrolled preoccupation with sex which directly caused a lingering congestion of these delicate tissues. Channelling the thoughts to other matters will avoid this problem.“ (Greatest Health Discovery, p. 166)

„Each state of consciousness probably has a corresponding organic expression. Emotions, as is well known, determine the dilation or the contraction of the small arteries, through the vasomotor nerves. They are therefore accompanied by changes in the circulation of the blood in the tissues and organs… the affective states act on all the glands by increasing or decreasing their circulation.

Thought can generate organic lesions. The instability of modern life, the ceaseless agitation, and the lack of security, create states of consciousness which bring about nervous and organic disorders of the stomach and of the intestine, defective nutrition“, enervation and thus toxaemia is the result. (Carrel, Man The Unknown, p. 144)

If mental influences are at work undermining the body, these must be removed before healing can be complete.

Quoting The Sexual Life Of Man: „When man is not stuffing his alimentary canal with a conglomeration of food stuffs and thereby abusing his digestive function, he is breaking down his nervous capacities by emotional excitements or draining off his nerve energy by sexual indulgence and drug habits. He has developed so many enervating practices that he keeps himself in a state of enervation at all times.“

Nerve energy is lowered by any act of life that uses up nerve energy in excess of the body‘s ability or power to recuperate or regenerate it. Any mode of living that brings on this state of lowered nerve force - enervation - necessarily checks elimination and this causes the body to retain morbid waste matters.

Do you see the insidious circle produced by wrong ways of living? Living out of harmony with the laws of nature, enervation, nerve force depletion, checked elimination, overburdened organs and tissues, poisoned blood, and finally toxaemia that manifests in any of the so-called diseases. Menstruation is just one of these conditions that can be overcome by the hygienic way of life.

Lust, A Product Of Animal Protein

Prof. McLester states conclusively in Nutrition and Diet in Health and Disease, that: „The sexual urge is materially influenced by diet.“ Abstinence from sexual activity, for the greatest state of bodily and mental health, need NOT be only mind over matter. Experience has shown that before menstruation is diminished noticeably, the „demand“ or drive for sex, is reduced when changing from a flesh or animal to a nut and seed protein diet. „It has been the experience of those men who served as subjects in feeding experiments with reduced rations, particularly when the protein quota was restricted, there was a distinct lowering of libido. During the war period in Germany, Rubner observed that the restricted food supply was responsible not only for lowering of the libido in men but for amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation) and other menstrual disturbances in women.“

Again, I repeat that current opinion on „proper“ protein consumption, would have you believe that the body should receive no less than 50 grams of protein a day. I cited earlier tha fact (as stated by Dr. Burton, head of the Australian Natural Hygiene Society, from tests made both in England and the United States) that a man of 140 pounds, in one day‘s heavy work, uses only 15 to 19 grams of protein. Three to four ounces of nuts will provide 20 to 25 grams of protein. This is all the protein an individual needs in a day. Excessive protein is a burden and an irritation to the body. Any excess will cause a corresponding loss of health and a drain of vital energy.

Menstruation is not the cause but only the effect of toxaemia which, when removed, will permit menstruation to dwindle away and ultimately disappear.

Woman The Transformer And Builder Of The Race

„Throughout nature, the female is the superior sex. Only among civilised races do we find women to be the weaker sex. This unnatural state of affairs seems to result from certain abnormal conditions that are not inherent in the constitution of the female organism, chief of which is the debilitating effect of the menstrual haemorrhage. Among primitive races which live natural lives this relative physical inferiority of the female does not occur.“ (Physiological Enigma of Women, p. 9)

Understanding the nature of disease (toxaemia), one can easily see the debilitating effects of the monthly menstrual haemorrhage that so drains women. Women‘s brains, intelligence and perceptive, creative, intuitive and abstract abilities develop before the male of the human species. But there is a marked drop in development a few years after the onset of menstruation. This condition of arrested development need to be.

Can Healthy Children Be Born By Diseased Mothers

How can it be that healthy children can be born of women suffering from disorders that afflict those organs of reproduction, that generate and develop new life. Menstruation reveals a pathological state in the woman and to what degree she is toxaemic. The foul blood that is haemorrhage is the same quality as systemic blood. How can this blood nourish a healthy new life?

„Originally and normally, all fruitfulness centres in the fertile female.
It must be born, and women alone can give it birth.“ (Enigma, p. 94)

Every woman must respond to the call of the health of the race. If she does not participate by changing her way of life and then, as a truly healthy specimen, bring forth a new life that is in truly good health, she does so by simply changing her own life in accord with the laws of nature and the body. This is every individual‘s call.

„Make yesterday‘s finalities today‘s question marks. Make today‘s finalities tomorrow‘s question marks.“

Menstruation Is Not A Normal Condition Of The Body

It is the purpose of this book to enable the reader, particularly the woman reader, to „make yesterday‘s finalities today‘s question marks“ in regard to one of the many manifestations of ill health-menstruation, a condition accepted as „normal“ and perpetuated by misconceptions regarding proper diet and ways of living.

¤ Menstruation should not be confused with ovulation which is a normal and healthy function.

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