What's Your Exercise Routine? (VIDEO)

Jeff Nelson, Publisher VegSource | 03/16/15

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Okay, I'm not some highly decorated former professional triathlete or ultramarathoner. I'm not a former college all star swimmer who can do 5 Ironmans in 5 days. (There are a few of those out there in the plant-based world, and you've probably read their wonderful books. :)

In my case, I'm probably a lot more like you than the superstar atheltic authors who adopted a plantbased diet...I'm pushing 60 and looking to keep fitness and function at a good level as long as possible.

So today I'm bringing a video about my own workout routine, what I do regularly to try to keep it real. I'm curious what you may be doing for a routine to stave of gravity. Would love to read your comment after viewing the video.

Here's what I do (6 minutes):


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