Nuts Wont Save Your Life


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Somebody has to say it - certain vegan "experts" repeatedly distort research around nuts. It may not be their fault, they're being duped or are merely sloppy, or are accustomed to relying on and promoting very weak evidence. It's time to shed some light on how studies are twisted and agendas are driven by borderline scientific malfeasance. This is the first in a series of videos examining how science is manipulated by the food industry in order to push certain food products. A small group of "trusted hands" in the research world have been paid over and over again to create multiple nut industry-funded dodgy studies. We're going to look at the "strong research" suggesting nuts have special disease-fighting qualities, and see what the research actually says - and what it doesn't say. TO FURTHER CLARIFY: I don't care if people eat nuts or not. I eat them, and they're a healthy food. But for anyone who doesn't want to eat them, or gains weight easily when eating them, or is allergic to them or anything else, they can rest easy in the knowledge that they're not missing out on anything important. If they've heard nuts are this special extra-healthy food, they can rest comfortably knowing that the research used to claim this supposed halo around nights - doesn't actually show that. I want to make sure no one is scaremongered into thinking they have to eat this food or that food, or else they won't be as healthy as they could be. Cheers!

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