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Dear VegSource Reader,

It's the perfect gift for friends, family -- or yourself.

Each year we videotape the talks of the speakers at our Healthy Lifestyle Expo. Each year we come out with a DVD set called GET HEALTHY NOW. That set contains the 12 or so talks from that year's Expo.

Well now you can get ALL SEVEN different GET HEALTHY NOW DVD programs we sell -- 7 years of fascinating and life-saving talks from top health experts in the world -- for a very low price.

Each DVD set is different and contains unique, vital information. Each set contains 3 DVDs and a total of around 12 to 14 hours of video presentations.

This is the nitty-gritty information you need to beat cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, extend your life, lose weight or avoid a heart attack!

You can get ALL 7 DVD sets -- nearly 90 different talks from top experts -- for only $300. That's almost 60% off, save $330!

With this DVD library, you can dip in at any time and choose from a menu of amazing talks from a variety of experts and perspectives!

All 7 DVD programs have the same name -- GET HEALTHY NOW -- but a different color is used to identify each one: Bronze, Yellow, Red, Purple, Green, Orange and Blue.

And yes -- you will gt the most recent edition, the 2012 program we just put on, which features new talks from Jeff Novick MS RD, Neal Barnard MD, Michael Klaper MD, John McDougall MD, Caldwell Esselstyn MD, GMO expert Jeffrey Smith, Brenda Davis RD, John and Ocean Robbins, Rev. Heng Sure PhD, and ultra-marathoner Rich Roll.

For more info and to order, click here:

Dr. McDougall's Message

Dr. McDougall has a very important message for you.

It's about those annual physcials you're supposed to have.

And it's about a certain type of professional who can be very dangerous to your health.


Watch 2 minute video now:

John Robbins classic updated and just released!

25 years ago, John Robbins published a seminal work that made the connection between food, health, the environment and the horror of factory farming.

The book was titled Diet For A New America, and it's the book that made Team VegSource (aka the Nelson family) awaken, and decide to go veg.

The book has been updated and just re-released:

In many ways, this book changed the course of our life, the lives of many in our families, and perhaps the lives of many we've been privileged to connect with through the internet. This book is the reason that our website,, came into exitence.

Today, the 25th Anniversary edition of Diet For A New America goes on sale. It's updated and even more powerful today than 25 years ago!

If you haven't read it, pick up a copy today. It's a book that changed our lives in a profound way.

Pick up a copy right now from, at:

VIDEO John Robbins Gets Death Threats from AR Group?! Watch Now!

And today, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Diet For A New Americai -- and for one week only -- you can view the entire talk of John and Ocean Robbins from our Healthy Lifestyle Expo in October!

It's an uplifting, inspiring, touching talk!

And don't forget to stay tuned for the Q&A at the end of the talk -- did you know that when Diet For A New America was published, John Robbins received threats -- from an animal rights organization? Did you know that individuals from this AR group followed John's then 11-year-old son, Ocean, in order to discover what bus Ocean rode to get to school -- so that they could make frightening and convincing threats of harm against Ocean, unless John complied with their demands? Unbelievable story!

But there's much much more than just that story in this 1-hour talk from John and Ocean. It's a talk relevant to your life and the food revolution struggle we're all involved in.

Watch video now:

Then buy your copy of Diet For A New America at:

Peas & Love,
Jeff and Sabrina

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