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Jeff & PennyDear VegSource readers,

In case you missed it last week, be sure to check out our video update from EarthSave's Meals For Health program at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, where a group of 20 families is shedding unwanted pounds and regaining much needed health - through a plant-based diet.

About a week into the program, a food bank participant, Kimberlee, said a friend had told her that by trying the Meals For Health program, Kimberlee had become "part of a vegan cult!"

Kimberlee said she replied to her friend: "Yeah, I'm part of a cult, I lost 12 pounds -- and you're still fat!" :)

Needless to say, excitement is high with participants in the program! WATCH VIDEO NOW

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Jess Parsons, 04.25.2011 -- Sir Elton John's new baby Zachary is being fed mother's milk - expressed and sent via plane! As a vegan parent, breastfeeding advocate, and environmentalist, I feel like Reb Tevye who wrestles with tradition against personal choices within his traditional family... Read Post

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John DavisDr. John Snow - a vegan of genius

John Davis, 04.20.2011 -- In a poll of British doctors in 2003 John Snow was voted as the greatest physician of all time. Though probably few of them would have known he was what we now call vegan. He grew up in the North-East of England,... Read Post

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Chef AJChicken isn't vegan

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Pam Popper PhDGood News for Plant-Based Health Professionals

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Dr. Will TuttleSpiritual People Moving Toward Veganism?

Dr. Will Tuttle, 04.02.2011 -- Question: In the last couple of decades, how much of a change do you think there’s been in the perspective of spiritual people about the human relationship to nonhuman animals?Overall, I’ve seen a gradually increasing tempo of change among “spiritual people” about... Read Post

Peas & Love,
Jeff and Sabrina