Fuhrman's DHA Is A Hoax


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Dr. Fuhrman says Drs. Esselstyn, McDougall and Barnard are "irresponsible" for not recommending DHA supplements. Fuhrman maintains that people following advice from such experts will get dementia. Fuhrman peddles a DHA supplement to the vegan community - is his DHA marketing legal? The Federal Trade Commission stopped CVS Drugs from making "illegal and fraudulent" claims that DHA supplements prevent dementia. CVS was successfully sued by the Center for Science in the Public Interest and must now pay millions for what CSPI termed deceptive DHA scaremongering. Dr. Michael Klaper has stopped taking or recommending DHA supplements due to research showing increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer in a subset of men with higher DHA blood levels. Additionally, Dr. Klaper notes there is no research showing low DHA causes dementia, or that taking a DHA supplement would prevent it. Dr. Michael Greger of stated that the scientific quality of DHA supplement research is a "one on a scale of one to ten" - meaning he believes DHA supplement research is extremely weak. All of these topics are discussed.


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