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From: TSS ()
Subject: Is It A Cluster Yet? Public Health Officials Have Few Answers About CJD Cases
Date: July 25, 2007 at 7:19 am PST

June 22, 2007 at 10:11:29

Is It A Cluster Yet? Public Health Officials Have Few Answers About CJD

by Martha Rosenberg Page 1 of 2 page(s)

Public health officials in Indiana are busy doing what Idaho public health
officials did two years ago: claiming a cluster of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
(CJD) victims is a mere coincidence.

If the four who died of CJD since January in Allen County in northeast
Indiana--five if you count a death in Lynnville in 2005--had the sporadic
version of CJD which strikes one in a million and has no clear cause then
it's bad luck, a tragedy and Something We Need To Study Further.

But if the Indiana patients had variant CJD (vCJD) caused by something in
their environment or lifestyle like the four letter word everyone is

Let's just say this is why "food disparagement laws" were slapped on the
books after Oprah Winfrey "disparaged" hamburgers on her TV show in 1998. To
protect ranches, packers, big food processors and agribusiness interests
from economic collapse if their products are found to sicken and kill.

Ever wonder why the Texas and Alabama ranches that produced mad cows in 2004
and 2006 were allowed to remain anonymous? And keep doing business? The
grocery stores and restaurants in California that SERVED meat from the first
US mad cow from Washington state in 2003? Thank your state law makers.

Still trying to spin the CJD deaths--"'Mad-cow' variant not now a risk; Only
3 vCJD cases in the US were confirmed; all had links to UK beef" says an
article in Fort Wayne's Journal Gazette in June; what are they trying to
say?--is often accomplished at the price of good science.

Because only an autopsy can determine whether CJD was sporadic or variant
and two of the Indiana patients-- three of Idaho's nine--received direct
burials with no autopsy after coroners or morticians declined the bodies.

And even after autopsy, questions can remain as in the 2004 case of
49-year-old California CJD patient Patrick Hicks whose doctor was assured by
the National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center (NPDPSC) in
Cleveland that his patient didn't have variant CJD without conducting the
tests specified on its own protocol.

NPDPSC spokespeople said they didn't have frozen brain tissue to conduct the
gold standard Western blot test but they knew their autopsy
contractor--1-800-AUTOPSY (sic)--lacked the ability to provide frozen tissue
when they ordered the work says the UPI.

And even if post mortem tests can find the accumulation of protease
resistant prion proteins (PrPSc) thought to signify vCJD in the
brain--converted into the infectious particles from normal prions (PrPC) in
a morbid game of tag and without a whiff of DNA say scientists--some CJD
experts question whether the diseases are even different.

So public health officials are forced to fall back on begging the question
and assuming that which they are trying to prove. The deceased patients were
too old to have vCJD, they're saying, because vCJD doesn't occur in people
that old.

Feel better?

This is the same kind of reached-the-party-to-which-we-are-speaking science
behind a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from the Centers for Disease
Control in 2002 about chronic wasting disease--a kind of mad deer
disease--called, "Fatal Degenerative Neurologic Illness in Men Who
Participated in Wild Game Feasts."

In the report, a patient who died of CJD was said to not have the variant
kind because the wild game he ate "did not originate from known CWD-endemic
areas." Anyone hear of the word "yet"?

But Ronele Hicks, Patrick Hicks' widow says he WASN'T too old for vCJD and
had not traveled to the UK or undergone surgical risks either.

"If it's from beef, am I next?" she asks pointing out that she and Patrick
ate the same meals for 22 years.

Martha Rosenberg is staff cartoonist for the Evanston Roundtable.


Is It A Cluster Yet? Public Health Officials Have Few Answers About CJD

spontaneous, or sourced ?

Date: July 22, 2007

By Terry S. Singeltary Sr.



Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 16:22:22 -0500
Reply-To: Sustainable Agriculture Network Discussion Group
From: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr."
Subject: Re: Colorado Surveillance Program for Chronic Wasting Disease
Transmission to Humans (TWO SUSPECT CASES)


i am reminded of a few things deep throat (high ranking official at usda) told me years ago;


The most frightening thing I have read all day is the
report of Gambetti's finding of a new strain of
sporadic cjd in young people.........Dear God, what in
the name of all that is holy is that!!!
If the US has different strains of
scrapie.....why????than the UK...then would the same
mechanisms that make different strains of scrapie here
make different strains of BSE...if the patterns are
different in sheep and mice for scrapie.....could not
the BSE be different in the cattle, in the mink, in
the humans.......I really think the slides or tissues
and everything from these young people with the new
strain of sporadic cjd should be put up to be analyzed
by many, many experts in cjd........bse.....scrapie
Scrape the damn slide and put it into
mice.....wait.....chop up the mouse brain and and
spinal cord........put into some more mice.....dammit
amplify the thing and start the damned
research.....This is NOT rocket science...we need to
use what we know and get off our butts and move....the
whining about how long everything takes.....well it
takes a whole lot longer if you whine for a year and
then start the research!!!
Not sure where I read this but it was a recent press
release or something like that:
I thought I would fall out of my chair when I read
about how there was no worry about infectivity from a
histopath slide or tissues because they are preserved
in formic acid, or formalin or formaldehyde.....for
God's sake........ Ask any pathologist in the UK what
the brain tissues in the formalin looks like after a is a big fat sponge...the agent
continues to eat the brain can't make slides
anymore because the agent has never stopped........and
the old slides that are stained with Hemolysin and
Eosin......they get holier and holier and degenerate
and continue...what you looked at 6 months ago is not
there........Gambetti better be photographing every
damned thing he is looking at.....

Okay, you need to know. You don't need to pass it on
as nothing will come of it and there is not a damned
thing anyone can do about it. Don't even hint at it
as it will be denied and laughed at..........
USDA is gonna do as little as possible until there is
actually a human case in the USA of the
nvcjd........if you want to move this thing along and
shake the earth....then we gotta get the victims
families to make sure whoever is doing the autopsy is
credible, trustworthy, and a saint with the courage of
Joan of Arc........I am not kidding!!!!
so, unless we get a human death from EXACTLY the same
form with EXACTLY the same histopath lesions as seen
in the UK nvcjd........forget any is
ALL gonna be sporadic!!!

And, if there is a case.......there is gonna be every
effort to link it to international travel,
international food, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. They
will go so far as to find out if a sex partner had
ever traveled to the UK/europe, etc. etc. ....
It is gonna be a long, lonely, dangerous twisted
journey to the truth. They have all the cards, all
the money, and are willing to threaten and carry out
those threats....and this may be their biggest

Thanks as always for your help.
(Recently had a very startling revelation from a rather senior person in
government here..........knocked me out of my must keep
pushing. If I was a power person....I would be demanding that there be a
least a million bovine tested as soon as possible and agressively
seeking this disease. The big players are coming out of the woodwork as
there is money to be made!!!
In short: "FIRE AT WILL"!!! for the very dumb....who's "will"! "Will
be the burden to bare if there is any coverup!"

again it was said years ago and it should
be taken seriously....BSE will NEVER be found in the
As for the BSE conference call...I think you did a
great service to freedom of information and making
some people feign integrity...I find it scary to see
that most of the "experts" are employed by the federal
government or are supported on the "teat" of federal
funds. A scary picture!
I hope there is a confidential panel organized by the
new government to really investigate this thing.

You need to watch your back........but keep picking at a buzzard to the just may
get to the truth!!! (You probably have more support than
you know. Too many people are afraid to show you or let
anyone else know. I have heard a few things myself...
you ask the questions that everyone else is too afraid to ask.)


see full text ;;article=3473;title=CJD%20Voice%20Discussion%20Group


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