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Subject:         Re: A rewrite
Date: August 11, 2014 at 6:06 am PST

In Reply to: A rewrite posted by Luke Sartor on August 10, 2014 at 6:47 am:

Hey Luke,

Thanks for taking the time to address these issues, as well as for all of the other work you do to help people.

As far as the outpockets and tumors that you mentioned, I didn’t see any outpockets and I didn’t see any tumors in the Video with Dr. Hiromi Shinya. All I saw was a bunch of old crap stuck on the sides of the walls of the colon. Of course, it’s very hard to see the outpockets in these colonoscopies as they only appear as a dot and all of the old crap is behind the dot.

The point here is that there IS other old stuff in the colon other than outpockets and tumors as Herbert Shelton points out on page 258 in “Human Life, It's Philosophy and Laws” in the chapter “Fasting - Physiological rest” under a topic titled SECRETIONS AND EXCRETIONS:

“During a fast some patients will throw off an almost incredible amount of thick, tough, transparent, white gelantinous and slimy expectoration. Later this may become gray, yellowish, or greenish and pus-like in quality. In cases of diseased and long abused stomachs such matter may be thrown out by the gastric mucosa and vomited. Thus we see how nature adopts every possible avenue of elimination as a means of cleansing the system. In cases of mucous colitis, the amount of long, tenacious, worm-like ropes of mucous that will be passing is astounding. After a time this ceases and the disease is ended. The urine becomes dark "thick" dark, or highly colored, smells foul and strong, with a high specific gravity and then clears up as the work of elimination is completed ...”

As far as the enemas and the colonics, the purpose of that post by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser had everything to do with the fact that Moser had been raw for 6 years and because her colon was damaged, as is most everyone else who eats the SAD, she still had old crap in our intestines.

Now as far as enemas and colonics being an "uncompensated" form of stimulation as you put it, I disagree.

According to Herbert Shelton, "The term stimulation is used to cover at least THREE groups of phenomena, as follows:

1.) The increase activities of the body resulting from a renewal and replenishment of its cells by nutrition--food, water, air, light, warmth, rest, exercise, etc.
2) The immediate elevation of functional action when the body is subjected to the kindly influence of light, warmth, coolness, mental elation, worthy ambition, the will, etc.
3) The defense actions of the body when subjected to IRRITANTS (POISONS) or EXCITANTS--drugs, electricity, heat, cold, blows, stabs, shocks, etc.

We have here THREE distinct groups of occasions for increased activity with at least two, perhaps three distinct groups of effects, the increased action serving different purposes and springing from different motives." -Herbert Shelton, Volume I, p. 115

"I propose that instead of calling the THREE types of occasions for added activity STIMULANTS that we use different terms for each type, somewhat as follows:

1) Vigorants, reneweres or nutrients.
2) Inspirers or tonics. ...
3) Stimulants, excitants, irritants. ...

... In a few words, while the renewers and tonics take from the body, they give more than they take, they compensate for the losses; the excitants give nothing, and take much, they do not compensate for the losses they compel." -Herbert Shelton, Volume I, p. 116

"More than twenty-five years ago, when I wrote "Human Life; Its Philosophy and Laws," I suggested that the "renewers" and "tonics" be called "compensated stimulants" and the "excitants" be called "uncompensated stimulants." -Herbert Shelton, Volume I, p. 119

"The following attempt to formulate what I formerly denominated the "Law of Stimulation," but which, I now call the "Law of Excitation," will aid us somewhat in understanding the phenomena of irritation. The reader will observe that excitation follows the law of dual effect." -Herbert Shelton, Volume I, p. 122

"The "Law of Excitation":--Whenever any irritating substance or influence is brought to bear upon the living organism this occasions vital resistance and excitation manifest by increased and impaired action, which always necessarily diminishes the power of action and does so in precisely the degree to which it accelerates action; the increased action is caused by the extra expenditure of vital power called out, not supplied, by the compulsory process and therefore the available supply of power is diminished by this amount." -Herbert Shelton, Volume I, p. 123

Now that we understand the differences between food and stimulants, let's take a look at juice fasting. Some people have inaccurately claimed that symptoms disappear because juice fasting is toxic and works along the same lines as a stimulant. In other words, people feel better on a juice fast according to some people because of the toxins in the juices. This is not an accurate observation. People feel better on a juice fast because a juice fast will get rid of toxins, which most Natural Hygienists will admit is the cause of disease, and people feel better on a juice fast because juices are foods and as Shelton would say, "they give more than they take, they compensate for their losses!!!

Now let's look at superfoods...are these "foods" or are they "excitants"? Do "they give more than they take and compensate for their losses" or do they give nothing, and take much"? What about they not give more than they take? What about water takes and takes and takes, but it also gets rid of toxins just like herbs do. So to evaluate the use of superfoods or herbs or juice fasting or water fasting, we must look at what we get as well as what we lose. To me this is the downfall to many people's way of thinking...they are not looking at the big picture.

Now, here is an example where Shelton does not look at the big picture... "Drugless and semi-drugless practitioners are agreed that drug stimulants are ruinous but will not admit that their own methods of stimulation are injurious unless "abused." Abuse! The thing itself is the abuse! The drugless methods used are all employed to secure the same results that drugs are used to secure. They are followed by the same depressing reaction and all of them without exception leave the patient weaker." -Herbert Shelton, Volume I, p. 123

It is this kind of absurd thinking that leads many NHer's down the wrong path...they read this dribble and since Shelton said, IT MUST BE TRUE!!! Is this man not entitled to make mistakes? Is this man not human? We must think about what we read. Just because everything Shelton wrote up to this point was brilliant, does not mean that he is infallible! Just stop and think about what Shelton is talking about here.

Is he referring to enemas? Do enemas NOT do any good at the right time under the right circumstances? What is more important...being enervated from a bowel full of uneliminated fecal matter or being enervated from an enema?

Is he referring to herbs? Do herbs NOT give more than they take? What about milk thistle? Is milk thistle more enervating than dying?

Is he referring to juice fasting? Do juices NOT give more than they they NOT compensate for their losses?!?!?! According to Shelton, "It was found by certain British and German investigators that the addition of fresh carrot juice or raw spinach juice to the diet of children suffering with severe scurvy results in recovery. The addition of fresh vegetable juices to the diet has given excellent results in many cases of malnutrition. The same is true of fruit juices. ...Changes in the urine prove positively that metabolism is improved by the liberal use of fruits and green vegetables or their juices. ...These juices are valuable not alone in malnutritional states in children, but also in chronic diseases in children and adults. Their excesses of bases supply needed basic salts to the body and enable it to sweep itself free of acids.” -Herbert Shelton Vol. II p. 406-407

Shelton claims that these "drugless methods" secure the same results as drugs...POPPY COCK!!! These "drugless methods" are not palliating symptoms...they are getting rid of toxins!!! They are not treating the symptoms...they are not dealing with the effects, they are getting rid of the toxins...they are dealing with the causes. Of course, some of these "drugless methods" can have the same effect as drugs if the lifestyle factors that are creating these toxins are not also corrected, and it is my guess that this is the reason why Shelton is so against these "drugless methods." In this case I agree with Shelton...most people use these "drugless methods" like they do drugs and do nothing to change their way of life. But some of these "drugless methods" can give more than they take!

Once again, thanks for all of the work you do to help people.

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