Label Reading: Fruit Juice is Worse Than Cola (VIDEO)


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Unless you only visit the produce section of your local grocery store, you had better know how to understand food labels.

That's because many packaged foods are junk and will compromise your health.

Fortunately, renowned dietitian Jeff Novick MS RD has declassified the secret label code. In his new DVD program called SHOPPING SCHOOL, Jeff puts into action his easy three-point system for understanding any food label within just a few seconds.

Watch this excerpt where Jeff discusses juices.

SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH:  (6 minutes)



For more information and to order your own copy of SHOPPING SCHOOL, click here:

And check out the special Jeff is running -- get BOTH of his DVD programs on reading labels, for a special price.  Click here:


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Sage advice. Ten years ago my hubby and myself began diluting all our juice drinking. We fill up a very large glass with water then add a splash of juice. As Jeff Novick suggested, seltzer water with a dash of juice is really delicious. I was born overseas and juice was never ever given to children under the age of 7 years because "it rots the teeth right out of the mouth". Juice is pure sugar and to avoid taking it straight is a goal for all of us, children and adults alike.


Fruit and vegetable juices that are not fresh and are sold at room temperature in sealed containers are potent sources of methanol (wood alcohol) -- worst is tomato juice.

Methanol is quickly made into formaldehyde right inside the cells of 20 specific human tissues by the ADH1 enzyme -- Prof. Woodrow C. Monte, Food Science and Nutrition, Arizona State University, retired 2004, gives 745 free full text medical research references at -- very freshly made juice is safe if used immediately -- fresh tomatoes and black currants should be avoided.

About the same amount of methanol comes from smoke from a pack of cigarettes or two cans aspartame diet drink.

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