Dr. McDougall Wants You To Think (VIDEO)


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John McDougall MD says your heredity isn't going to save you. Grandma and Grandpa may have eaten bacon grease on their toast every day and lived to 98, but the food they ate and the lifestyle they lived was very different from yours.

Don't count on your "good genes" to avoid health problems.

In this 10-minute excerpt from the extended interviews of the documentary PROCESSED PEOPLE, Dr. McDougall waxes on a variety of fascinating topics around our dysfunctional "healthcare" system.

Watch now (8 minutes):



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Dr McDougall is brilliant, always an inspiration!!


100% and there is now SO MUCH research information available to everyone. WHOLE, the book by T. Colin Campbell is a terrific source of solid research info. and great for sharing with those individuals itching to argue against plant based/whole food diets. And as the author so correctly states, we do not have a health care system, but rather a disease care system. There's big money in them thar diaseased meat eating bodies.

Always a joy to read and hear Dr. McDougall.


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