Label Reading - How to Cut Through the B.S.


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Dietitian Jeff Novick spent nearly 3 hours going through every aisle of a large supermarket, deconstructing label reading, showing how to know what's healthy, and what's not. You can watch the whole thing!

His easy 3-point system is quick, easy to learn, and is one course you want to pass -- so you can insure excellent HEALTHY choices when shopping.

Scroll down to watch this 4 minute video:




To learn more about Jeff's SHOPPING SCHOOL DVD, click here:


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Jeff Novick RD's explanations are so clear & succinct as well as eye opening. Love his videos!


Yes it's necessary to know well about the food before the things we are going to buy. This video is pretty good in I would like to include this wonderful share from custom essay writing sites where it can acknowledge many people. All the above tips were so useful in maintaining good diet.

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