Man, Beast: Who's Good? Who's Evil? (VIDEO)


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Are animals inherently good or bad?

"A wolf in sheep's clothing." Are wolves evil?

Watch this short excerpt from a talk by bestselling author Jeffrey Masson PhD, entitled "Beasts: What Animals Can Teach Us About the Origins of Good & Evil."

Scroll down to watch video -- 13 minutes:



To get Jeffrey Masson's full talk, as well as a dozen other life-saving presentations, order the 2013 GET HEALTHY NOW WHITE DVD series, at this link:



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100%. This is another one of my peeves. I'll start with Sanibel Island in Florida. What a disgraceful and horrific legacy towards wildlife this island has perpetrated.

Vacationers were feeding the alligators. Tossing BBQ steaks etc. from their backyard porches to the 'gators and thinking they were being cool. Human animals being stupid and dumb failed or denied the reality that when wildlife is fed by human animals, they instantly associate US with food.

And so in the mid 2000's Sanibel Island, after the deaths of two individuals by 'gators, began a killing spree. Today on this island, you cannot find an alligator that is larger than about 3 feet and you have to search very very hard to find one period. Once they reach 4' they are shot.

We used to love looking for 'gators in Bailey Tract, or Ding Darling Preserve. Those days are gone thanks to the ultimate APEX predator of all time. US. Human animals - the most destructive and deadly species. We should have stayed in the caves.

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