Michelle Pfeiffer goes vegan (VIDEO)


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Caldwell Esselstyn Jr MD has had a major impact on America.

His bestselling book, Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease, is saving lives around the world.

Late last year, CNN's medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, decided to make a documentary based on Dr. Esselstyn's work.  He interviewed one of Esselstyn's most famous followers, former President Bill Clinton.  Clinton has not only lost weight by switching to a healthy plant-based diet -- he has gotten down BELOW his high school weight -- but he has reversed his heart disease and credits the diet with vastly improving his life and health.

One of the millions of viewers who watched the CNN documentary on Dr. Esselstyn (which you can view here) was actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

Listen to Pfeiffer describe what happened after viewing the landmark CNN documentary.






To order Dr. Esselstyn's DVD Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease, CLICK HERE.


To learn more about Dr. Esselstyn and his work, visit his site


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"Science behind it" is probably one of the most overused and meaningless phrases in our contemporary language. How about just doing the right thing? One vegan can save the life of approx. 100 animals a year. I'm sure Pfeiffer and Clinton have pets (who are all part of the slaughterhouse machine), and would vehemently describe themselves as animal lovers. What we kill, will kill us and this is never so true as with what goes into our mouths. Those of us who converted to kindness thirty years ago, didn't need "science" to dictate to us what just felt right morally and ethically.


Some people do it first for their health, then open their eyes to the ethical reasons later, as they learn to drop the dividing line between pets & "food". Regardless of the reason, it's great when a international celeb goes vegan & speaks about it to a large audience.


Its good.


Those of us who converted to kindness thirty years ago, didn't need "science" to dictate to us what just felt right morally and ethically.


I think people should realize that instead of abstaining from important food groups that provide essential nutrients for the body, they should instead eat a “balanced diet”. Everything should be consumed in moderation. The key here is the term “too much”. Anything that is deemed too much would of course have a negative result. People, especially celebrities these days fall for fad diets without realizing that the only thing that they need is to eat the right food portions daily.

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