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From: TSS ()
Date: February 9, 2005 at 9:25 am PST


THOUGHT i would post this about just how much power
the BEEF INDUSTRY really has over the news and what
you know and don't know, what they will tell you
and what they will not. really is disgusting how
the system works now...TSS

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Subject: Re: [CJDVoice]
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 00:35:46 EST

In January 2003, FOX news contacted my mother about doing a story on my
father. After discussing it as a family, we decided it was worth it...if it
educated others about this disease. They flew in Shepard Smith and there was a
whole crew taking over my parent's small home while my dad was slipping away.
They have footage of my father less than 48 hours before he died. It was
intrusive, and such the big ordeal with orders for the grandchildren and
friends to make no noise and on and on. Two days later, my daddy, a magnificant
man and grandpa, died of sCJD. FOX came back for his funeral and memorial. We
accomodated them in our worst days. We were told the story would run
sometime in early February. They even ran some promos on our local FOX affiliate.
Then, nothing. When my mother FINALLY got in touch with one of the
producers, she was told it had been dropped because it was no longer a "story."
There was also talk that the beef industry had pressured FOX to kill it. FOX did
not care one bit about what our family, our children, had given to them in
sharing their memories and grief.
I believe FOX, Bush and the beef industry are great pals. Whatever story
they report on, you can almost bet it will serve the best interests of them and
their friends.
Media outlets other than FOX might be open to doing stories on CJD. I just
wanted everyone to know that FOX already did a story on it and decided it was
not important enough to show.

Summerville, SC


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Subject: RE: [CJDVoice] Digest Number 2740
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 09:42:20 -0500

I'm Natalie's mom, widow of Bill Boroski, who died 1/13/03 of sCJD at
the age of 58.

There are a couple of other thoughts I'd like to "piggyback" onto
Natalie's very accurate journal of what happened with Fox news, Shep
Smith, and our family.

Shep did in-depth interviews with our grandson, granddaughter, and me.
He knows what this disease can do, no doubt.

The Fox rep who spoke with me after our local affiliate stopped running
the "teasers" for Bill's story said initially, when I asked why the
story was not shown, that it was not deemed "newsworthy" or interesting
for their target market, but later said that the beef industry attorneys
had told Fox attorneys that the beef industry attorneys would sue Fox if
Bill's story (and Charlene's, too, since the crew spent time with her
dear family in Florida during the same period of time) were shown.

I asked the Fox rep why or how they could have a reason to sue. The
answer I was given by that rep.: there's no way to describe CJD in any
form, variant, sporadic, or other, without using the phrase "human form
of mad cow disease." That phrase is deemed inflammatory enough to cause
a panic and affect the "bottom line" of the "sacred cow" beef industry.

Risk panic?
Or tell the truth?

Don't look to the "no spin zone" for the answer to those questions. They
already answered in the way they dealt with CJD in 2003.

God help us, until someone so high profile that this person's illness
and death CANNOT BE IGNORED comes down with CJD in some form in the US,
the media seems content to continue to run in fear of displeasing the
all-powerful beef industry. At some point, absent quick intervention
with more thorough surveillance and research funding, the story will be
told. Then, perhaps, people will listen and act.

Edna Boroski
Summerville, South Carolina

THE sad part is, IF they would have run the story, it would have been
the same watered down PR crap that the Bush adminstration allows them
only to publish. THEY simply refuse to publish the research linking
sporadic CJD to beef, and it's out there, more and more coming out
all the time, posted right here on this board from the TOP TSE scientist
around the GLOBE...TSS

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