Emotional First Aid -- Book


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Although we have bandages for cuts, vegetable soup for colds, and ice packs for bruises, most of us have no idea how to treat day-to-day emotional injuries such as failure, rejection, guilt and loss. 

But these kinds of emotional injuries often get worse when left untreated and can significantly impact our quality of life and cause damage to our emotional well being.

What to do?

The answer is to pick up a copy of EMOTIONAL FIRST AID, by psychologist and bestselling author Guy Winch, PhD.

first_aid.jpgDr. Winch explains how to prevent common psychological "injuries" such as rejection, brooding or loneliness, from impacting your health.

A former stand-up comedian, Dr. Winch will keep you very amused as he offers concrete, easy-to-use treatments, all of which are backed up by hard cutting-edge science that we can administer to aid in our recovery.

A columnist for Psychology Today, Dr. Winch has been working with individuals, couples and families in his private practice in Manhattan, since 1992. He is a member of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Winch's brand new bookis available at this link:

Dr. Winch will also be speaking this year at our Health Lifestyle Expo. For more info, visit


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Both of these authors are brilliant & very knowledgeable! This is a must read!


I think my comments got crossed...this was meant for Pam Popper & Glen Merzer's book. My comment for this book is that I very much enjoyed the author's talk at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo. It was clear he is an expert on this topic. And he has a delightful accent & sense of humor!

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