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Dear VegSource Reader:

A new Jeff Novick FAST FOOD DVD is ready for pre-order! And what an amazing video program this is!

This must-have video contains nearly THREE HOURS of top dietitian Jeff Novick going through a supermarket and showing how to read the labels of just about every kind of product, on every store aisle.

It's called FAST FOOD: SHOPPING SCHOOL, because Professor Jeff -- with his usual hilarity -- is going to school you on how to shop to be healthy the rest of your life.

I have to say I learned so much working on this video with Jeff (and I really thought I already knew it all).

There is so much great info about how to pick good food -- and most importantly how to avoid the bad stuff!

This information-packed DVD won't be shipping until later in November, but you can pre-order your copy today so that you'll get it the minute it's available.

For more info and to order, go to:


Watch Dr. McDougall share the wisdom of his nearly 40 years of experience

In case you missed it in our last email, as a special treat and public service, we have decided to put online the video of the entire 1-hour talk of John McDougall MD at the Expo, which was about how to solve the health care crisis in the U.S.

Watch the video now:

If you haven't seen this yet, you OWE it to yourself to watch, and to send it far and wide to everyone you know.

This is one of two amazing talks Dr. McDougall gave at the Expo, and this one is so important, so far-reaching and elegant, a talk that presents how to turn around the health care system and recover health in companies, the government, in you personally -- that we just have to share it right away.

So sit back and get comfy, when you have an hour, and hit PLAY to watch this stunning talk by Dr. McDougall on video:

Pre-Order the full Expo 2012 DVD Set!

You can also pre-order the Expo 2012 DVD set, if you haven't yet. Whether you attended the Expo or not, you will want to get a copy of the entire Expo Weekend on DVD!

This is 14 amazing presentations on things like Diet and Alzheimer's, GMOs and how they make people sick (and how people get well when their doctors prescribe a non-GMO diet), the truth (and myths) about raw food diets, heart disease, diabetes -- the spectrum of health talks.

You can also watch the most comprehensive discussion of nuts and their benefits ever presented. Much has been said by a variety outlets in the plant-based world. Does nut consumption actually protect against heart problems? Cause weight loss or weight gain? Have any impact on diabetes? Jeff Novick puts the entire subject to rest in a way no one else could. Your jaw will be on the floor when you finish watching his presentation.

The Expo 2012 DVD -- nearly 14 hours of talks -- makes a great gift, it's a great way to introduce people to why plant-based eating is the answer to so many problems. Slide in a disc and select from any of the top experts in the world of health and nutrition.

Learn more about and pre-order 2012 EXPO DVD here:

Peas & Love,
Jeff and Sabrina

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