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Jeff & PennyDear VegSource readers,

About ten years ago while driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco along Interstate 5, we stopped and took some photographs of the Harris Ranch, a huge feedlot operation which provides a lot of meat for California fast food outlets.

We were on a public street, and pulled over and took several shots.  (You can view the photos linked below).

While taking the shots, a small dark sedan pulled up behind us and parked 100 feet back or so.  The man in the vehicle didn't get out, just watched us.

A few days later, I received a phone message from a detective in the Fresno County Sheriff's Office, wishing to speak with me.  I called him back, and "Special Detective Asselin" told me Harris Ranch had reported my license plate and said I had been engaged in "suspicious activity," and he said that on viewing my website, he noticed I was somehow associated with an organization called Earthsave.

After questioning me about Vegsource, Earthsave and why I was taking photographs of what must be the single largest taxpayer in Fresno County (i.e. someone the Fresno County Sheriff's office obviously feels it must keep happy), I guess Detective Asselin was satisfied that I wasn't planning to try to blow something up.

That was the old days...the cops looking out for big corporate farms, harassing people who took photos of the operation from public property.

Now in Florda they're taking it a step further.

A new law SB1246 has been introduced which will make it a felony to do what I did, to simply be on a public street and take a photo of a factory farm, unless you have written permission of the corporation whose farm you snap.

That's right, if Republican state Senator Jim Norman of Florida has his way, it will be a felony to photograph from public property or even set foot onto a factory farm -- and not just any felony, but a first-degree felony, which carries a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY AND TEXT OF PROPOSED LAW