Are Failed Vegans Addicts? Michael Klaper MD (VIDEO)


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Michael Klaper MD has a provocative theory, backed by fascinating research, about why some people fail as vegans.

As he shows in this video talk, being raised on an unhealthy, animal product-heavy diet literally changes your DNA -- and not in a good way.

If you have friends or family members who wanted to go vegan, tried to go vegan, but found they didn't have energy, they didn't feel good, they failed to thrive and only felt better when they started eating meat again -- then you will want to watch this video to understand why.




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Dr Klaper was a guiding light when I met him 23 yrs ago, and he gets even more brilliant each year! I hope everyone will share this with their loved ones. Michael has a gentle & precise way of educating. :-) Watching this may help friends make important health resolutions for the New Year! :-) I was at this event & heard the whole lecture, it was excellent.


not a very scientific lecture. it's just a "theory". I would like to see a more scientific approach to this topic. maybe not all people absorb nutrients the same way?


I have always followed and admired Dr. Klaper. Have passed on and gifted many of his books. He may be right. I can't help but feel less than empathy for individuals who go back to eating animals and use the animal protein as an excuse. I was raised a meat eater. I generally hated meat as a child and young adult. I'm 57 and went vegan around '85/'86 and have more muscle mass now than I did when 24 due to light weight work and exercise. We're ALL addicts of one sort or another. Place a bag of nuts, potato chips, tortilla chips, anything salt or sugary and all bets are off. A bag of vegan cookies? Get out of the way. These type of addictions have to be controlled by mental self talk and control which isn't bottled. If anyone is experiencing withdrawal from meat eating, they are consuming FAR too many dead animals and NO fiber.

DETOX = cleaning out the bowels from chronic constipation. Only plant based healthful diets can achieve this.


I have the wonderful versatile Gentle World recipe book endorsed by Michael Klaper and love listening to what he has to say about our diet and health. Interestingly, I was anaemic when I was a meat-eater as a child. My parents were Greek and my mother always said she would be sick if she ate cheese or drank cow's milk. It took some years for me to realise that we were ALL affected by dairy products in our family. Both my babies failed to thrive while I ingested dairy products and I found it a very worrying time, as in the 1980s people were still not really aware of allergies, colic etc. You tended to get blamed for not having enough milk!
After I attended a Soil + Health conference in 1985, I learnt about the harmful effects of cheese as a concentrated form of milk. So I reduced its usage in my cooking (vegetarians tend to use a lot of dairy products; cheese as a binder or garnish on savouries, for instance). My daughter used to get tonsillitus for years (my eldest sister had her tonsils removed in her teens; I lost mine at age 29 - very painful experience). By cutting out cheese from my cooking, I saved my daughter's tonsils and she never had another attack until she went flatting and started cooking for herself.
For years I have thought about what eating meat must do to the structure and metabolism of people's bodies - you have to admit (hope this is not too offensive) that some people have started to look like cows, with their rolls of fat, etc. There are many examples of obese people now to be seen in NZ supermarkets. Look at what is in their trolleys and you can see why they look the way they do. In fact, I now find eating meat akin to cannibalism.


Oh outstanding comment, and you are so right about many meat eaters LOOKING bovine. I know quite a few vegans who have commented on this over the years. We truly ARE what we eat and as a matter of fact there are some famous individuals we can point to that look very bovine and even "hoggish" The actor John Goodman comes to mind. Not only does he look extremely unhealthy, but also just like a meat eater.

I feel the same way as you do in that meat eating is quite cannibalistic. Do you visit the website ? It's a lovely community website for like minded people and also has a great deal of terrific info. I'm trying to get the word out on this site which not many of my vegan acquaintances knew about. All best and peace be this year to all our friends with no voices.


I have the wonderful versatile Gentle World recipe book endorsed by Michael Klaper and love listening to what he has to say about our diet and health. Interestingly

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