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From: John Rose (
Subject:         Re: Life Saving Enemas
Date: August 16, 2014 at 6:02 am PST

In Reply to: Life Saving Enemas posted by John Rose on August 16, 2014 at 5:57 am:

Here’s a follow up from Dr. John Tilden…

“The only reason for the use of the lavage and enema is to hasten expulsion of the eliminated debris, which is thrown into the stomach and bowels so rapidly the first week of fasting, and which, if left in the stomach and bowels, is absorbed or irritates and enervates and causes great weakness and discomfort.”


2--The Enema Cure for Constipation

Today the most popular so-called remedy* for constipation is the enema. (*When the word remedy is used in the sense of relief or palliation, I am agreed, but I dissent from cures of all kinds.) That it is a relief of value in properly selected cases cannot be successfully disputed, but as it is used--to take the place of negligence and carelessness in giving oneself the attention that nature demands--it has become a very effective means in building the universal sick habit.

The enema is a greatly overworked palliative. Because of the general belief that enemas can not possibly do any harm, they are used in season, out of season, internally, eternally and from everlasting to everlasting, selah!

Many people have learned to get relief from the discomforts following dietary indiscretions by resorting to copious enemas, and because of this knowledge they throw discretion to the winds and indulge because they sidestep the penalty. By any reasoning mind this should be recognized as a crime against health; the same as resorting to various drugs to secure relief from headache, or other pain, which has been deliberately and knowingly brought on because a relief is at hand; or if not wise enough to secure self-relief, they know a doctor who will give the relief desired.

Just here is the meeting ground of sensualists and doctors who combine in commercializing the disease-building habits of the people. The profession has built a great system of palliation which acts as a boomerang and reacts by befogging the medical mind to such an extent that it knows practically nothing of cause and cure; hence, I say society has built a large sick habit, and medicine has built a great scheme of palliation, which doctors "kid" themselves into believing is scientific.

The enema is abused by being used too frequently, and builds the symptom it is supposed to relieve.

When bad habits have been palliated until organic functioning is about nil and life is a continuous discomfort, and medical science has diagnosed ulcer of the stomach or bowels, colitis, bronchitis, arteriosclerosis, paralysis, prostatic enlargement, migraine, or what not, what is to be done? Enemas of warm water daily to clear the bowels, and stomach lavage daily. This regimen is to be continued until elimination is about completed, which will be indicated by a clean tongue, or a cleaning tongue, and a returning of moisture to the tongue, the re-establishing of secretions, discomforts gone, sugar out of urine, albumen out of urine, asthma and cough gone, pulse back to normal and the patient ready to eat. Is he to be fed something peculiarly fitted to ulcer of stomach, colitis, diabetes, Bright's disease, rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, paralysis, migraine, or other disease? Why so? Is the sick habit to be rebuilt? These so-called diseases are only symptoms of Toxemia, showing which organ has had the greatest stress levied on it by toxemia. And said organs are not to receive more attention during convalescence and health than they received during the management of elimination. This is the reverse of scientific treatment which singles out these organs for special exorcism. The only reason for the use of the lavage and enema is to hasten expulsion of the eliminated debris, which is thrown into the stomach and bowels so rapidly the first week of fasting, and which, if left in the stomach and bowels, is absorbed or irritates and enervates and causes great weakness and discomfort. The fast hastens elimination of toxins; and rest in bed restores nerve energy; following which secretions and excretions are re-established, and this is a natural cure.

All acute diseases are crises of toxemic saturation, and the proper treatment is to stop food and use enemas of warm salt water; two quarts of water and a tablespoonful of salt. Salt encourages elimination into the bowels. Hot water without salt acts in the opposite manner--checks elimination and encourages absorption. Food under these circumstances is not digested, but adds to bacterial multiplication. Warm baths are not enervating when temperature is two or more degrees above the normal body temperature. Warm sponge baths are appropriate when temperature is below 100° F.

Feeding is never to be thought of when skin is dry, tongue coated, pointed, slick and dry, or when pulse is hard and wiry. When temperature is above 103° F., heat should be applied to feet, and warm baths given daily of a temperature from 90° to 100° F. When discomfort is great, the hot bath may be given every three hours until comfortable, then once a day. Enemas should be given once or twice a day until temperature is 100° F. or less.

When the tongue is coated and breath foul, the stomach should be cleared out with a siphon tube; the enemas given daily. In pneumonia, oil the chest and apply a layer of cotton; when breathing is labored, the hot bath should be given every three hours; no food; keep feet warm; give as much water as desired. Food and drugs to stop cough increase the mortality.

Asthma: No food until breathing is continuously normal for twenty-four hours, then fruit for breakfast, teakettle tea for noon and night.

All acute diseases should be treated without reference name--meet the indications.

The clinical groups which are so fashionable today are supposed to be a formidable manner of attacking disease. The group is made up of specialists for every division of the body, and this formidable array of talent descends upon a victim, and every part is pulverized, analyzed, scrutinized, and if there is anything left after they get through, it is reassembled--synthesized--and the victim and his friends will eventually find that they have all been P. T. Barnumized.

What has this formidable array of talent accomplished? It has built a system of prognosis. Each specialist discovers the status of his department of the human body, and whatever deviation from the normal he finds is named, and that is the disease. From our point of view he has discovered a symptom. The real cause is not even suspected, for, as we are demonstrating daily, the cause is back in the daily life--all enervating influences and these lower vitality, check secretion and excretion; toxemia results, and the changes resulting from toxemia are the supposed diseases discovered by the clinical groups. The groups find the effects--not the causes, and they treat effects, and they have elaborated a more or less perfect system of prognosis based on a general treatment of symptoms. Their system of prognosis works out according to their interpretation if the victim remains under the direction of the group members, or the members of other groups, but when the patient passes into the hands of other systems, the group's prognosis is void.

The mass of humanity inherit and are taught the sick and doctoring habits. Instead of being taught as children the very important habit of giving attention to the bowels at once when a desire to have a movement is felt, they grow up in ignorance of this great need and fall into the habit of neglecting and putting off going as long as possible, until a toleration is built which amounts to almost, if not quite, a complete loss of rectal functioning. The normal rectum is stimulated into euperistalsis (normal bearing down) as soon as the colon passes any fecal matter into it; if the desire is satisfied, no more sensation is felt until more feces enter it, then the desire is again felt.

If the desire to evacuate is resisted until dysperistalsis (painful bearing down) is felt--until driven by discomfort--a gradual tolerance is built until desire as well as power to have a movement is lost. Aperistalsis (lost power) is built by resisting desire--waiting for a more convenient time; then forcing or stimulating a desire by enemas, or taking drugs that stimulate or excite peristalsis, further enervates and adds to the lost power.

If the bowels were not abused by resisting desire to move, no one would become constipated except as a result of enough enervation to inhibit secretion, which often results in a dryness that causes catarrhal inflammation.

As taught in Toxemia, secretions and excretions of all the organs of the body are impaired and even inhibited by enervation, and enervation is brought about by any and all influences that use up nerve energy. When lack of secretion--impaired secretions of the glands of the bowels--from enervation is the cause of constipation, a cure can be brought about by correcting all enervating habits of body and mind, and in no other way can a cure be brought about. Enemas and physic further enervate and add to the derangement. These are the cases that water-enemas-and oil fail even to palliate. A cure can be brought about by rest in bed; poise of mind and body; and total abstinence from food until secretions and excretions are established, and this resumption will be announced by a moistening of the tongue and mucous membranes, cleaning of tongue and moving of bowels. When such patients go to bed, the bowels may be cleared out by copious enemas; the stomach cleared out by a lavage; then thirst, or dryness of the mouth, may be relieved by a wet pack kept on abdomen day and night, changed night and morning, until bowels move and tongue cleans.

The thirst that accompanies constipation from enervation is not thirst proper, it is drying of the membranes from lack of secretion and is not relieved by water drinking. Indeed, drinking nauseates and, if persisted in, creates vomiting and great discomfort. Patients interpret their dry mouths as thirst, and feel abused if denied water; they will insist on being allowed to wet their lips and mouths, and if permitted to do so no relief is experienced, but more nervousness, dryness, and irritability and discomfort. Here is the place for teaching poise and self-control. Patients with no self-control certainly can make themselves most miserable, and they usually succeed in prolonging their discomforts and delaying their cure.

6--Laxatives as a Cure for Constipation

It is a mistake, which is liable to end fatally, to begin the treatment of typhoid fever with anything to move the bowels except daily enemas. Why? Because this fever starts with putrescence in the small intestine, and a cathartic forces infection of adenoid tissue and lymph follicles. The exanthematous (eruptive) fevers, smallpox, scarlet fever, measles, et alii, are complicated and made severe by any drugs, strong or mild, that are given to move the bowels. They tend to retrocede the eruption to the intestine, favoring infective toxemia.

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