Dr. Klaper: Olive Oil is Not Healthy (VIDEO)


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Could it be that the "olive oil is heart healthy" notion is just a marketing ploy?

In a word: YES!

The beneficial components of the Mediterranean Diet and Lyon Diets -- are that they are largely vegetarian diets. The health benefits of those diets are IN SPITE OF the olive oil, rather than because of it.

Esteemed veg icon, Michael Klaper MD, gave an amazing talk at the 2012 Healthy Lifestyle Expo. The title was "Salt, Sugar and Oil: What's The Problem?"

Watch this short excerpt focused on olive oil -- then sign up to join us for this year's Expo 2013 in October -- see link and info below video.





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Olive oil is not healthy. Any oil can add to plaques and there are links to cataracts, and lung cancer if cooking with oil with insufficient ventilation.
Many Italians are obese and die of causes other than strokes, and their evidence of olive oil helping heart attacks did not hold up to scruitiny. The Mediterranean diet adds more vegetables and grains and less meat, and that is the most likely cause of any health benefits. The people are often obese and ones who are studied are found to be obese with 43% calories from fat, 55% of that fat from olive oil. Olive oil is not healthy.
The article was funded by a nut company and an olive oil company. It said that low fat diets were not helpful in reducing heart attacks. But they refuse to study an actual low fat diet such as DrMcDougall's (I am using an article from Dr. McDougall as a source right now for reference). Low fat diets that prevent and reverse heart disease are about 7% fat. What the olive oil study called low fat was people only slightly cutting their fat content from 39% to 37%.
The study therefore, is bogus and once again sets good health to the back burner while promoting products.


good sense of humor. i can appreciate that. however, the greeks are not even in the top 10 european obesity list. UK was recently surpassed by hungary [ironically].

here's just one link/graph of many:

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