Low Carb Jimmy Moore - Setting Record Straight! (VIDEO)


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We previously made Jimmy Moore our Obese Low-Carb Guru of the Month!

Jimmy saw the video and apparently is complaining that the dates we had of the photos of him were wrong, because some months ago, Jimmy started a NEW low-carb diet, this time a high FAT rather than high protein diet (which makes all the difference). 

Jimmy says his new low-carb diet is working great, and that our previous video was "dishonest."

So we thought we'd do an update video, to cover the facts even Jimmy can't dispute -- that low-carb diets are incredibly unhealthy.




And here is the first video that got Jimmy so out of sorts:



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I LOVED the first video made in Oct which showed all the different low carb authors...this updated one is even better, thank you for being so frank. The truth hurts. May it hurt enough to snap people into action.


Looks like Jimmy Moore is somehow connected with David Duke! I'm not entirely sure of the connection, but it looks like it is probably limited to appearing on his radio show and providing a link to Duke's website on his own website.

Here is some background on it:


That first video is amazing - I had no idea that low carb was so harmful (perhaps I was blinded by all of the low carb hype these days!)

I'm going to look into this more because currently I have been focusing on taking in less carbs, perhaps it is time for a change.




Thank you so much for posting these highly accurate and scientific-based videos. It's really refreshing to come to a site who has the public interest at the forefront as opposed to shamelessly promoting unhealthy fad diets. I mean, that Jimmy Moore guy lost so much weight from eating such an inappropriately non-mainstream diet! He ditched sugar, refined carbohydrates... Did he think adding all that artery-clogging fat to his diet would make him healthy in the long run? He needs to read Cholesterol Clarity, obviously. (Great book by the way) and how dare he struggle with his weight after writing a book; attending speaking conferences; airing podcasts...? Then he has the audacity to continue to lose weight - through low carb, high fat - and continue to boast its success? Umm, hello Jimmy Moore: we, in the starch-based community, aren't stupid! You can't fool us with your "ketosis" and weight loss. It doesn't work that way! You have to cut dairy, meat and fat then add potatoes and other nutrient beneficial starches if you want to be healthy. I hope Jimmy learned a lot from these videos. I sure have.

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