Own Your Health - Avoid Chronic Illness


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I buy viagra recently sat down with Glen Merzer and Chef AJ to talk about their new book. In Own Your Health, Merzer chronicles his own journey to health, tells the stories of how his parents saved each other's lives and how his wife Joanna overcame lupus.

He explains why the science of nutrition is more settled than you think, suggests the best way to deal with doctors, and takes on some of the leading historic opponents of the plant-based diet.

Merzer blows apart the silly and misguided attacks on "carbs," and shares an action plan to reverse the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease while obliterating demand for the kind of food that raises risks of future pandemics.

Chef AJ's recipes conclude the book with delicious, viagra, and practical ways to satisfy your palate and take your health into your own hands.

No matter how long you've been following a healthy plant-based diet, there're always new things to learn!

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