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From: Guiy (
Subject: Scorching
Date: January 4, 2004 at 1:21 pm PST

In Reply to: Thanks, I have not tried my PC yet because posted by SandiS on January 4, 2004 at 10:42 am:

This may sound like a broken record (I have posted similar messages quite a few times) but using a double boiler insert will prevent any scorching. A double boiler insert is simply a bowl or kettle which is placed on a tripod (often included with a pc) inside of a pc. I found two items which work great to do the trick. One is a steep sided ceramic serving bowl which fits very well inside my 4.5 liter pc. With this bowl I do place the "trivet" supplied with one of my pc's on top of the tripod to make a flat surface for the bowl to sit on. For a 10 liter pc I found a 6 quart pot from Macy's which fits just about perfectly on the tripod inside the pc. I did have to remove the plastic handles which came with the pot & bent back the steel brackets so it would fit. You may have to search a bit for just the right bowl but it is well worth the effort. Each of the "inserts" I use with tripod allow for about 1" of water beneath them to indirectly heat & pressurize the contents of the pc in the insert above.

When using an insert your food will come out better than normal pccooking. In addition to no scorching food cooked with an insert has superior texture & flavor. Beans do not get beaten up and rice turns out nice and fluffy. Last night I cooked 2 1/2 cups of split peas along with shredded carrots & chopped onions with my 10 liter pc with 6 quart insert. It came out perfect. Absolutely zero scorching because of the indirect heat to the food & water. When I have cooked split peas, rice or whatever other grains in the past there was always some sticking or slight scorching unless I used excess water. Using extra water to prevent scorching makes for mushy food. With insert pc-ing there is much more control over the amount of liquid to achieve desired results. I also cook oatmeal with a double boiler. It takes very little time & comes out perfect. The amount of water I use is 1 1/4 cups water to 1 cup of oats. Comes out light & fluffy, unscorched & perfect tasting every time. As a plus, oatmeal pretty much cooks in it's own heat. I turn the pc off once top pressure is achieved & let it sit for a couple of minutes for a natural typr release.

The other issue you had concerns about is the the issue of foaming. Forget any additives and simply vent your pc of steam for the first 60-120 seconds of active boiling after you seal the lid. I have an old Kuhn & figured out how to do it by simply pressing down the central valve piece to let steam escape. To avoid burning yourself with steam I suggest using a long wooden kitchen spoon or wooden cutting board to press down on the valve while steam is vented. (Quite awhile ago Sabrina posted a series of pictures from a website which illustrated how to push the valve down on a Kuhn. Maybe someone could re-post that link if it is still around) From what I understand, the presence of oxygen is part of the problem with foaming. Since utilizing this procedure I never have any problems from foaming. Foods which previously clogged my pc's now cook easily with foaming problems. Also, for whatever reasons, some people don't have foaming problems & you may not have to vent your pc after sealing at all. I know that I have to do it when cooking foods which foam or my pc's get clogged & make a huge mess. Hope this helps. Have fun.

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