New Book: The Doctors in Mili's Suitcase ~ How I Cured My Diabetes with Food


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"Everybody, drop whatever you're doing and give this book a read -- it won't take long. You'll see that the information in here has the power to change the lives of all the helpless kids being fed foods leading to this explosion of diabetics. We need to teach them young, before it's too late. Give this book to every kid you know. It'll change their lives forever!"

When we develop healthy eating habits early in life, not only do we have a better shot at living long and well, but we sidestep the daunting task of giving up cherished food addictions that need never form in the first place.

Studies show children are more willing to eat new foods than most parents realize. Given the chance, kids can help lead adults towards better eating habits. The catch is that adults are the gatekeepers, role models and major influencers of children's tastes and food habits. Because adults have been imprinted on the foods they ate as children, it often takes a major health crisis before they are willing to implement serious dietary change. And by that time their kids may be grown with babes of their own, all following in their parents' and grandparents' dietary footsteps.

So how do we reach kids before unhealthy eating habits become entrenched? How can we help adults steer the family on a new course while the children are still growing?

One answer is to grab a copy of Katherine Orr's new book, The Doctors In Mili's Suitcase, and start sharing it with all your family and friends!

Orr has put her author/ illustrator/ designer skills to work creating an engaging learning tool for the whole family to share.


"Nutrition is a family affair," says Orr. "It begins with education, and children need to be a part of that conversation. Having all family members on board supporting one another can spell the difference between sticking to a new program long enough to feel it work, or quitting because creeping doubts and social pressures gain the upper hand."

In the book, Hana, an eleven-year-old growing up in Hawaii, tells her story. It begins,

"'Food can say I love you in a million different ways.' That's what Grandma Tutu always said. Tutu means grandparent in Hawaiian. Tutu's favorite thing was sharing loving gifts of food. "When we celebrate, food can say, 'Well done!'" she explained. When someone's hurting, food can say, 'I hope you're feeling better.'"

We all knew food was a gift of love, but a gift of health? Well, I never thought about it. At least not until the year I turned eleven. That was the year I got diabetes."

Hana was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes, which is now more commonly called "type 2 diabetes" because children have become the fastest growing sector of this raging epidemic. Although Hana is a fictional character, her story and the information in it are factual. The book's subtitle, How I Cured My Diabetes With Food, pretty much says it all.

Skimming through the 52-page book you'll see eye-pleasing double-page spreads with lush paintings on one page facing story text on the other. Additional information about nutrition and diabetes appears as side-bar text that supplements the storyline. There's a section following the story called, "I used to think... but now I've learned..." And for readers who want to track down those doctors in Mili's suitcase there is a resource list at the back.

"The Doctors in Mili's Suitcase is an important story about the power
of plant-based foods. Katherine Orr does a wonderful job of describing
diabetes and how it can be tackled with food. Rates of diabetes are
increasing every day, and children younger and younger are being
diagnosed with a disease easily prevented by eating a low-fat plant-based
diet. Our studies at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
have shown that a vegan diet helps to reverse type 2 diabetes. Let Mili
be your role model for taking control of your health and transforming
your life with a plant-based diet."

To get your copy of the book from, CLICK HERE (opens new window)


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