Mediterranean Diet Study is Full of It -- Fat and Lies


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It's all over the news -- new research shows the Mediterranean Diet is heart-healthy, and it "reduces cardiovascular events by 30%" compared to a low-fat diet.  Right? 


Today we bring you a video with everything you need to know about the Mediterranean Diet.

If there were ever any question about whether the Mediterranean Diet is heart-healthy (it's not), this study puts the proverbial nail in the Mediterranean coffin.

Howie Jacobson is a contributing author to T. Colin Campbell's forthcoming book WHOLE: RETHINKING THE SCIENCE OF NUTRITION.

In this 5-minute video, Howie breaks it all down for you. 

One clue? The "low fat diet" in the study contains more fat than the average McDonald's and Burger King-chomping American eats. 

CNN and the rest of the Big Pharma media didn't notice that.

After your friends who champion the Mediterranean Diet see this video, they'll have egg -- and olive oil and nuts -- on their face...




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While Howie's criticism of the study as being fairly worthless is convincing, the general extreme dismissal of the Mediterranean diet in the introduction is not justified in what he says. Surely the Mediterranean diet compared with the macburger/packaged/processed foods diet of the average junk food consumer in the US is relatively beneficial, as outlined in Wikipedia. Where is the proof that it is so bad for the heart, and relative to what? To a pure vegan diet, is that what is meant?


Exactly. Why oh why are we such a nation of FADS? What should be basic common sense when it comes to what we put into our mouths, we turn into fads. Remember the '80's when Pasta was first discovered? You couldn't switch on a radio/TV or pick up a paper or magazine without seeing 1001 ways of preparing pasta - "and it's good for you" was the hysterical mantra. NO IT ISN'T. It's processed, it isn't a whole grain even if it may be processed with a whole grain. I embrace the sentiment of Neal Barnard and other scientists in that we shouldn't be consuming processed fats such as olive oil. Get fat from eating whole nuts, seeds, avocado's etc. A whole foods plant based diet is good sound common sense and helps keep us away from the profiteering medical conglomerate.


I do not understand which is correct (Jacobson,Klaper, et al) or the likes of Dr. Oz and many other doctors who say olive oil is UNsaturated. What's a consumer to do?



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