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From: DonQuijote ( -
Subject: Re: The Banana Revolution?
Date: September 25, 2004 at 12:29 pm PST

In Reply to: The Banana Revolution? posted by DonQuijote on August 29, 2004 at 3:51 pm:

<02. Yes, I looked at it. They (Chavez and his entorurage) are doing with Cuba what Barbudos did in 1962 - and shouldn't -, after three years of possible 'Banana rEVOLUTION' (1959-1962). He's unfortunately a late leftwing Caudillo/Ra'is too like Bushes, Blair and Berlusconi are rightwing ones.
And it's a real pity, as he's an Indio, a native...>

Back again, Alberto
Yes, but you can be indio and... you know, lion...;)

Exactly as you said, Cuba was a revolution until '62 or so. After so many attacks by the Big Lion, it itself became a lion. So much so that many people missed the old lion!!!:confused:

<03. An ECOnomic & METApolitical platform to build and have built (as for those who really can't, for any good reason) water dwells, that's it.>

The coops taking care of the needs of their members (not by feeding anyone but by "teaching them how to fish"--more below) and then a safety net outside for those who can't. Of course, this net won't be overloaded the way welfare is today, which is basically getting the poor out of the way, and getting them used to the "handouts" like in the movie.

<04. I've to agree: for all LIONS the final aim to have "diplomatic relations" is to eat you as much easily as possible, all in all.>

You let them in, and they'll corrupt your farm. They shouldn't become though the scapegoat that they are in places like Cuba. That's the whole and only political discourse they got. The "embargo," as if before you launch a revolution, you don't count on the lions' boycott. Castro didn't know, or better, didn't care to build the water well for better control of the little animals!



OK, there's a group Danish cooperative experts at yahoo groups, but I couldn't find it. That shouldn't be a problem. What we need though is to implement this kind of instruction to the little people...

"N.F.S. Grundtvig and the Danish folk high school are always
mentioned as an important part of the background of the success
of the cooperative movement. The folk high schools are schools
for adults, where the students reside during the course period,
e.g. 6 months. Many farmers' sons went to the folk high schools,
where they not only dealt with concrete knowledge, but also
emphasized the free word, conversation, discussion, history,
social debate and active participation in the decisions of the
democracy. The folk high schools promoted the conscious mental
life. The young farmers understood that they were responsible for
their own future. In this way the human basis for the cooperative
movement was ready. The basis of knowledge was also present,
partly because of the general obligatory school in Denmark and
partly because of the agricultural schools."

In other words, Alberto, we need to "teach them how to fish" and promote "the conscious mental life" without the lion...:cool:



I don't know, the ABC of handling the lion ([url][/url]) it's a good place to start. The lion can not rule without the little animals.;)

I'll post something at the end...

<08. Let's call it 'New Coopowerism', 'No Lions, No Problems', 'Banana Republic ECOnomy', Metànya - The GLocal ImagicNation ECONOMY, you name it. The problem is not the name - which has its utility to 'delimit' an idea, a project. It's to really restart together, seriously. It could become one of the most exiting and useful vocational profession for some people. Apart from terrorism and pollution, also in "rich" and "developed" countries - for instance Italy - people of every age started losing jobs and never get them back or just can't find any, life costs too much, if you've a job you earn less and have to work more, too much rubbish is dumped, not only from the USA, like McDonald's, Coca Cola and Hellywood 'shoot 'em all' movies (I didn't write 'USA' movies).
The Rolling Stones played and sang 'Satisfaction'.
Now we should write and sing 'Unsatisfaction'.>

Exactly, the name is so insignificant that we can afford to call it spaghetti, banana... But are they really insignificant to the proles? Well, they are a matter of life and death to them, so we can stick with the names.

"Unsatisfaction" or "Jungle" could accurately describe life at the beginning of the Third Millenium, AD...:(

By the way, only good Westerns are Spaghetti Westerns...:cool:

(This story is part of an organization that also proposes nonviolence to tame the lion. We have exchanged links)


Once upon a time there lived a cruel King who ruled with an iron fist. He was the most powerful King in the world, with a powerful army and an abundance of gold. One day the General of his army came to him with some rather bad news.
"Your Lordship," said the General, "my men are tired of war. They are tired of bad food and mud and blood and they wish to come home. We have already conquered half the world and the royal treasury is bursting with gold. The men think enough is enough."

"The men think?" screamed the King. "What do I care what the men think? The men do not rule this kingdom—I do. Hang the men who will not fight."

"I have, your Highness. I've executed hundreds. But they still will not fight anymore. Now the executioners are refusing to hang any more soldiers."

"Then hang the hangmen,” ordered the King.

"Me personally? I'm afraid I couldn't do that. They are all close personal friends."

"Then I'll have you hung. Guards! Seize him!"

But try as he might, the King could not find anyone willing to arrest the General.

"I'll kill you myself then," screamed the furious King.

Just then a palace guard came in and announced that hundreds of women and children were gathering outside the palace gates and demanding that their men be allowed to come home from the wars.

"Tell them to go home," said the King.

"We have," said the guard. "But they won't leave."

"Have them hung then."

"We don't have enough rope."

"Arrest them."

"We don't have enough dungeon space."

"Then let them stay there until hell freezes over," shrieked the King.

"How will we get supplies into the palace, your Highness?" asked the guard.

"We have plenty of supplies for now. All this disobedience has made me hungry. Where's my lunch?"

"The cook has joined the people outside," said the guard.

"Well I still have my gold," said the King. "Have the palace treasurer give a gold coin to everyone who will obey me."

"The palace treasurer has joined the people outside as well," said the guard. "And the rest of the staff is packing their bags."

So the hapless King was forced to cook his own meals, wash his own clothes, dress himself and make his own bed. As time went by, the people surrounding the palace began to go home and resume their lives, and the soldiers straggled home from the wars. The King was forced to take all his gold and move into a small cottage that didn't require so much upkeep.

But still no one would obey him—not the neighborhood children when he told them to get out of his garden, not even his own dog. Day after day, the King would sit and count his gold that no one would accept. Sometimes one of his old subjects would come by and they would enjoy a game of chess, but unlike the old days, they wouldn't let the King win.

Meanwhile, the people in the Kingdom prospered in peace and lived happily ever after.


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