Dustin Rudolph, Pharm.D.

Dustin Rudolph, Pharm.D.

Posted August 14, 2013

Published in Health

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The Anatomy of a Bowel Movement (And How To Cure Constipation)

Read More: constipation, fiber, plant-based diets, Plant-Based Pharmacist

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Many of us take for granted our trip(s) to the porcelain throne each day as we rid ourselves of built up toxins and waste products via nature's evacuation system. Or to put it more candidly, I'm talking about pooping. Everybody does it, but not everybody does it well.

We've all been in this second group of folks, at least at some point in our life, straining and struggling to get those rock hard miniature boulders out of our bottom end to finally provide us some relief. Ultimately, many of us still find ourselves falling short of the call of "duty". This is no fun by any means, so what now? A pill? A powder? An extra gallon of water? A trip to the doctor's office?

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I will do the same thing, finally I understand how to cure it! Thank you for the advice!


I had the same problem. I used to rely on tablets. But when my grandmother found out that I using medicines she was astonished and asked me to stop using it. Now I use herbal extracts for my needs. It is better than medicines. No side effects too.
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I guess that is safe, I will use this cure for sure, thank you!


I know what you mean, I have the same opinion, I will use your advice!


After my wedding celebration for sure I need a similar cure, I will use what you said above,

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