How to Lose Weight - Vegan HCLF (VIDEO)


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Here it is -- how I lost 30 pounds, and how you can lose whatever weight you want to lose, too.

Scroll down to watch video:

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List of non-starchy vegetables:

Study about how often to weigh yourself:

Doug Lisle PhD talk - Slow Fast Way to Lose Weight:

Doug Lisle PhD talk - How to Lose Weight without Losing Your Mind:

Doug Lisle talk - The Continuum of Evil:

John McDougall MD - Food, Sex, Attractiveness & Body Weight:

Dr. McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss Program:

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Weight loss ALWAYS relies on the same science. Calories in versus calories expended. When "plateau" is reached, or weight is not being lost even though sensible eating may be practiced, the only way to lose further weight is to increase exercise. Visit the Dr. Gabe Mirkin website for any and all information on exactly how to achieve this through exercise. As well as how to work out without injury. Also, consuming any food in the evening leads to weight gain or lack of weight loss. Because at night, a calorie is NOT a calorie. This information is also available on Dr. Mirkin's site.

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