Nuts Will Break Your Heart


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AVOID NUTS TO FIGHT HEART DISEASE - NEW RESEARCH - The Pulse Wave Velocity test reveals the elasticity of your arteries. Arterial elasticity is directly associated with risk for heart disease, stroke, and dementia. Test results show that nuts in a healthy plant-based diet decrease arterial elasticity by 20 to 30%. Eating nuts causes healthy arteries to stiffen. If you have heart disease or are trying to prevent it, this is not a good thing. Today we look at new research revealing the impact of 2 ounces of nuts on the arteries of a healthy vegan. Nuts have been presumed, based on nut industry-funded research, to be heart-healthy. But that appears to be the case only in populations eating nuts in place of other unhealthy foods. Nuts are healthy, but if you have heart disease, keep nut intake low, according to the latest research. In this video, Dr. Esselstyn discusses the use of Pulse Wave Velocity to help clarify nutritional knowledge.


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