Campbell vs. Fuhrman - Epic Takedown


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CAMPBELL vs FUHRMAN: EPIC TAKEDOWN - Today we're taking a deep dive into a book I recently discovered called Report On Permanent Weight Loss. This book exposes a buried controversy in the plant-based community, and documents the damage caused when weight loss study results are exaggerated. A flawed weight loss study detailed in the book was overseen by Joel Fuhrman, MD. The study was allegedly riddled with problems and errors egregious enough to cause one of the most esteemed researchers in the plant-based world - Professor T. Colin Campbell PhD - to sever his professional relationship with Dr. Fuhrman.


To download Roberta Russell's REPORT ON PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS - what research reveals about permanent weight loss without being tarred by the brush of commercialism and fraudulent claims - go here:

(Full report is great - to read Fuhrman sections, read page 5 of Intro, and read Chapter 8)

For more information about author ROBERTA RUSSELL, go here:

For more info and a video presentation of REPORT ON PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS, go here:


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