Misconduct To Sell DHA? - Dr. Fuhrman


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Should experts who are plant-based be held to the same standards of ethics that we expect of other researchers? Dr. Joel Fuhrman designed and carried out a DHA study for a supplement he sells. Just before his study was sent to journals for possible publication, Dr. Fuhrman's website was scrubbed of several mentions Dr. Fuhrman had put out about his role as a "principal investigator" in the study. Since the study was published (without listing him as a co-author), Dr. Fuhrman has used it to market his supplements while publicly denying that he had any involvement in it. However, examining the (deleted) many public statements he made during the study itself about his involvement, it's clear he played a major role. Ghost authorship - where an author or funding source of a study is hidden from the public in an attempt to conceal conflicts of interest - is considered unethical and constitutes scientific misconduct.



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