Low Carb Guru of the Month -- Jimmy Moore (VIDEO)


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Watch out for carbs! They'll make you fat!

That's what a group of bestselling low-carb, high protein "Paleo" diet authors say.

And they've sold millions of books and made a bleeping fortune teaching how to get lean and mean -- by avoiding carbs and eating lots of meat!

But when you see these guys selling this meaty message, a lot of them have a big problem.

With their own weight!

Nothing personal against the low-carb guru in this video. He's probably a nice person who believes what he's selling. We just think what he's selling is false, and very very unhealthy.

SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH NOW (1 minute long):



And here's the first video that started exposing the real story on low-carb authors:


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In all fairness to these guys, I followed the Ornish plan in the 90's and lost a lot of weight. I was able to wear a bikini and look good in it for the first time in my life. When I got complacent and went back to my old eating habits, I failed and gained a lot of weight back. While I agree that they are fair game, anyone who falls off the wagon, regardless of weight loss plan, is going to get fat again.



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