Why We Got Fat - Dr. Goldhamer (VIDEO)


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Founder of True North Health Health Center, Dr. Alan Goldhamer explains why your brain was never intended for our current environment. Being sick and fat is the result.

This is a playlist of 3 videos, which will automatically play one after the other.

This is an excerpt from Dr. Goldhamer's fascinating Pleasure Trap talk, and will explain why people get fat and how they can get thin and stay thin.

Watch now:


2014DVD_Expo_230.jpgThis brief excerpt is from our recent Healthy Lifestyle Expo (Get Healthy Now DVD).

You can purchase the full 13 hours of varied, valuable presentations on DVD at:

To learn more about Dr. Goldhamer and his Health Center, visit his website

To purchase a copy of Dr. Goldhamer's book, use this link:


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