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U.S. Ate 777 Mad Cows

March 16, 06 at 08:49 PM

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The United States has lagged far behind the rest of the world when it comes to testing for mad cow disease. This is primarily because the USDA is run by people looking out for meat industry interests, rather than the...

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How The China Study Changed My Life

Kenton Brown | November 6, 05 at 08:44 PM

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I am a Missionary living in Honduras. I was diagnosed with the clinical depression 6 years ago even though I had been struggling with it most of my life. For the last 6 years I have been on either 150mg...

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Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies

Richard Smith | November 6, 05 at 08:17 PM

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Richard Smith was an editor for the British Medical Journal for 25 years. For the last 13 of those years, he was the editor and chief executive of the BMJ Publishing Group, responsible for the profits of not only the...

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SARS: Another Deadly Virus From the Meat Industry

Michael Greger, M.D. | November 6, 05 at 02:41 AM

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Animal agriculture is not just a public health hazard for those that consume meat. In fact, the single worst epidemic in recorded world history, the 1918 influenza pandemic, has been blamed on the livestock industry.1 In that case, the unnatural...

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Meat & Dairy: The Devastating Environmental Cost

November 6, 05 at 02:12 AM

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Meat & Dairy: The Devastating Environmental Cost

Leading researchers and ecologists call for tax on meat and dairy to reflect true environmental impactWhat, exactly, is the environmental cost of an animal product-based diet?There are probably few people, if any, better qualified to answer this question than David...

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The Key to Longevity: Cleansing the Colon

Roopa Chari, M.D. | November 6, 05 at 12:57 AM

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The Key to Longevity: Cleansing the Colon

In America we currently have an epidemic of colon cancer and diseases of the colon due to several reasons some of which include a poor diet, lack of exercise, dehydration, and emotional stress leading to constipation. Modern life-style has taken...

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A New Cardiovascular Approach: Eating for Life

Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., MD | November 6, 05 at 12:23 AM

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A New Cardiovascular Approach: Eating for Life

Plummeting cholesterol numbers and reversals of coronary cartery disease come down to one thing: There's no cheating on this diet developed by Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., MD.When it comes to heart disease, Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., MD, says moderation kills....

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Dr. Neal Pinckney: Reversing Heart Disease Through Lifestyle

Neal Pinckney, Ph.D. | November 5, 05 at 09:06 PM

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Dr. Neal Pinckney: Reversing Heart Disease Through Lifestyle

This is the story of VegSource's Dr. Neal Pinckney's personal experience with heart disease and how it lead to the writing of the Healthy Heart Handbook. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. I frequently saw my father, who...

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Is Soy Safe?

Brenda Davis, R.D. | November 6, 04 at 06:01 PM

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Q&A with Brenda Davis, R.D. Q: Is Soy Dangerous? Q: I've been reading quite a bit about the dangers of consuming too much soy, but to date I have not figured out what those dangers are other than too much...

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"Great Fitness Results in 10-Minute Workouts - or Less!" Fact or Late-night TV Hype?

John Allen Mollenhauer | November 6, 04 at 04:18 PM

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For many years I scoffed at the seemingly crazy marketing messages that promised "razor sharp abs" or "buns of steel" in workouts of 10 minutes or less. As a fitness expert, I "knew" there was no way that any serious...

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Fasting -- Back To The Future: The Rediscovery of Water-Only Fasting

Alan Goldhamer, D.C. | November 6, 04 at 03:54 AM

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Although the notion of electing to go without food for prolonged periods of time to improve one's health has not been something commonly considered in recent times, fasting has a long and important history. In fact, fasting played a vitally...

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A Lupus Victim -- Life Saved by Low-fat Vegan Diet | John McDougall, M.D. | November 6, 04 at 02:01 AM

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A Lupus Victim -- Life Saved by Low-fat Vegan Diet

This is not a story about weight loss but a story about a miracle.  My 17 year old daughter, Vanessa, tried to join the Air Force in October of 2001.  She scored well and passed everything, but the urine test. ...

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My Fasting Experience

Mark Epstein | November 6, 04 at 01:39 AM

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My Fasting Experience

Last winter, I began to think about taking some time off to personally experience a medically supervised water-only fast. I am fortunate to have been raised in a family that followed a healthful lifestyle, so I never really got sick....

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Super Eight Foods | Jeff Nelson | October 5, 04 at 08:20 AM

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Super Eight Foods

Over the last twenty years, a staggering body of scientific evidence has emerged showing that certain compounds in food can provide significant protection against heart disease, toxicity, and cancer. What you eat can add many years to your life by...

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Lessons for vegetarians and vegans from the EPIC-Oxford study

Paul Appleby | June 6, 04 at 05:37 PM

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EPIC The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) is the largest ever 'cohort' study of diet and health. Co-ordinated by the International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC, part of the World Health Organisation), the study includes 520,000 people...

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Being Vegetarian

Brenda Davis, R.D. | January 6, 04 at 01:51 AM

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B12 for Vegan Babies Q: We have an 8-month old baby who is being raised vegan and, of course, we want to make sure he is getting the proper nutrients for healthy growth and optimum development. He is eating solid...

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Is a Dietary Deficiency Disease?

William Harris, M.D. | December 3, 03 at 09:44 PM

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The incidence of Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) appears to have gone up over the past fifty years. It's not clear whether there has been an absolute increase or whether it's just because the US population is growing older, but...

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San Diego Sushi Tuna Found High in Mercury

November 6, 03 at 07:06 PM

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Toxic Tuna Trend Means Women and Children Must Avoid Tuna A recent undercover investigation of San Diego's top sushi restaurants is adding to the bad news about high levels of mercury in tuna. The investigation found that 1 in 5,...

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More Evidence of Fatty Food Addition

Professor John F. Banzhaf III | November 6, 03 at 06:13 PM

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May Provide Basis for Fast Food Legal Liability for Failure to Warn Editor's Note: It's sad that rats are suffering in order to demonstrate what is already patently obvious - humans are in denial about their bad diets. Neal Barnard...

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Lessons in Confusion

thomas campbell, nutrition, false advertising | Thomas M. Campbell II | November 6, 03 at 04:56 PM

Many of you probably already know that is not just a seller of books. In fact, you know that you can buy almost anything from the online mega-store, including electronics, toys, games, gourmet food, kitchen and houseware items, apparel,...

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