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From: TSS (
Subject: re-CJD FOUNDATION CONFERENCE A STEP BACKWARD, bending over to be non-controversial
Date: January 20, 2003 at 10:08 am PST

Subject: Re: CJD FOUNDATION CONFERENCE A STEP BACKWARD, bending over to be non-controversial (amen)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 12:17:10 -0600
From: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."
To: John Stauber
CC: bloodcjd

hi john,

John Stauber wrote:

> --- drew my attention to the agenda for the upcoming CJD

> Foundation conference. Beth Willaims is doing a presentation

> on 'does CWD cause CJD'. The conference agenda seems a big

> step backwards, bending over to be non-controversial. This is

> typical with what happens to "disease victim" organizations,

> unforunately.

my friend, i could not agree more.
just another token 'get-together' to rub elbows
with the prion gods, and have the same questions ask and
answered with the same lies, over and over again.

the _new_ CJD Foundation has taken the CJD
victims way backward. when the _new_ CJD Foundation
took over the old CJD Foundation, and then moved in
on CJD Voice (well, let us just say they seem to be
running things from the backdoor, so to speak), i
knew we were in for trouble. i have been at it with them
on several fronts, and all they seem to be doing is
exploiting the CJD victims for their goal as to _refuse_
to help make CJD reportable Nationally and to _refuse_
to issue a CJD Questionnaire that ask real questions
as to ROUTE/SOURCE OF ALL CJDs, while at the same time
telling everyone how they are seeking to change things?
after my 5 years of service at CJD Voice (volunteering
my help and information and helping CJD Victims), they
(_NEW_ CJD FOUNDATION) insulted me for the last time last
week by saying through CJD VOICE;

"I'm more concerned about others that read your information
and are misled or hurt by it."

hmmm, i did not know my information was hurting folks
for the last 5 years, and as i tried to tell the _new_
CJD Foundation, neither did other folks;


funny thing is, why are folks from all over the world,
scientist, doctors, media, regular folks like us, how come
they come to me for data, if it is so misleading and so
hurtful as you say? (i am not bragging, this is just fact,
i do not do this for any other reason than i just want
the truth, and i want everybody to know it).

or is it just misleading and hurtful
to the folks trying to cover it up?

the late great Dr. Gibbs did not think my info was so misleading;

Subject: Re: Hello Dr. Gibbs...........
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 14:14:18 -0500
From: "Clarence J. Gibbs, Jr., Ph.D."
To: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."
References: <>

Hi Terry: 326 E Stret N.E., Washington, D. C. 20002. Better shrimp
and oysters than cards!!!! Have a happy holiday and thanks for all
the information you bring to the screen.

Joe Gibbs

AND with ''THE FOUNDER Dolly'' at CJD Voice agreeing with
everything the _NEW_ CJD Foundation says, i only worry
about what road/path the victims at CJD Voice will now
be led down? i am through with trying to keep them straight
there, and trying to furnish them with the truth. it is now
very obvious what their intentions are, and sadly, it now
seems CJD Voice is going down the same path, and they
too are now 'sleeping with the enemy'. once the
_NEW_ CJD Foundation removed my CJD Questionnaire
from their site, and told me i was interfering with
their surveillance, when their surveillance means
refusing to ask questions about route and source, and
only ask questions as to how the CJD was diagnosed, by
what means, what methods, and by whom, but _NO_ questions
as to route and source of agent, only tells me one thing,
and that is, they are only seeking ways to negate the
original diagnosis, to keep CJD one-in-a-million, to
_NOT_ make CJD reportable, this is typical 'fear-factor'
control and 'it's not here' rhetoric. they seem to be only
honing in on one phenotype (v/nv CJD), and they continue
to insist on doing this, regardless to the new findings
by Collinge et al, that BSE transmission to the 129-methionine
genotype can lead to an alternate phenotype which is
indistinguishable from type 2 PrPSc, the commonest
sporadic CJD.

oh what tangled webs we weave, when all we do is practice
to deceive.

i am now very concerned with the CJD victims and there families
at CJD Voice and what road/path they will now be led down.
_some_ founder there can preach the gospel real good, while at
the same time, she will stab you in the back time and time again,
so my suggestions would be to 'watch your back' and believe nothing
they say anymore and take no prisoners...

COMPARE CJD QUESTIONNAIRES, and ask yourself what is
so confusing if you are seeking the truth;

(what will they find out with this ??? )
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 10:10:53 -0600
From: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."

Greetings Voice,

i send this 'CJD Foundation Questionnaire' and ask the
group, what they suppose will be found out with this ???
with this questionnaire, in my opinion, they don't want
to know what/where the routes and sources of CJDs in the
USA are coming from. NO WONDER they said i was interfering
with there research, there research consist of _not_ finding
out anything other than how it was diagnosed. you folks
judge for yourself. maybe i'm just being an extremist as
some say??? then again, maybe not...TSS



Name of Patient*:
(not required; if provided, must be with express consent of family member)

Date form filled out: / / (mm/dd/yy)

Person filling out form:

Relationship of person filling out form to patient:

Location where patient died: State: County: City:

Location where patient resided: State: County: City:

Sex of patient: male female unknown

Race of patient: white African-American -- Asian/Pacific Islander
American-Indian/Alaskan Native Other (please identify:

Patient's date of birth: (mm/dd/yy)

Age of patient at onset of symptoms:

Date of patient's initial symptoms: (mm/dd/yy)

Age of patient at time of death:

Patient's date of death: (mm/dd/yy)

Duration of illness: months

Was this case referred to the National Prion Disease Pathology
Surveillance Center at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland,
Ohio? yes no unknown

If yes, by whom was this case referred?
Pathologist -- Neuropathologist -- Neurologist
Other Physician (please identify which kind:

Who made initial diagnosis of CJD or other TSE?

Pathologist - Neuropathologist - Neurologist
Other Physician (please identify which kind: )

Please describe the clinical neurological presentation of the illness
(list the symptoms or signs):

at onset of the illness:

during the course of illness:

Was an EEG (electroencephalogram) performed? yes -- no -- unknown

If yes,

how long after onset was the EEG performed?

how many times was the EEG performed?

can you indicate the results?

- slow periodic sharp waves (PSW)

- unilateral periodic sharp waves (LSW)

- not reported

- other

Was the cerebrospinal fluid tested for the 14-3-3 protein? yes - no -

If yes, what was the result? positive - negative - unknown

Was a brain biopsy performed? - yes - no - unknown

If yes, what was the result?_____positive for____

______negative for CJD and other TSE's


Was an autopsy performed? yes - no - unknown

If yes, what was the result? _____positive for____

______negative for CJD and other TSE's


Was the neuropathology of this case consistent with new variant CJD?
yes - no - unknown

What was the final diagnosis of this case?

___CJD, probably sporadic

___Familial (hereditary) CJD

___Iatrogenic (by infection) CJD; please specify_______________

___Gerstmann-Strausster-Scheinker Syndrome (GSS)

___Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI)



* I hereby give consent to the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation,
Inc. to use the above information, including name of patient if
supplied, in connection with activities to promote the research,
education and awareness of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and related
transmissible spongiform encephalopathies.


Greetings again CJD Voice,

NOW, compare to the CJD questionnaire i sent through,
and ask yourself why they ask me to remove this from
internet? better yet, ask yourself why the CJD Foundation
in fact did remove my questionnaire from their message
board? what is it they are so afraid of that we may find

Subject: [CJDVoice] CJD QUESTIONNAIRE... updated version II...TSS
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 12:52:52 -0600
From: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."


1. NAME______________________________________

A. What is the subjects SURNAME____________________________
B. What is the subjects status? ___________________________
(1=suspect/confirmed CJD, 2=hospital control (specify
diagnosis), 3=GP control).
C. If the subject is a (suspect) case, are they alive on the
day of interview?_____(yes or no or not applicable)
D. What is your (respondent's) name?_______________________
(first name, and surname)
What is the relationship to (subject)?________________
E. DATE OF INTERVIEW__________________________
LOCATION OF INTERVIEW_____________________
F. NAME OF INTERVIEWER________________________

A. SEX___________________
B. BIRTH DATE____________
C. BIRTH PLACE___________ (country, state, county, city)
E. MARITAL*DOMESTIC STATUS__________________
(If the subject is female and is/has been married)
record the subjects maiden name if different from current surname.
F. PRESENT HOME ADDRESS_________________________
(ALSO, If deceased, last home address, before subject
became ill?)
G. Is/was subject right or left handed?__________________
F. How many years of full-time education?________________

A. Has the Subject had dental treatment other than fillings:
e.g. extractions or root canal work?_________________
If yes, record a description of treatment; with dates;
Dentists name and address____________________________
B. Has the Subject ever had any operations, including eye
operations or stitching of wounds?___________________
(If yes, record the year, hospital and type of operation).
(record total number of operations)

For each type of operation record the number of such operations
undergone, the year of the first such operation and the year of the last
such operation. When no such operations were undergone record 0 for the
number of operations.

NEUROLOGIC (brain)_____________________________
TONSILS OUT?___________________________________
APPENDIX OUT?__________________________________
ever received an ORGAN TRANSPLANT, including corneal or bone
marrow transplant?_____________________________________
kidney, liver, and other_______________________
C. BLOOD TRANSFUSION__________________________
BLOOD DONOR____________________________________
D. Has Subject ever been admitted to a
E. Has Subject ever been to see psychiatrist (reason and

F. MEDICATIONS, has Subject taken any medications regularly, (if
yes, record the date, name of the medication, the reason for taking it,
and route of administration) prompt for prescription drugs, including
insulin and type.
Prompt for hormone therapy or nutritional supplements including
oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy:
Prompt for homeopathic/herbal therapy:
Prompt for eyedrops


G. Has Subject ever been tested for allergy using

H. Has Subject ever received a treatment involving a course of
(If yes, record year, name of therapy, frequency, reason)

I. Has Subject been VACCINATED?_______________________________
(If yes, give name of vaccine, and route.)

J. Has Subject ever undergone lumbar puncture or electrical
tests involving needles?________________________________________________

K. Has Subject ever undergone acupuncture?____________________

L. Has Subject ever used drugs by needle?_____________________

M. Has Subject ever been tattooed, ear or body piercing of


(indicating years of birth and death) Subjects grandparents,
Subjects parents and parents siblings, Subject and siblings Subjects

A. From the genealogy, record whether the Subject has been
married more than once? ___________________________________________________

B. Have any of the BLOOD relatives of the Subject included in
the Pedigree above died with dementia (or remain alive with

C. Have any of these individuals been diagnosed as having
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and or any other T.S.E.?________________
(if so, give name, address, and apprx. date of illness)


(1=definite 2=probable 3=possible 4=unable to confirm 5=not a

E. Has Subject had social contact, through family, friends or
work, with someone else who developed CJD?_____________________________
(record the persons name and the apprx. date of illness.)

F. Confirmation of social contact with case of CJD?____________

G. FOR NON-U.K. cases only, Has Subject lived in or visited the
United Kingdom during the period 1980-1999?________________________
(if yes, record dat and duration of visits)

A. Has Subject ever been a vegetarian for a period of 1 year or
more? (if yes), during what period was Subject vegetarian, and did the
Subject eat any meat or fish at all during this time?______________

B. Does Subject have a history of any other dietary
restrictions or eccentricities? (record apprx. dates and details of

C. How many years did Subject eat school
(give dates)

D. Has the Subject ever eaten animal food or pet
(If yes, record the types of food and dates)

E. How did/does the Subject like their steak

(1=well done 2=medium 3=medium-rare 4=rare 5=did not eat steak)

F. How often does/did Subject cut or chop up raw red meat or
bones, in their work or in their home?_______________________________

G. (For each of the following food items) How often did Subject
eat (food item)?
BRAIN_________________(specify animal which organ came from)
SAUSAGE OR PATE', STEAK TARTARE (raw minced steak with raw egg)
carpaccio, CHEESE, COWS MILK (1=drinks milk/eats breakfast
cereal with milk, 2=only in tea/coffee, 3=NO)_______________________

A. Did the Subject every HUNT, DRESS, AND EAT,
(if so, list location, and year, and list any specific organs
that the Subject may have considered to be a delicacy).

B. Did the Subject share a home with:

C. Has the Subject worked or stayed for more than one week on a
farm? (1=lived or worked, 2=stayed, 3=NO) If YES, did Subject work or
help with;

(If yes), did Subject participate in:
Treating cattle for Warble fly?______________
Dipping sheep?_________________________
Crop Spraying?________________________
(If the Subject took part in any of these activities), record
dates, places and details of the activity including agents
used; ________________________________________________________

D. Has the Subject used any of the following;
HOOF AND HORN____________
DRIED BLOOD________________
(if yes, record the item used and dates)

E. Has Subject ever DISSECTED ANIMAL EYES, for example at school?

6. RESIDENTIAL HISTORY (begin with the most recent residence and work
From(dd/mm/yy) TO(dd/mm/yy) STREET TOWN COUNTY STATE
(include zip code).

(begin with most recent occupation and work backwards)
FROM(dd/mm/yy) TO(dd/mm/yy) NAME OF EMPLOYER TOWN

A. Has the Subject ever worked in farming, the meat industry,
the pharmaceutical industry, or in a hospital?

B. Has the SUBJECT, their PARTNERS or PARENTS ever worked in the
following areas;

animal laboratories______________________________________________
pharmaceutical laboratories______________________________________
other research laboratories______________________________________
animal farming___________________________________________________
veterinary medicine______________________________________________
meat industry____________________________________________________
(catering other occupation involving animal products, including

*** NOTE ***

please include venison/sheep/lamb and the bovine to any of the above

example=brain tanning deer/elk hide or any other topics
that pertain to transmission of TSEs


example=antler velvet nutritional supplements


_any_ nutritional supplements??? name/ingredients


example=elk/deer brains ie/scrambled, sandwich or otherwise


COSMETICS-ie facial creams, eye make-up etc.




Terry S. Singeltary Sr.
P.O. Box 42
Bacliff, Texas USA 77518


Subject: Re: Tracie CJD Foundation
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 15:09:29 -0500
From: "Tracie Kedzierski"
To: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."
References: <>


Oh no....I've gone and pissed you off (ha ha)
I just find it better to that nothing I write is
misinterpreted. It is very important to me that you understand the
conflict, the confusion, etc so can I call you or not? My dime ?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."
To: "Tracie Kedzierski"
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: Tracie CJD Foundation

> either mail me your explination or forget the it...TSS
> Tracie Kedzierski wrote:
> > Terry,
> >
> > The only problem is that having it on our messageboard conflicts
> > information I have on our home page about the surveillance project
> > report form I send out to the families.-----it is confusing. In
> > sorry but we (The Foundation) have to pull it off.
> >
> > I need to talk to you about this and share a number of goals the
> > Foundation has Can I call you? Please email me your number....
> >
> > Tracie

> > Original Message -----
> > From: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."
> > To: "Tracie Kedzierski"
> > Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 1:34 PM
> > Subject: Re: Tracie CJD Foundation
> >
> >>hi Tracie,
> >>
> >>doing fine, thank you. about the questionnaire?
> >>by no means am i trying to step on Dr Gambetti's toes here.
> >>i think there is more to it than just reporting a case.
> >>we _must_ find the source and route of spordic CJDs, and
> >>i think a great deal of it will be from the medical/surgical
> >>arena. i just want a questionnaire made up for _all_ victims of
> >>human TSEs in the USA in _every_ state, and i want it reportable
> >>in _every_ state. i am turning the heat up. hell, i'm getting
> >>old and grey, i want to see it done before i die. will be sending
> >>this out to many media and papers and requesting them to turn the
> >>heat up on the Gov. you will be able to keep up with the ones
> >>coming through the voice and if i get some that have not come
> >>through the list, i will pass on to Dr. Gambetti if he likes.
> >>i respect Dr. Gambetti very much and would do nothing to hender
> >>his work or yours. i just think that this is too important of
> >>a matter not to have one. and i think by turning the heat up,
> >>getting to the media and pressing there buttons a bit, just
> >>might help this get done a bit faster... hope so anyway...
> >>
> >>kindest regards,
> >>terry
> >>
> >>Tracie Kedzierski wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>>Hi Terry,
> >>>
> >>>How are you? I'm just curious about your Questionnaire ?
> >>>
> >>> It just was posted on the Foundation's MessageBoard without any
> >>>introduction... and I was a bit concerned as it may cause some
> >>>
> > confusion
> >
> >>>with the Surveillance Project I'm doing via the Foundation for Dr
> >>>
> > Gambetti.
> >
> >>>Could you let me know?
> >>>
> >>>Tracie

Greetings again Voice,

just what is the _new_ CJD Foundations goals with
a CJD Questionnaire that asks _no_ questions about soure/route
of the six variants of sporadic CJDs???

i am reminded of a few things deep throat told me years ago;


The most frightening thing I have read all day is the
report of Gambetti's finding of a new strain of
sporadic cjd in young people.........Dear God, what in
the name of all that is holy is that!!!
If the US has different strains of
scrapie.....why????than the UK...then would the same
mechanisms that make different strains of scrapie here
make different strains of BSE...if the patterns are
different in sheep and mice for scrapie.....could not
the BSE be different in the cattle, in the mink, in
the humans.......I really think the slides or tissues
and everything from these young people with the new
strain of sporadic cjd should be put up to be analyzed
by many, many experts in cjd........bse.....scrapie
Scrape the damn slide and put it into
mice.....wait.....chop up the mouse brain and and
spinal cord........put into some more mice.....dammit
amplify the thing and start the damned
research.....This is NOT rocket science...we need to
use what we know and get off our butts and move....the
whining about how long everything takes.....well it
takes a whole lot longer if you whine for a year and
then start the research!!!
Not sure where I read this but it was a recent press
release or something like that:
I thought I would fall out of my chair when I read
about how there was no worry about infectivity from a
histopath slide or tissues because they are preserved
in formic acid, or formalin or formaldehyde.....for
God's sake........ Ask any pathologist in the UK what
the brain tissues in the formalin looks like after a is a big fat sponge...the agent
continues to eat the brain can't make slides
anymore because the agent has never stopped........and
the old slides that are stained with Hemolysin and
Eosin......they get holier and holier and degenerate
and continue...what you looked at 6 months ago is not
there........Gambetti better be photographing every
damned thing he is looking at.....

Okay, you need to know. You don't need to pass it on
as nothing will come of it and there is not a damned
thing anyone can do about it. Don't even hint at it
as it will be denied and laughed at..........
USDA is gonna do as little as possible until there is
actually a human case in the USA of the
nvcjd........if you want to move this thing along and
shake the earth....then we gotta get the victims
families to make sure whoever is doing the autopsy is
credible, trustworthy, and a saint with the courage of
Joan of Arc........I am not kidding!!!!
so, unless we get a human death from EXACTLY the same
form with EXACTLY the same histopath lesions as seen
in the UK nvcjd........forget any is
ALL gonna be sporadic!!!

And, if there is a case.......there is gonna be every
effort to link it to international travel,
international food, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. They
will go so far as to find out if a sex partner had
ever traveled to the UK/europe, etc. etc. ....
It is gonna be a long, lonely, dangerous twisted
journey to the truth. They have all the cards, all
the money, and are willing to threaten and carry out
those threats....and this may be their biggest

Thanks as always for your help.
(Recently had a very startling revelation from a rather senior person in
government here..........knocked me out of my must keep
pushing. If I was a power person....I would be demanding that there be a
least a million bovine tested as soon as possible and agressively
seeking this disease. The big players are coming out of the woodwork as
there is money to be made!!!
In short: "FIRE AT WILL"!!! for the very dumb....who's "will"! "Will
be the burden to bare if there is any coverup!"

again it was said years ago and it should
be taken seriously....BSE will NEVER be found in the
As for the BSE conference call...I think you did a
great service to freedom of information and making
some people feign integrity...I find it scary to see
that most of the "experts" are employed by the federal
government or are supported on the "teat" of federal
funds. A scary picture!
I hope there is a confidential panel organized by the
new government to really investigate this thing.

You need to watch your back........but keep picking at a buzzard to the just may
get to the truth!!! (You probably have more support than
you know. Too many people are afraid to show you or let
anyone else know. I have heard a few things myself...
you ask the questions that everyone else is too afraid to ask.)


greetings again voice,

then i remind everyone to read this;

'As implied in the Inset 25 we must not assume that transmission
of BSE to other species will invariably present pathology typical
of a scrapie-like disease.'


and read;

BSE prions propagate as either variant CJD-like or sporadic CJD

Subject: re-BSE prions propagate as either variant CJD-like or sporadic CJD
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 10:23:43 -0000
From: "Asante, Emmanuel A"
To: "''"

Dear Terry,

I have been asked by Professor Collinge to respond to your
request. I am a Senior Scientist in the MRC Prion Unit and the lead
author on the paper. I have attached a pdf copy of the paper for your
attention. Thank you for your interest in the paper.

In respect of your first question, the simple answer is, yes. As you
will find in the paper, we have managed to associate the alternate
phenotype to type 2 PrPSc, the commonest sporadic CJD.

It is too early to be able to claim any further sub-classification in
respect of Heidenhain variant CJD or Vicky Rimmer's version. It will
take further studies, which are on-going, to establish if there are
sub-types to our initial finding which we are now reporting. The main
point of the paper is that, as well as leading to the expected new
variant CJD phenotype, BSE transmission to the 129-methionine genotype
can lead to an alternate phenotype which is indistinguishable from type
2 PrPSc.

I hope reading the paper will enlighten you more on the subject. If I
can be of any further assistance please to not hesitate to ask. Best wishes.

Emmanuel Asante


Dr. Emmanuel A Asante
MRC Prion Unit & Neurogenetics Dept.
Imperial College School of Medicine (St. Mary's)
Norfolk Place, LONDON W2 1PG
Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 3794
Fax: +44 (0)20 7706 3272




The summary does tend to give a particular slant to the epidemiology of
BSE which is not totally sound. It is a possibility that the agent of
BSE may be in the cattle population in a number of countries already
apart from the USA and that clinical cases are occurring on rare
occasions. It is also important to off the possibility of the
relationship between BSE and certain low-temperature rendering systems.
For that reason a number of other countries apart from the USA and
France are at risk and, in particular, the Netherlands, Denmark,
Germany and Belgium. For these reasons it would be wise to move to an
international ban on the feeding of ruminant protein to ruminants.

Clearly the summary also needs to refer to the incidence of BSE in the
UK and not solely to Great Britain. No doubt this has been tidied up
in your comments on the summary conclusions. It is a pity that more of
the comments put forward by Dr. Kimberlin have not been included in the
summary since his views on page 13 are succinct and valuable...


Is there a Scrapie-like disease in cattle ?




re-mink rancher 'Wisconsin' dead stock feeder using >95%
downer or dead dairy and a few horses...

Part of the Proceedings of an International Roundtable on Bovine
Spongiform Encephalopathy, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, June 27-28, 1989.

The possibility of infection with BSE in the United States, as defined
by studies on the disease in Great Britain, is judged to be low on the
basis of the following: (1) meat and bonemeals imported into the United
States from Great Britain between 1980 and 1988 were used mainly in
poultry, not ruminant feed; (2) the Scrapie Eradication Program had
reduced the prevalence of scrapie in the United States compared with
that in Great Britain; and (3) little, if any, rendered animal products
are used for protein supplements in cattle feed in the United States.
However, there is some evidence that there may already be a scrapie-like
disease in cattle in the United States. This evidence comes from
epidemiologic studies on an incident of transmissible mink
encephalopathy (TME) in Stetsonville, Wis, in 1985. This mink farmer
used no commercially available animal by-product mixtures in his feed,
but instead slaughtered all animals going into the mink diet, which
included mostly (>95%) "downer" dairy cows, a few horses, but never
sheep. To examine the possibility that cattle may have been the source
of this incident of TME, two 6-week-old Holstein bull calves were
inoculated intracerebrally with mink brain from the affected farm. The
bulls developed neurologic disease 18 and 19 months after inoculation.
Both brains had spongiform degeneration at necropsy and both were
transmissible back to mink by either intracerebral (incubation period of
4 months) or oral (incubation period of 7 months) inoculation
Whereas TME has been thought to be caused by feeding scrapie-infected
sheep to mink, this theory has no conclusive evidence. Experimental oral
inoculation of mink with several different sources of sheep scrapie has
never been successful, and an incubation period of less than 12 months
has never (sic) produced by intracerebral inoculation. Transmissible
mink encephalopathy can develop naturally by infection with incubation
periods of less than 12 months.
There is reason to believe that scrapie has not been transmitted in the
United States from sheep to cattle by rendered protein concentrates as
it was in Great Britain. However, some circumstantial evidence exists
that cattle may be a source of some TME infections. It is recommended
that we increase our surveillance for a BSE-like disease in American
cattle by encouraging state diagnostic laboratories to formalin-fix
specimens of midbrain and brain stem from bovine brains submitted for
rabies testing. If results of these tests are negative, these fixed
tissues can then be examined for evidence of spongiform degeneration of
the gray matter.

-Comments on bovine spongiform encephalopathy
J Am Vet Med Assoc 197 (4): (1990)

Letter to the Editor, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical
Association, August 15, 1990
In my article, "Bovine spongiform encephalopathy in the United States"
(JAVMA, May 15, 1990, p 1677), I stated that "little, if any, rendered
animal products are used for protein supplements in cattle feed in the
United States." I have since learned that this is incorrect, because of
the recent trend of using less assimilated "by-pass" proteins in cattle
feed. A large amount of meat-and-bone meal is being fed to American
cattle, and this change in feeding practice has greatly increased the
risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) developing in the United
Epidemiologic studies on BSE in Great Britain have indicated that the
disease originated in cattle by exposure to the heat-resistant
transmissible agent in compounded feed containing rendered animal
protein. The most likely source of infection was assumed to be
meat-and-bone meal prepared from scrapie-infected sheep, but it is also
possible that a heretofore unrecognized scrapie-like infection of cattle
could have been spread in the same manner.
Because of concern for the possible development of BSE in the United
States, the American rendering industry discontinued the processing of
fallen and sick sheep last December. In my opinion, this was a prudent
policy, but one that will not prevent the possible transmission of BSE
from cattle to cattle. As emphasized in my article, there is some
evidence that BSE-like infection may already exist in American cattle.
The current practice of feeding meat-and-bone meal to cattle solidifies
the most important means to perpetuate and amplify the disease cycle.
In Great Britain, BSE has produced a great economic and emotional
burden. We must take all reasonable measures to prevent BSE from
developing in the United States. Therefore, the practice of using animal
protein in cattle feed should be discontinued as soon as possible.
Waiting until the first case of BSE is diagnosed in the United States
will certainly be "closing the barn door after the horse is gone." With
a disease having a 3- to 6-year incubation period, thousands of animals
would be exposed before we recognize the problem and, if that happens,
we would be in for a decade of turmoil.
R. F. Marsh, DVM, PhD
Madison, Wis


Transmission Studies

Mule deer transmissions of CWD were by intracerebral inoculation
and compared with natural cases resulted in a more rapidly
progressive clinical disease with repeated episodes of synocopy
ending in coma. One control animal became affected, it is believed
through contamination of inoculam (?saline). Further CWD
transmissions were carried out by Dick Marsh into ferret, mink
and squirrel monkey. Transmission occurred in _all_ of these
species with the shortest incubation period in the ferret.

FULL TEXT OF GOA REPORT BELOW (takes a while to load)

2. Mad Cow Disease: Improvements in the Animal Feed Ban and Other
Regulatory Areas Would Strengthen U.S. Prevention Efforts. GAO-02-183,
January 25.

Subject: SCRAPIE 'USA' ANNUAL REPORT (105 newly infected flocks 2002) &
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 08:17:17 -0600
From: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 21:21:10 -0600
Reply-To: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Sender: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
From: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."
Subject: SCRAPIE 'USA' ANNUAL REPORT (105 newly infected flocks
2002) & CWD IN USA

As of September 30, 2002, there were 45 scrapie infected and source
flocks (figure 3). There were 105 newly infected flocks, reported in
FY2002 (figure 4). In addition, 379 scrapie cases were confirmed and
reported by the National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) in FY
2002 (figure 5) and (figure 6). Five cases of scrapie in goats were
reported in FY 2002 (figure 7), the last of which was confirmed in
August 2002. New infected and source flocks numbers and the number of
these flocks released in FY 2002 are depicted in chart 4. One hundred
(100) flocks which is 67 percent of the scrapie infected and source
flocks present in FY 2002 were released or put on clean-up plans in FY2002.

Slaughter Surveillance

Slaughter Surveillance is currently in Phase II which is intended to
determine the prevalence of scrapie in the US culled sheep population.
Through September 2002 samples from 3,269 sheep were submitted to NVSL
for testing. Samples from a total of 6,795 sheep have been submitted
since the beginning of Phase II on April 1, 2002. Surveillance regions
are depicted in (figure 8).

Scrapie Testing

During FY 2002 11,751 animals have been tested for scrapie which
includes: 2,711 regular necropsy cases, 1,343 third eyelid biopsies for
the test validation project, 546 third eyelid biopsies for the
regulatory program, and approximately 7,151 animals for Phase I & II of
SOSS (chart 5). Laboratory testing has been taking 10 - 11 days on
average with a range of 3 - 34 days.

Ear Tag Orders

During FY 2002 9.9 million plastic and 6.0 million metal tags were
distributed by APHIS (chart 6).


Oct. 2002)

CWD USA surveillance


CJD Watch message board


Moms death from hvCJD


with 100 MILLION cattle in the USA in any given year,
with 37 MILLION cattle slaughtered every year.
with 190,000 DOWNERS ever year.
with Scrapie running rampant
with CWD running rampant

and the fact the USA has now made SECRET ALL ruminant-
to-ruminant feed ban violations since may 2002.

i ask, why CJD is not reportable nationally?

i ask, why 1 MILLION cattle annually is not rapid tested
for 5 years, to find the truth, if that is truly what
they are seeking?

the token numbers they are now testing, even with the
increase in 2002, is no where near enough. the EU
is testing MILLIONS. much smaller countries with
much smaller cattle pop. are testing millions.
the USA has had the same rendering, the same feeding
practices, and the same type cover-up the UK did for
years, and this will simply spread the agent.

please take heed.......

Cattlemen to finalize BSE research contracts (WHAT'S THE RUSH, LET'S
WAIT ANOTHER 30 YEARS) - TSS 1/17/03 (0)


John Stauber wrote:

> I signed and package the book to Kelli. It will be mailed Tuesday,
> hopefully arrive by the weekend. No problem, thanks for all your help on a
> variety of TSE matters!
> By the way, XXXXXXX drew my attention to the agenda for the upcoming CJD
> Foundation conference. Beth Willaims is doing a presentation on 'does CWD
> cause CJD'. The conference agenda seems a big step backwards, bending over
> to be non-controversial. This is typical with what happens to "disease
> victim" organizations, unforunately.



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