Dr. Barnard on Dr. Oz: Preventing Alzheimer's Is Easy


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50% of Americans have Alzheimers' Disease by age 85.

Fifty percent!

Half the people reading this page right now will get Alzheimer's by age 85, assuming they make it to that age.

But there's good news -- it doesn't have to be you.

Neal Barnard MD has a fantastic new book, POWER FOODS FOR THE BRAIN: An Effective 3-Step Plan to Protect Your Mind and Strengthen Your Memory.

This book presents the latest cutting-edge information about the causes of Alzheimer's -- and how to avoid it.  Order a copy at the link below.

What causes Alzheimer's?

New research strongly points to the role of excess metals absorbed from the environment -- iron, copper, zinc, as well as aluminum. Even modest excesses of these metals can wreak havoc with your brain.

The number one way you can be exposed to these metals is through what you eat and drink.

Fortunately you can choose foods that prevent Alzheimer's, and avoid the ones which promote it.

The bottom line is to eat a healthy plant-based diet. Lose the saturated fat, avoid meat and dairy. Avoid sources of excess iron, copper, zinc and aluminum (in places you might not expect it). Exercise and get adequate sleep. Omea 3's are also important, but not through fish. Vitamin E is good -- but only through food, not through supplements. Think sweet potatoes, broccoli, mangoes, nuts.





Order Dr. Barnard's new book from Amazon:

Kindle version:



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Dr Barnard is so knowledgeable & has such a gentle way of delivering health information!

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