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From: footmouth aids chickens hong kong exports (
Subject: new case shelfs tinsjars aus tas new zealnd dont eat drink gelatines bad high levels
Date: May 21, 2001 at 2:12 am PST

In Reply to: Milk, cheese and mad cow disease posted by Anni Lawrie on February 10, 2001 at 10:33 am:

Foot and mouth disease apr 28 to may 20

Confirmed cases by county 1500-
FMO 2001/nn Date confirmed Owner/premises Animals
1500 Apr 28 Mr R & E M Smithson Bloan Farm Brough Sowerby Kirkby Stephen Cumbria CA17 4DF Cattle 110 Sheep 120 (including ewes and lambs)
1501 Apr 28 Miss C A Dickinson Abbot Park Colton Greenodd Ulverston Cumbria LA12 8HW Sheep 450
1502 Apr 28 G R Whitfield Lowthian Gill Cotehill Carlisle Cumbria CA4 0DB Hesket Cattle 488 Sheep already slaughtered
1503 Apr 28 Mr L Skelton Rose Lea House Ireby Wigton Cumbria CA7 1DS Bewaldeth Snittlegarth Cattle 60
1504 Apr 28 I Renton & Son High Highlaws Morpeth Northumberland NE61 3DD Hebron Cattle 300 Sheep 550 + lambs
1505 Apr 28 Mr TD Shell of Doxford Farm With animals in: Field near Doxford Hall Chathill Northumberland Newton by the Sea Map ref: NU 181 239 Ewes 22 + 50 lambs Already slaughtered
1506 Apr 28 M/S J T & H Inman Wyseby Hill Kirtlebridge Lockerbie Dumfries & Galloway DG11 3AW Cattle 600 Sheep 1000 Goats 3
1507 Apr 28 Mr M H Reed of Higher Kingstree With animals at: Glebe Farm Romansleigh South Molton Devon Ewes 38 + 25 lambs
1508 Apr 28 Fair Orchard St Brides Wentlooge Newport Gwent NP10 9SF Cattle 350 Sheep 1,200 + lambs Pigs 3 Goats 2
1509 Apr 29 M/S A Graves Hesket House Hesket Carlisle Cumbria CA4 0HU Cattle 358
1510 Apr 29 M/S Hetherington West Moor End Farm Aspatria Carlisle Cumbria CA5 2NG Cattle 146
1511 Apr 29 A H Braithwaitem of Holme Farm At Bordriggs Farm Field Broughton-in-Furness Cumbria Millom Sheep already slaughtered
1512 Apr 30 Seaville Farm Seaville Silloth Wigton Cumbria CA7 4PT Holme Low Cattle 300 Sheep already slaughtered
1513 Apr 30 M/S J & JE Frater of Tyneley Farm With animals at South Broomfield Chathill Northumberland Ellingham Ewes 57+45 lambs
1514 Apr 30 M/S J Burnett Nouthill Kirkpatrick Fleming Lockerbie Dumfries & Galloway DG11 3BH Cattle 295 Sheep (already slaughtered)
1515 Apr 30 Mrs D A Shepard & Son Cliffe Bank Piercebridge Darlington Co.Durham DL2 3SX Cliffe Cattle 88 Sheep 176 + lambs
1516 Apr 30 JC Hughill T/A CV Hugill & Son Poplars Farm Picton Yarm Cleveland TS15 0AG Cattle 216 Sheep 19
1517 Apr 30 Mr M Wilson of Wayside With animals at Milestone House Waverton Wigton Cumbria & Mr Peel of Northwaite Farm Also with animals at Milestone House Cattle 60 Cattle 46
1518 Apr 30 Messrs Govier & Son Great Helebarton South Molton Devon EX36 4LB Cattle 466 Sheep 700 + 1000 lambs
1519 May 1 J R Dent Woodlands Moor Row Caldwell Richmond North Yorkshire DL11 7UE Barforth Cattle 31 Pigs 770 Goats 2
1520 May 1 T Edmondson & Son Crackside Farm Lowick Green Ulverstone Cumbria LA12 7SX Egton with Newland Cattle 143 Sheep 345 Already slaughtered
1521 May 1 Messrs J Nicholson & Sons of Claymoddie At Kidsdale Whithorn Wigtownshire Dumfries and Galloway Glasserton Cattle 327 incl. Calves Operated as one unit with FMO 2001/1523
1522 May 1 G Johnston & Son Orton Hall Gt. Orton Carlisle Cumbria CA5 6NA Orton Cattle 162
1523 May 1 Messrs J Nicholson & Sons Claymoddie Whithorn Wigtownshire Dumfries and Galloway DG8 8LX Glasserton Cattle 327 incl. Calves Operated as one unit with FMO 2001/1521
1524 May 1 D & L P A Joslin Winscott Farm St. Giles In The Wood Torrington Devon EX38 7JP Sheep 400
1525 May 1 Mr G Famelton Horse Holme Gilsland Carlisle Cumbria CA6 7BA Kingwater Cattle 120 Sheep 770 (Ewes plus lambs)
1526 May 2 Messrs A C Robson The Farm Chathill Northumberland NE67 5DE Adderstone with Lucker Cattle 280 Sheep 700 incl. lambs
1527 May 2 Messrs J & J M Chester Bolton Cottage Farm Bolton Low Houses Wigton Cumbria CA7 8PA Boltons Cattle 260
1528 May 2 Mr R M Norman of The Cottage With animals at Styles Slat Field Plain Pond Road Wiveliscombe Somerset Brompton Ralph Cattle 10
1529 May 2 M/S SJ & JE Ogden Pears Ghyll Calthwaite Penrith Cumbria CA11 9RS Hesket Cattle 198
1530 May 2 A M & O Dickinson With animals at Force Forge Satterthwaite Ulverston Cumbria LA12 8LE Sheep 2150 (including lambs)
1531 May 2 Mr MJ Wilson Gate Farm Uldale Wigton Cumbria CA7 1HA Ireby and Uldale & Hilltop Farm Uldale Wigton Cumbria CA7 1HA Ireby and Uldale Cattle 325 Sheep 1600 (already slaughtered) Cattle 338
1532 May 2 Messrs HWJ & P Ridley Wood Hall Hesket New Market Wigton Cumbria Caldbeck Cattle 310 Sheep 630 + lambs
1533 May 2 Mr M Alderson of Roe Ghyll At Thackwood Field Stockdalewath Dalston Cumbria Cattle 26 Sheep already slaughtered
1534 May 3 M/S W Robinson Elford Farm Sea Houses Northumberland NE68 7UT Beadnell Cattle 40 Sheep 150 including lambs
1535 May 3 Mr J K Walton Park Farm Little Newsham Winston Darlington Co.Durham DL2 3QN Winston 675 Ewes plus lambs
1536 May 3 Mr J Pattinson Uldale Hall Uldale Wigton Cumbria CA7 1HA Ireby and Uldale Cattle 249 including bulls Sheep (already slaughtered)
1537 May 3 R M Norman of The Cottage With animals in field at Shodden Wiveliscombe Taunton Somerset Map ref ST101302 Cattle 2 Already slaughtered as DC
1538 May 3 Mr Musgrave of Cardew Hall With animals at Lingeyclose Farm Dalston Carlisle Cumbria CA5 7LB Cattle 155
1539 May 3 Manor Farm High Ireby Wigton Cumbria CA7 1HF Ireby Cattle 158
1540 May 3 M/S Thomlinson Longpark Houghton Carlisle CA6 4JP Scaleby Cattle 220 including followers Sheep 400 Already slaughtered
1541 May 3 Mr G N Briggs Great Stone Farm South Molton Devon EX36 4HX Cattle 175 Sheep already slaughtered
1542 May 3 GT & DM Strong Sleagill House Sleagill Penrith Cumbria CA10 3HD Cattle 150 Sheep 250 plus lambs
1543 May 3 M/S EJ & RA Wise Low Tarns Silloth Wigton Cumbria CA7 4NQ Holme St Cuthbert Cattle 470 Sheep already slaughtered
1544 May 4 Mr J P David Fairview Peterstone Wentlooge Rumney Cardiff CF3 2TN Peterstone Wentlooge Cattle 54 Sheep 240 (plus lambs) Goats 2
1545 May 4 M/S AE Woollaston Greenway Farm Wiveliscombe Taunton Somerset TA4 2UA Cattle 6 Sheep 3 Goats 337 All animals already slaughtered
1546 May 4 M/S A Bulman & Son Bank House Armathwaite Carlisle Cumbria CA4 9TJ Hesket Cattle 216 Sheep (already slaughtered)
1547 May 4 Mr RG Dixon Pelutho Farm Silloth Wigton Cumbria CA7 4LT Holme St Cuthbert Cattle 250 Sheep (already slaughtered)
1548 May 4 Mr D A H Johnstone-Stewart Craiglemine Whithorn Dumfries and Galloway DG8 8NE Cattle 532 Sheep (already slaughtered)
1549 May 4 Mr J Hope Orthwaite Hall Uldale Carlisle Cumbria CA5 1HL Ireby and Uldale Cattle 32 Sheep 734 Goats 1
1550 May 4 J J Graves of Priory Farm At Hesket Demain High Hesket Carlisle Cumbria CA4 0JE Cumwhitton Cattle 206 Sheep already slaughtered
1551 May 4 Mr B Costley East Barr Farm Port William Dumfries and Galloway DG8 9RA Cattle 200 Sheep 280 plus 320 lambs
1552 May 4 A D Johnson Fowberry Farm Bamburgh Northumberland NE69 7AT Sheep 55 plus 3 lambs Pigs 6
1553 May 4 D Dickinson Lane Ends Farm Haverthwaite Ulverstone Cumbria LA12 8AB Colton Cattle 160 Sheep 240 (plus lambs)
1554 May 5 Mr & Mrs A D & A Prosser Sluice House Farm Peterstone Wentloog Rumney Cardiff CF3 8TN Llanedeyrn Cattle 91 Sheep 1103 (including lambs) In the process of being slaughtered
1555 May 5 H E & R B Taylforth Riddings Farm Beck Bottom Lowick Green Ulverston Cumbria LA12 8EA Lowick Cattle 47 Sheep 530 Sheep already slaughtered
1556 May 5 Messrs A I Holliday Abbotts Lodge Clifton Penrith Cumbria CA10 2HD Cattle 250 (including followers) Sheep culled 30/3/01
1557 May 5 JN & GM Hadwin High Aulthurstside Farm Woodland Broughton in Furness Cumbria LA20 6AE Broughton West Cattle 32
1558 May 6 Mr G Armstrong Gill Head Scotby Carlisle Cumbria 155 cattle, sheep already slaughtered
1559 May 6 Mr D Dickinson (of Lane Ends Farm) With animals in: Fields at Newby Bridge Cumbria 205 cattle, 40 sheep plus lambs. Animals already slaughtered
1560 May 6 Messrs EI Coulthard Brisco Hall Carlisle Cumbria CA4 0QS St Cuthbert Without Cattle 500
1561 May 7 Mr & Mrs A & S Scott Church Farm Dalston Carlisle Cumbria CA5 7PJ Cattle 3
1562 May 7 Holdsworth Farmers of Half Roods Farm Moor House Farm Yarm Stockton on Tees Kirklevington Cattle 111 (plus calves)
1563 May 7 M/S J. G. Thompson Groves Farm Staindrop Darlington Co Durham DL2 3LN Ewes and rams 730 + lambs 900
1564 May 8 Messrs M & M A Ridley Lonning Head Hatcliffe Hesket Newmarket Wigton Cumbria CA7 8JU Caldbeck Cattle 120 Sheep already slaughtered
1565 May 8 EE & AD Lewis Pant-y-cored Garthbrengy Brecon Powys LD3 9TG Cattle 28 Sheep 1,450
1566 May 9 Mrs E A Moore Town Head Aughertree Ireby Wigton Cumbria CA7 1EP Ireby and Uldale Cattle 52 Sheep already slaughtered
1567 May 9 Messrs J S Wood & Son Wragmire Bank Cumwhinton Carlisle Cumbria CA4 0BL St Cuthbert Without Cattle 650 Sheep culled a month ago
1568 May 9 R Maughan Clockeld Great Asby Appleby Cumbria CA16 6EX Cattle 230 126 Ewes and 200 lambs Goats 2
1569 May 9 Mr J W Spark High Blaithwaite Wigton Cumbria CA7 8PW Waverton Cattle 180 Sheep already slaughtered
1570 May 9 M/S J M Jones & Sons Bradwys Farm Talgarth Brecon Powys LD3 0DN Bronllys Cattle 240 Ewes 1,100 + 900 lambs
1571 10 May P H Thompson and Partners Greengill Head Maidenhill Penrith Cumbria CA11 8SH Cattle 280 incl. lambs
1572 10 May Messrs Howe Colene Croft Newby Penrith Cumbria CA10 3EX Cattle 39 Sheep already slaughtered
1573 10 May Messrs TS & F Wilson & Son High Oaks Calthwaite Penrith Cumbria CA11 9QZ Cattle 370
1574 10 May M/S JH & J MCR Harris of Brackenburgh Home Farms Aickbank Farm Calthwaite Penrith Cumbria CA11 9QZ Cattle 420 Sheep already slaughtered
1575 10 May AMS Robinson of New Hall At Cowside Farm Langcliffe Settle North Yorkshire BD24 9PZ Cattle 74 Sheep 260 plus lambs
1576 11 May T. & W.F. Graham Carleton Hill Carlisle Cumbria CA4 0BS St Cuthbert Without Cattle 240
1577 11 May Mr T C Lord Lower Winskill Farm Langcliffe Settle North Yorkshire BD24 9PZ Cattle 42 Sheep 197.including lambs
1578 11 May R A Booth of Hesley Hall Farm At Close House Giggleswick Settle North Yorkshire Cattle 24
1579 11 May M/S W J Wannop Waverton House Waverton Wigton Cumbria CA7 0AE Cattle 285 including followers
1580 11 May M/S DD & ME Inseal & Sons Tycanol Talachddu Brecon Powys LD3 9TB Cattle 155 Sheep 308 plus lambs Animals already slaughtered
1581 11 May M/S AG & D Teasdale Doddick Farm Threlkeld Keswick Cumbria CA12 4SY Cattle 150 Sheep 650 plus 900 lambs
1582 11 May G J Orrells Caeprior Lower Lane Chirbury Shropshire SY15 6UB Chirbury with Brompton Cattle 110 Sheep 260 plus 400 lambs
1583 11 May JM Littlefair Keverstone Grange Staindrop Darlington County Durham DL2 3AL Raby with Keverstone Cattle 188
1584 May 11 M/S H. I. Wilson & Co of Bwlchhenllan Farm Court Coed Farm Dronllys Talgarth Brecon Powys Cattle 52 Sheep 500 plus lambs Already slaughtered
1585 May 12 JB & LM Benson Kettleside Farm Penrith Cumbria CA11 9NQ Cattle 51 Sheep already slaughtered
1586 May 12 M & M Throup Low Tren House Malham Moor Settle North Yorkshire BD24 9PR Cattle 51 Ewes 12
1587 May 12 J E Burton Ivy Cottage Farm Keverstone Staindrop Darlington County Durham DL2 3AN Raby with Keverstone Cattle 31 Sheep 63 plus lambs
1588 May 12 M/S JT Forster & Sons of Killerby Farm At Low Keverstone Farm Staindrop Darlington County Durham DL2 3AW Raby with Keverstone Cattle 71
1589 May 12 Mr & Mrs R & T Newhouse of Rowe End Cottage At Fields adjacent to village of Stainforth (near Settle) North Yorkshire Map ref SD818682 Sheep 400
1590 May 13 M/S P S & S M G Bridgman Pinnacle Broadwoodwidger Lifton Devon PL16 0EU Cattle 84 Sheep 180 + 120 lambs
1591 May 13 M/S JT Forster & Sons Killerby Farm Killerby Piercebridge Darlington DL2 3UQ Cattle 106 + calves
1592 May 13 Mr JR Stanbury of The Barton With animals at Owlaborough Farm Knowstone South Molton Devon EX36 4RN Cattle 80 Sheep 200 + 400 lambs
1593 May 13 J & M M Caughie Kirkbride Port Logan Dumfries & Galloway DG9 9NP Kirkmaiden Cattle 200
1594 May 14 Messrs D Reay Rose Bank Dalston Carlisle Cumbria CA5 7DA Cattle 492 Sheep already slaughtered
1595 May 14 Mr WO Mattocks New Grange Farm Deerham Maryport Cumbria CA15 7LA Bridekirk Cattle 46 Sheep already slaughtered
1596 May 14 G J & E J Thomas Porthmorddwr Bronllys Talgarth Brecon Powys LD3 0LW Cattle 102 Sheep 233 + 381 lambs
1597 May 14 Mrs NK Stobbs Killerby Hall Killerby Darlington DL2 3UQ Cattle 5 Sheep 264 + 408 lambs Pigs 2
1598 May 14 M/S H & M Dugdale & Son Borrins Farm Stack House Settle North Yorkshire BD24 0DW Giggleswick Cattle 400 Sheep 735 plus 800 lambs Animals already slaughtered
1599 May 14 M/S Newhouse of Stackhouse Farm At field 1km away from Stackhouse Farm Field number 6581 Map ref SD815666 Giggleswick Settle North Yorkshire 31 ewes plus lambs
1600 May 15 M/S D.G & J.A.Bell Low Blaithwaite Farm Wigton Carlisle Cumbria CA7 0AY Cattle 186 Sheep already slaughtered
1601 May 16 T A Storey of 6 Bushfield With animals in field at Garlands Broomfallen Road Scotby Carlisle Cumbia 20 Ewes + Lambs
1602 May 16 M/S Crathorne Farms of Crathorne With animals at Corps House Farm Crathorne Yarm North Yorkshire Cattle 276
1603 May 16 R H Preston Sannat Hall Stainforth Settle North Yorkshire BD24 9PN Cattle 150 Sheep 570 plus lambs
1604 May 18 M/S RE & KM Jackson of Mountain View At High Lees Fletchertown Wigton Cumbria CA7 1BT Allhallows Cattle 31 Sheep already slaughtered
1605 May 18 W J Towler of Middle House With animals at Cowside Cottage Langcliffe Settle North Yorkshire BD24 9PZ Ewes 80 + Lambs
1606 May 18 M/S WA and A Booth Old Hall Feizor Austwick Lancaster LA2 8DF North Yorkshire Lawkland Cattle 272 Sheep 2500
1607 May 18 PJ & JE Bolland Dykelands Farm Airton Skipton North Yorkshire BD23 4BG Scosthrop Cattle 154 Ewes 650 + lambs
1608 May 18 Mr P. S. Gibson Petterill Bank Southwaite Carlisle Cumbria CA4 0LX Cattle 250
1609 May 19 Mrs A L Cole West Welland Ash Mill South Molton Devon EX36 4QH Cattle 18 Sheep 200 Pigs 1
1610 May 19 TF & D Calvert Trading as: A Calvert & Son Manor House Farm Paythorne Clitheroe Lancashire BB7 4JD Cattle 112 Sheep 50
1611 May 19 Mr D J Coates Haughfield Farm Coniston Cold Skipton North Yorkshire BD23 4EH Cattle 215 550 ewes plus 950 lambs
1612 May 20 Messrs BH and J Proctor of Far Cappleside With animals at Cockley Bank Farm Rathwell Settle North Yorkshire Ewes 30 + 60 Lambs Already slaughtered
1613 May 20 M/S JR Craggs Viewley Hill Farm High Worsall Yarm Cleveland North Yorkshire TS15 9PW Cattle 267 Approx.
1614 May 20 LW Taylor of Hilltop Farm With animals at Thwaite Hall Hutton Roof Penrith Cumbria CA11 0XS Cattle 125 Sheep 240 already slaughtered
1615 May 20 GC & PM Haygarth of Aigden Farm Springfield Farm Settle North Yorkshire Cattle 45 plus 11 calves Sheep 450 plus 900 lambs
1616 May 20 M/S W Kenyon & Sons of Auld Hall Farm Home Farm Halton West Hellifield Skipton North Yorkshire Cattle 657 Sheep 11
1617 May 20 Mr D Drake Whitestone Farm Newby Penrith Cumbria CA10 3HB Cattle 200
Confirmed cases in Great Britain
Anglesey Berkshire
Borders Cheshire Co Durham Cornwall Cumbria Derbyshire Devon Dumfries & Galloway
Essex Glamorgan Gloucestershire Herefordshire Kent Lancashire Leicestershire Monmouthshire
Northants Northumberland Oxfordshire Powys Shropshire Somerset Staffordshire Teesside Tyne & Wear Warwickshire Wiltshire Worcestershire North Yorkshire West Yorkshire

Infected area/current map Latest Order
North East Essex Infected area removed by The Foot and Mouth Disease Declaratory (Revocation) (No 7) Order 2001
North Kent and South Essex - Infected area removed by The Foot and Mouth Declaratory (Revocation) (No.6) Order 2001 Devon, Cornwall and Somerset Map of area Declaratory (No 155) Order
Anglesey Map of area Declaratory (No 110) Order
Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire Infected area removed by The Foot and Mouth Disease Declaratory (Revocation) Order 2001 Wooton in Northamptonshire - Infected area removed by The Foot and Mouth Disease Declaratory (Revocation) Order 2001 Blackburn with Darwen, Bolton, Bradford, Bury, Calderdale, Cumbria, Darlington, Durham, Gateshead, Hartlepool, Kirklees, Lancashire, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, Northumberland, North Yorkshire, Redcar and Cleveland, Rochdale, South Tyneside, Stockton on Tees, Sunderland and Wigan
all should know footmouth aids plants soils list growing germany europe asia" others same list
God lamb dont eat drink bad gelatines again bad exports deliverys sent many out on internet again towns shops kiosk schools restarants all should know and sent out new case mainland britain also,exports will stop want leave or enter city as written typicle bad world the who knows other aids infected places and epedemics will agree for the better of man kind will be done understand time listen home food speak may 21

sent out to some message board abc howard gov other bad mouth yak yak radio loose money hotels planes hay

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