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From: TSS (
Subject: "Eat Something Else!!!" ... how about MAD HORSE DISEASE FOR DUMMIES
Date: January 5, 2005 at 7:18 am PST

In Reply to: "Eat Something Else!!!" NOT WILD HORSES YOU SICK DUMMY !!! posted by TSS on January 4, 2005 at 9:56 am:


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1: J Infect Dis 1980 Aug;142(2):205-8

Oral transmission of kuru, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and scrapie to
nonhuman primates.

Gibbs CJ Jr, Amyx HL, Bacote A, Masters CL, Gajdusek DC.

Kuru and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease of humans and scrapie disease of
sheep and goats were transmitted to squirrel monkeys (Saimiri
sciureus) that were exposed to the infectious agents only by their
nonforced consumption of known infectious tissues. The asymptomatic
incubation period in the one monkey exposed to the virus of kuru was
36 months; that in the two monkeys exposed to the virus of
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease was 23 and 27 months, respectively; and
that in the two monkeys exposed to the virus of scrapie was 25 and
32 months, respectively. Careful physical examination of the buccal
cavities of all of the monkeys failed to reveal signs or oral
lesions. One additional monkey similarly exposed to kuru has
remained asymptomatic during the 39 months that it has been under

PMID: 6997404

Wednesday, 05 January 2005
Wild Horse Advocates Take Aim at the Beef Industry

Wild horse advocacy groups are taking aim at America's beef industry in
response to Montana Senator Conrad Burns' legislation mandating the
wholesale disposal and likely slaughter of thousands of America's wild

(Please see Senate Appropriations Bill Directs BLM to Sell Wild Horses
and Burros for Slaughter .)
In media appearances Spokespersons for the beef industry have supported
Senator Burns and it is widely believed that this legislation,
surreptitiously slipped into the omnibus spending bill by the Senator,
was done as a favor to beef cattle ranchers. Many ranchers enjoy very
favorable lease rates to put grazing cattle on public rangelands,
however some of those lands are also legally occupied by wild
free-roaming horses under the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.
Some ranchers would like to see all the horses removed.

Many wild horse advocates have endorsed putting economic pressure on the
beef industry in order for the industry to pressure Senator Burns to
repeal his measure and produce a more reasonable and humane approach to
deal with the wild horse population situation.

The effort is called "Eat Something Else!!!" Wild horse advocates and
their allies are planning to select products other than beef for their
meal entrees so long as wild horses formally under the protection of the
Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act are at risk of going to slaughter.

"Wild horses have been protected by a law that was unanimously supported
by Congress after an overwhelming show of support by the American
public," observed Willis Lamm, president of one wild horse advocacy
group. "Senator Burns' measure is extreme and the manner in which he
dismembered a long standing public law in secret is not the kind of
conduct that we should accept from any elected official."

Wild horse advocates are considering expanding what they describe as
their "economic sanctions" to other areas including the tourist
industries of Montana and Nevada. Nevada Senator Harry Reid is believed
to have been complicit in allowing Senator Burns' measure to be slipped
unnoticed into the huge spending bill.

Returning to the subject of a beef boycott, Lamm further observed, "It
might not be such a bad idea for the American public to engage in a more
diverse and healthy diet of 'mustang friendly foods'."

-Dec 11th, KBR Wild Horse and Burro News
(used with permission)

The "Final Solution" for Wild Horses?

Senate Appropriations Bill Directs BLM to Sell
Wild Horses and Burros for Slaughter
Story date: November 21, 2004
Updated December 12, 2004

A bumblebee is usually faster than a John Deere Tractor

Washington, DC

Senator Conrad Burns of Montana, with the apparent support of Senators
Byron Dorgan, of North Dakota and Harry Reid of Nevada (Note 1),
secretly inserted into the Senate appropriations bill a rider that
directs the BLM to dispose of excess wild horses and burros "without
limitation" including at livestock sales and public auctions. This
action could conceivably initiate the largest wholesale slaughter of
horses in North America. Here is the actual language.

(a) In General. - Section 3 of Public Law 92-195 (16 U.S.C. 1333) is
amended -

(1) in subsection (d)(5), by striking "this section" and all that
follows through the period at the end and inserting "this section.";

(2) by adding at the end the following:

"(e) Sale of Excess Animals. -

"(1) In General. - Any excess animal or the remains of any excess
animal shall be sold if -

"(A) the excess animal is more than ten years of age; or

"(B) the excess animal has been offered unsuccessfully for adoption
at least three times.

"(2) Method of Sale. - An excess animal that meets either of the
criteria in paragraph (1) shall be made available for sale without
limitation, including through auction to the highest bidder, at local
sale yards or other convenient livestock selling facilities, until such
time as-

"(A) all excess animals offered for sale are sold; or

"(B) the appropriate management level, as determined by the
Secretary, is attained in all areas occupied by wild free-roaming
horses and burros."

This means that all horses and burros ten years and older, and any horse
or burro unfortunate to have been sent to three adoptions but not be
adopted, will be dumped at a public sale.

The bill further states that "Any excess animal sold under this
provision shall no longer be considered to be a wild free-roaming horse
or burro for purposes of this act." That statement dissolves these
animals' safety net and without question nearly all of these animals
will be acquired by the killer buyers.

Having no line veto authority President Bush signed the omnibus bill
into Law.

There are two primary points to this issue.

* The measure itself is extreme. It requires BLM to "dump" huge
numbers of formerly protected wild horses onto the marketplace.

* The measure is an icon of the sleazy politics of this era. The
Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act was strongly supported by
the American public and passed unanimously by Congress in 1971.
Senator Burns gutted this long standing public law through a rider
surreptitiously slipped at the last minute into the huge spending
bill, avoiding any public scrutiny or debate.

Note 1: Senator Reid's involvement was reported by the Nevada Appeal on
11/24/04. Read the Story

How you can respond:

E-mail, phone or fax the president. Tell him that you are unhappy with
the passage of Rider #142.

* E-mail:

* Phone: 202-456-1111

* Fax: 202-456-2461

Call, email or write your senators and members of Congress.

* Contact information for United States Senators

* Contact information for Members of Congress

Ask your Senators and Representatives to not allow the American
government to initiate potentially the largest wholesale slaughter of
horses in history. This language must be repealed and other solutions
written into law.

The actual legislation to which you should refer is
Rider #142 in HR-4818 (The CONSOLIDATED APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 2005).

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