Is America Ready for a Vegan President? (New Book!)


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That's the question answered delightfully in the hilarious new novel by Glen Merzer, Off the Reservation.

It's the story of a vegan Congressman and his vegan family from Indiana on an unlikely quest for the White House, speaking truth to power the whole way, including on the subject of health. And there's a unique twist: whenever the Congressman sits down for a meal in the story, the corresponding low-fat, oil-free, vegan recipe (by Joanna Samorow-Merzer) can be found in the back of the book!

You might be familiar with Glen's work -- he coauthored several best selling vegan books, including Mad Cowboy and No More Bull with Howard Lyman, Unprocessed with Chef AJ, Food Over Medicine with Pam Popper ND PhD, The Happy Cow Cookbook, and Chef Del's Better Than Vegan.

Here's some advance praise for Merzer's terrific new novel, Off the Reservation:

off_the_reservation.jpg"I literally couldn't put down this superbly-written book once I began to read. Why? Because Off the Reservation is wildly entertaining and deeply inspiring. And because I laughed out loud so many times I lost count. What a fabulous, powerful, meaningful book!"
--John Robbins, author, Diet For A New America, and Co-founder,

"Off the Reservation is a brilliant and incisive novel. Glen Merzer has given us an insightful look at the current state of presidential politics, and in a wonderfully entertaining way. Well-written, sharp, and full of wit, this is exactly the book for our times."
-Dr. Neal Barnard, author, Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes

Timing is everything -- the book is currently on sale! You can pick up a Kindle copy of Off The Reservation for only 99 cents between Jan 12-18, 2015, on The paperback version is also on sale during this limited time!

To order your copy now from Amazon click here: Off The Reservation on Amazon

Visit the book's website:

Check out the author, Glen Merzer's Facebook page:


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