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From: The Sproutarian (
Subject:         Re: Dental health - raw diet
Date: September 4, 2014 at 7:39 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Dental health - raw diet posted by Gina on September 4, 2014 at 12:06 am:

Gina said:

What do you use to culture your nut yogurt? I have bought Lou COrona's probiotic blend and I like it, but I also like how Ann Wigmore did it in the past, but Brian Clement said that rejuvelac can be contaminated and not to use it. So what do you use or recommend?

Me said:

I would never use a store bought probiotic unless i had a weak functioning immune system. Why? Because home made ferments can contain bad bacteria. BUT...they key things to remember are: ferments need to be carefully done and kept away from everybody and open windows and covered to minimise chances of contamination. Still, there is still a chance of bas bacteria developing, none-the-less...bad bacteria is everywhere and people with a reasonable immune system will hanbdle it, THAT is why ferments have such a wonderful reputation worldwide. We also need to be aware that a fermented food does offer wider and more powerful benefits to people with reasonable immune systems compared with a probiotic. Another issue with probiotics is that they need to be carefully formulated so synergy amongst the bacterias exist or otherwise various good bacterias can overpower other beneficial ones. How many probiotic streams are there? even knows, yet we get people putting these things into probiotics, but what about all the non identified strains of bacteria in the ferments?? With probiotics we are kind of trying to do what nature does.

You said:

He told me he thinks its better if someone had bean soup than ate low quality fruit, so he is not lowering his standards by saying a healthy person can eat 20% cooked food.

I said:

I completely agree. Most fruit is shop bought/farmers markets etc (NOT FRESH) and much of it is not properly ripe off the tree (I won't get into arguments here as to why), and fruit is low nutrition also. To me, you want to minimise fruit because there are much better foods to be had based on my experience and research. To me, there is very little fruit that is fit to eat if we want real health. Fruit is the bottom rung food of the raw vegan wholefoods diet imo and my experience with eating it also tells me this (doesn't get me on the high level of the sprouts etc).

You said:

i interpret that your stomachache came from antinutrients in the raw sprouts and my solution to that is to cook them.

I said:

that's another complicated issue too. There is so much scarey stuff out there on anti nutrients because they can become a problem, there is also lots of stuff about toxins in sprouts. Lets touch on some important things never talked about regarding these issues. Ferments/probiotics can bring the body up to a whole new level whereby we can start breaking down anti nutrients much better...foods l used to poorly digest and cause bloating are now well digested and energy giving. I went on a 100% acid fermented raw diet for 4 months straight and my digestion is wayyy better than it has ever been. I will digest those dubious sprouted grains and beans with no problems now. The thing is...raw vegans still have problems digesting foods. Why? Because simple raw vegan food is NOT neccessarily enough to bring the body back to good health. We need to build the body up to it's natural powers, and a KEY way to do this is via fermented foods/probiotcis!!!!!

In regards to toxins in sprouts... This is another area where people go right off track. Yes, sprouts have some pretty nasty toxins in them, BUT we can fix much of that problem. How? We can use various foods (sulfated polysachharide sugars) to chelate various nasty toxins and render them harmless, we can use ferments to break down toxins in the foods and to help the body use it's bacteria levels to break down toxins, we can rotate various foods so the body has a chance to expell toxins, and we can use seaweeds/algaes and distilled water to also chelate them out of the body. You won't see people talking much about this type of stuff, in fact, you probably won't find anyone saying that the dangerous lectins can be tamed by chelating them with polysacharide sugars through fenugreek sprouts, kelp/wakame etc.

See....we can get into wrong conclusions by being too narrowly focussed on various associations. You also get N.H people say that sprouts have ingestable cellulose so it should be avoided. LOL. Indigestable cellulose is one of nature's gifts as a prebiotic which allows for enhanced immune functioning, increased uptake in minerals and toxin/bad bacteria reduction. You don't want to be able to digest all your carbs/fibers because their perbiotic role is very very important.

You said:

So, that dried stuff doesn't hurt my stomach, like the fresh raw sprouts do.

I said:

Looks like you might have to build the body up via ferments. Over time you will find you will be able to handle food so much better.

Fermented nuts and sprouted seeds are extremely powerful when soaked in fermented rye sprout water. I can't even begin to tell you the miracles of doing this. This is a cornerstone towards bringing out the natural power of the body by being able to harness the power from the raw food better due to enhanced body fuctioning. I could talk all day about the greatness of fermentation. If people want to get all silly and state that ferments are dead decaying food, l say let them. I just will say that ferments bring new life to the body and will elevate your level of functioning so a raw food diet can be digested and utilised more effectively. If you are a N.H person and you struggle to digest nuts, then maybe it's time to heal the body, open the mind and try something different because if you can't even digest a nut it is pretty sad LOL.

You said:

Also, when you say you use coconut oil, what about coconut manna (whole creamed mature raw coconut)?

I said:

I use coconut oil but l would prefer the whole coconut for sure. I'll need to look into this.

You said:

Sproutarian, do you recommend klamath lake blue green algae?

I said:

I do recommend it, HOWEVER l let it be known that the lake is toxic, the companies selling the algaes as prestine are untrustworthy liars (they have lost court cases) and that the algae DOES contain toxins. Most people seem to do well on it, but some people don't handle the toxins as well. So l recommend trying it, and if you have problems with it l say to build up the body and try it in the future to see if you can better handle it. Being able to handle food can be a process mastered over time when we balance the body out.

Note: why aren't Dr Coisens, Clement, Jubb etc bringing up the issues with klamath lake algae??? Why not be upfront about it.

Once again...l know l go on and on sometimes, but this is highly important stuff rarely talked about in the raw food world.

Gina - l really like that you are open to ideas. I can't have a discussion with most raw vegans due to their blinkered thinking approach, so it is nice to be able to have a conversation with a raw vegan occasionally with more opened eyes.

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