Soul Food is a Vestige of Slavery (VIDEO)


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Slavery was responsible for the death of countless African Americans.

Soul food, a vestige of slavery, is doing the same thing.

This is an excerpt from a recent talk given by Milton Mills MD. Dr. Mills was addressing graduates of the Meals For Health program -- a program to help bring healthy plant-based eating to underserved communities.

This Meals For Health program was provided through the Missionary Progressive Baptist Church in Berkeley, California.





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This is an accurate message, but facts are often weak tools when placed in opposition to culture. I once was in a similar situation working with Native Americans. Regardless of my attempts to be sensitive to culture, my suggestions that fry bread was not only unhealthy, but historically should be seen as the bread of affliction, very much like Dr. Mill's description of soul food, not only engendered push-back, my message put at risk my relationship with the people I was working with. The Native American public health literature predicted this. And it was right.

As Margaret Mead is reported to have said, it is easier to get someone to change their religion than to change their diet. Amen.


This makes absolute sense and so true for many other cultures also. Many of my own family ancestors were servants/maids to the landed gentry and aristocracy in Britain. Leftovers became bread pudding, shepherds pie were gathered remnants from dinner plates etc. etc. All very unhealthy and so called comfort food is also artery clogging early death food.

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