Animal Proteins "Turn On" Cancer Genes -- T. Colin Campbell PhD (VIDEO)


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T. Colin Campbell PhD -- considered by many the "Einstein of nutrition research" -- has a message:

Cancer genes are wimps.

You may be pre-disposed to getting cancer from your genes, but your nutritional decisions can trump your genes. In other words, you can avoid -- and even reverse -- cancers through diet.

Professor Campbell, renowned author of The China Study, gave two fascinating and sweeping talks during the Expo this year. He spoke about his life's work and his vast research on the mechanisms that promote cancer.
A lot of it comes down to this: you can stop your cancer genes from developing cancer by dramatically reducing or removing animal protein from your diet. Or, if you don't have much genetic tendancy toward cancer, you can still get cancer -- just by eating or drinking a lot of animal protein, such as milk products.
Watch this fascinating 10 minute excerpt from Dr. Campbell's talk:

Professor Campbell is the renowned author of The China Study, and gave two fascinating and sweeping talks during the Expo this year. He spoke about his life's work and his vast research he has conducted on the mechanisms that cause and promote -- and prevent -- cancer.

A lot of it comes down to: high levels of animal protein consumption, such as through dairy products, is devastating. If you want to avoid cancer, stop eating what research shows is cancer's preferred fuel.

Watch this fascinating 10 minute excerpt from Dr. Campbell's talk:


To get both of Dr. Campbell's full talks, as well as 10 other life-saving presentations, order the 2013 GET HEALTHY NOW WHITE DVD series, at this link:



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Seems with each passing day, more evidence comes to light supporting his views. It's like the whole Loren Cordain thing in reverse.


I totally agree with the famous "Einstein of nutrition research"

Eat animal proteins kill us !


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