Processed People - Watch Full Documentary!


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In 2008, we produced a documentary called "Processed People: The Antidote to America's Toxic Lifestyle" which sold tens of thousands of copies and had a huge impact.

Now we've uploaded the full 40 minute documentary - plus 2.5 hours of extended interviews - for free viewing on YouTube.

The film features many noted vegan doctors and experts - John McDougall MD, Caldwell Esselstyn MD, Joel Fuhrman MD, Jeff Novick MS RD - and lots more. They discuss health and plant-based diets

The film caused many people to go vegan, and inspired subsequent vegan documentaries that have come out in the decade since Processed People was released. (If you've seen the newer documentaries, you will recognize how and where they were inspired. :)

Watch Processed People and share it with everyone you know. Many people told us that the Extended Interviews (which is a separate video) was the most powerful and influential experience.

Watch now:




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