How I Lost 25 Pounds This Year (VIDEO)


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Here's what this 59-year-old guy who's been vegan for 20 years typically eats.

I'm 6' and 155 pounds and I've been losing weight due to my low calorie dense diet and bicycling

I've actually been getting a little too scrawny lately, so I'm currently eating more calories than what I'm showing in this video. Will do an update on my current eating habits before long.

But this is the food I eat to keep myself lean and mean. I've dropped around 25-plus pounds in the past year eating this Maximum Weight Loss Program way.

Watch video now (6 minutes):

Black Bean/Lentil Veggie Burger recipe (from the video):

3 cups cooked lentils
3 cups cooked black beans
1 cup cooked rice
1 cup raw oats
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup dried/minced onions
2 tsp smoked paprika

Mash ingredients together with potato masher, until desired consistency is reached (need to be able to form into patties). Form mixture into patties, and place on cookie sheet. Cover and place in refrigerator, for at least an hour (over night is best) Chill and grill!

These are REALLY GOOD!!! They come from a formula vegan dietitian Jeff Novick MS RD came up with. You can get the full series of HCLF veggie burgers on DVD from:

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Jeff, I'm watching all your family's eating videos and trying to mimic you so I don't ever have to hurt an animal again, but I'm still having issues and I'm afraid that everything I've heard from McDougall, Klaper and Esselstyn are wrong.


Is it nutritionally wise to eat this same menu daily? I too am 59 and been plant based for over 30 years and consume a varied diet daily. How about cooking up in huge batches three different grains such as Kamut, Spelt and Millet, mixing them up and using them rather than rice which is suffering from high arsenic levels. For breakfast oats is good but how about a 8-12 mix variety of veggies along with it? Lunch could be a raw lettuce mix with slices of avocado.

It is vitally important to incorporate fresh and dried fruits as well as nuts. Contrary to some posts here, nuts are nutritional powerhouses and one need consume no more than a handful daily to avoid weight gain. Continued good health!

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