Nuts: What does the science really say? (VIDEO)


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Let's be real. The most important thing you can do with your diet to protect your health is to minimize or avoid entirely animal foods. Fried foods, processed foods, salty, oily, crapped up sugary food -- lose them as well.

Instead, focus on unprocessed whole plant foods, fruits, veggies, grains and legumes, and you'll be way way ahead.

So given that these are the overarching principles for a healthy diet, why a talk focused on nuts? 

Maybe because nuts have been driving people nuts. You hear things like, "Nuts will prevent arrythmias!" "Nuts will combat heart disease!" "Nuts will help you live longer!" "Nuts won't make you gain weight!" and similar claims.

On the surface, nuts do look like they have benefits. But when you dig down and actually examine the studies that support these claims? There's very little "there" there. In other words, the hype on nuts looks like little more than hype.

Famed dietitian Jeff Novick MS RD recently gave a 2-hour talk where he looked at every facet of the claims about nuts.  He looked at every major study which is used to back up those claims, and then he let you decide.  Once you dig into those studies and see what they actually say, you can decide for yourself how strong the evidence is behind those claims.

This is a short excerpt from Jeff's talk, and helps you realize why T. Colin Campbell PhD said of Jeff that: "your ability to probe and analyze the research literature is as good as anyone I know, inside or outside of the professional research community. You actually obtain the papers and critically review the tables and charts of the data, then see if the authors discussion of their own data is consistent."




For more information or to order Jeff's full talk, visit the VegSource store at this link:



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