Wheat Belly & Grain Brain -- Ha! (VIDEO)


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Two bestselling books make a similar claim -- whole wheat, brown rice, corn and potatoes have made people FAT and SICK!

But meat, cheese, fish and butter -- these will make you thin and well, according to these same authors.

Paging Dr. Atkins!

There's just one huge problem with this thesis: Reality.

Watch this 2 minute video that blows low carb diets out of the water -- once and for all.



Visit: for more info.


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I wonder if you've actually read either of those books? I haven't read Grain Brain, but if you're lumping it in with Wheat Belly, maybe I will.

Wheat Belly's main point about modern grains is that they have been so drastically modified by agricultural scientists that they no longer come anywhere near resembling what even our grandparents ate just 50 years ago. That's where the problem comes in with grains. Wheat no longer resembles the wheat of ancient times. Neither do the other grains.

It's the breeding of these grains that make them such a problem for modern people.

I'd also like to point out that while the author of Wheat Belly advocates eating meat, dairy, eggs and fish, he does recommend that we use organic, natural products as far as possible.

The recipes in both Wheat Belly and the Wheat Belly Cookbook, are full of nutritious vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

There is strong science to back up what the author is saying about wheat and other grains.

I've done my best to stay away from the grains for 2 months now, and the weight is falling off. I also have far more energy than I did 2 months ago. I feel my diet is very balanced and I'm eating far more vegetable now than I was. I don't overdo the meats or dairy, eggs or fish.

The statements you make truly lead me to believe you have not read these books.


If you're using Wheat Belly as an example of health and weight loss, you must not have seen the author, William Davis MD, who has quite a Meat Belly, see:

That's the fun of it. These bestselling low carb diet authors are all overweight or obese. Their own diets don't work for them, at least not long term. That is pretty damn telling.

As for the "strong science" the fat man puts forth to support his belly weight loss diet, I will have to disagree with your opinion.

These low carb diets have been around for a long time, and longterm are big failures. I know the Atkins/Wheat Belly/Grain Brain/Paleo followers are true believers in their books, and convinced by the "science" in them. But those diets are consistently ranked lowest whenever experts review them, e.g. see:

I suggest you read this to learn a little more about these low-carb diets:



This religious fanaticism of vegetarian zealots is as pleasant to listen to as listening to the sounds of the dragging of a metal rooster across a chalkboard.

Just stop with your rabid knee-jerk stupidity.

Davis may - or may not - be unhealthy. But you don't know. Stop with the gestapo-like fat comments.

Our lifestyle of vegetarianism is based on facts. Forget about all the scary meat stuff in his book if you are emotionally delicate. Davis has raised an incredibly important argument vis a vis the health dangers of consuming modern human modified wheat (GMO?) versus fundamentally natural wheat from simply 50-60 years ago. And there has been a DEAFENING SILENCE from the vegetarian camp. Why?!

Science is science. Truth is truth, no matter where or from whom it comes from. The vegetarian lifestyle should never be a control-freak religion.


Davis positions himself as a weight loss guru. He is fair game in terms of pointing out his diet doesn't work on himself. It's relevant if someone is trying to give you investment advice -- but they are bankrupt themselves, no?

There is not "deafening silence" from the plant-powered camp on Wheat Belly. Davis' exaggerations and distortions have been well refuted, just read:

Science is science, and truth can be manipulated, which is what you're seeing in these low-carb diets. These diets are not healthy and promote cancer and other disease. That's the only reason to expose them. The videos are to draw attention to the underlying facts.



I have not read either of these books. I'm wondering if the authors are referring to the diabetes and cancer causing highly refined wheats and grains that make up products such as bagels, pastry rubbish and other highly refined franken foods?

The products that make me nervous are corn, soy and beets. All our corn is GMO as is all soy and beets. Not knowing what GMO does to our bodies, I try to limit their intake. As to all the other grains, they are stellar and truly wonder foods as this terrific video so aptly demonstrates.

We consume on a daily basis, kamut, millet, spelt, red and other color rices and wild rice as well as lentils. I cook them all separately then mix them together, add a dash of saffron and other seasonings. Delicious.

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