Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Endorses Engine 2 Diet (VIDEO)


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Look who's going plant-strong these days. Not just firemen and your average Joe, but high profile people like Bill Clinton, Sanjay Gupta MD and Michelle Pfeiffer.

This week Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel publicly got behind plant-based eating, saying the ENGINE 2 DIET has improved his running times.  He also believes that Chicago's healthcare costs could be dramatically reduced -- if more people simply decided go plant-strong.


(3 minutes long)


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Very cool!!!!!! :-)


Oh, please....

Rahm Emmanuel is divisive and angry person who is single-handedly turning Chicago into a war zone, and he's getting praised for his diet?

I'm sorry, but this is on par with when the vegan community made a big fuss over that disgusting convicted rapist Mike Tyson going vegan as if it were good for the movement. But, just slightly less sickening than when vegans got all goo-goo eyed over cheater and liar Bill Clinton going vegan for a while.

It's really, really sad that we as vegans have to keep welcoming in people who are terrible representatives of anything that is decent just because they decide to eat more plant-based foods. You shall be known by the company you keep, and it's things like this that keep it so that even though I've been vegan for a decade, I'm becoming ashamed to tie myself to the term any longer.

Please, VegSource, don't fall into the trap that too many other vegan informational sites and resources have gone to. Don't embrace every famous face that talks about a plant-based diet as if they're representing us all, because people like Rahm and his ideals are NOT something I want associated with my lifestyle because others want to make it appear so. Good on him for wanting to be healthy, but he's a disgusting individual, and I won't be supporting your site any longer if I see more of this same thing of using famous people just to get attention.


My, my...I feel like quoting "Odd Ball" from Kelly's Heroes..."Stop with all the negative waves!"

I'm not sure why you dislike Rahm Emmanuel so intensely - but I don't see what's wrong with him trying to improve the health of Chicago residents by his endorsement of a plant-based diet? More than 50% of firefighters die from Heart Disease (why shouldn't you try and change that?)

Likewise...Bill Clinton has probably (single-handedly) done more to advance the Vegan / Plant-Based Movement than any other person over the last 20 years. Former President Clinton's endorsement for changing your diet and embracing the teachings of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and T. Colin Campbell has been historic.

Mike Tyson..."Good-on-him" - is right !!!" He is probably reaching a demographic that Bill and Rahm - not so much!?

Thanks VegSource for keeping us informed about people who are being won over to a healthier diet - people who are learning about the Vegan and plant-based movements.


Costs reduction is an interesting point. He is cool guy and it is great that he talks about vegan products on a big audience.


And I forgot to mention. Being vegan helps you withfacial fat loss and other exercises.


Very cool


Rahm E. endorsing Vegan - hmmm, not sure about this. I didn't like Tyson being placed on a pedestal for going vegan. I'm sure he didn't do it for the animals but strictly so that he could live long enough to bite more ears off. As for Rahm E., he'll market anything that will be good for him. I think perhaps if he became a real vegan it might, just might, improve his language and temper.

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