Low Carb Book Authors -- ARE FAT! (VIDEO)


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Low carb diet proponents are making a killing off diet book sales.

But what about the authors themselves?

If they eat their diet and it's so great, shouldn't they look thin and healthy? 

We know the vegan diet doctors are all trim and enjoy robust health.

But the same doesn't appear to be true for the "experts" recommending diets heavy in meat and low in whole carbs.




Low-carb/high meat gurus featured in the video:

Loren Cordain, Author: "The Paleo Diet". Recommends you eat 55% meat.

Sally Fallon, Author: "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" - President Weston A. Price Foundation. Recommends meat, dairy, fish and vegetable fats.

William Davis, MD. Author: "The Wheat Belly" - Recommends no wheat, but lots of meat, dairy and oil.

Barry Sears, PhD, Author: "The Zone Diet". Recommends: meat, fish, and olive oil (restricts carbs).

Robert Atkins, MD. Author: "The Atkins Diet." Recommends bacon, brie and butter.


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The video is a little one sided.
You "forgot" to show a picture of Jon Gabriel, who lost 220 lbs on a low carb diet, Dr Mark Hyman,The Blood Sugar Solution, who promotes to eat low carb and not to be too scared of the fat in avocado's, olive oil, etc. and Mark Sisson, who is with his >50 years in an absolute fantastic shape.
What those people have in common is that they eat low carb, lots of fresh vegetables, no grain, no diary and some fish, eggs or meat. Plus they get a lot of exercise.
I bet the vegan people you showed also eat a lot of fresh vegetables, no diary, no junk food, and move a lot.
In my opinion the problem is not if you feel better on beans or meat. The problem is if you eat enough fresh vegetables and get enough exercise.


As an aside, Mark Sisson may be a Paleo guru but he also talks about using testosterone as part of training (which he seems to admit isn't legal), see his interview here:

If you want to compare the vegan advocates to people promoting growth hormones, well that was not the purpose here. Sisson is held up by some as an example of Paleo, but he's also a supplement salesman saying pills and supplements are needed to get fit, see:*.html

The video on this page was meant to look at people who are primarily pushing a particular diet, as opposed to how you can do intensive workouts or take HGH or supplements to impact your body shape.


@maggie: I've been learning from Jon Gabriel a lot lately and as far as I can see, he says he lost 200 pounds without dieting. He says all dieting causes the body to want to be fat. From what he says, he doesn't believe in diets at all.


That's right. He doesn't believe in diets.
He believes in adding healthy food, like vegetables, so you'll get your vitamins and minerals,so you'll be less deficient in that, which makes you less hungry. This way you switch to healthy food without fighting for it or pressure.
Only, when you look at his recipies, he did end up eating low carbo.


Jon Gabriel eats a low-carb diet, which will make you lose weight -- and your health. There is an excellent article debunking the paleo and low-carb diets like the one Jon Gabriel eats, by John McDougall MD.

This is must-read stuff for anyone sucked into the low carb nonsense.

Here's how the article starts:

The Paleo Diet Is Uncivilized (And Unhealthy and Untrue)

Low-carbohydrate (low-carb) diets are fueling the destruction of human health and our planet Earth. “Low-carbohydrate” means a diet high in animal foods and low in plant foods. Only plants synthesize carbohydrates (sugars). The body parts of animals, including red meat, poultry, seafood, and fish, and eggs, contain no carbohydrates. Animal secretions (like mammalian milk) contain sugars synthesized by plants (the cow eats the grass that made the sugar). The original Atkins Diet is the ultimate in low-carb eating. This diet works by starving the human body of carbohydrates in order to induce a state of illness (ketosis), which can result in weight loss. People become too sick to eat too much.

In an attempt to remedy the obvious harms to human health caused by very low-carb eating, apologists (including the Atkins Nutritionals) have added fruits and non-starchy vegetables to their programs. This effort is supposed to disguise, and compensate for, the unhealthy effects of consuming animal foods at every meal.



Oh, where to begin.

First of all, I eat a lowfat vegan diet, a la Drs. Esselstyn and McDougall. That is because it is the diet that makes me feel the best and has the best science on its side. I tried lowcarb for almost eight years (on and off) but I didn't lose any weight after the first 15 pounds, and always felt wired and wound up on it, and couldn't get a good night's sleep.


I don't even know where to begin regarding this video and Jeff Nelson's comment.

First of all, the video is sensational and misleading. I did a google search for the lowcarbers in the video and found several pics that were not headshots. They did not look fat at all, with the exception of Sally Fallon. I could also find you many pics of lowcarb/paleo "gurus" NOT included in the video who are quite lean.

Second, the opposing comments on the video have been deleted. Why? What are you afraid of? The truth can stand on its own. If you are deleting opposing comments it looks like you have something to hide or do not have faith in your position.

On to my next point -

Dr. McDougall's newsletter, The Paleo Diet Is Uncivilized, is inaccurate.

He claims that the original Atkins diet is "the ultimate in low carb eating", and that "In an attempt to remedy the obvious harms to human health caused by very low-carb eating, apologists (including the Atkins Nutritionals) have added fruits and non-starchy vegetables to their programs."

This is not true. First of all, EVERY form of lowcarb dieting allows "non-starchy vegetables". The original Atkins diet, from the first book, included fruits, all vegetables, and even grains after the initial induction period. Unfortunately for Dr. McDougall, for information about "the original Atkins diet", he provides a link to Webmd, which clearly states, "The diet does allow for adding fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods after the two-week induction period."

The whole newsletter is just a mess of inaccuracies.

Let me make it clear...I do not believe a lowcarb diet is healthy. I tried it, over and over, for almost eight years. I am now following a lowfat, plant-based diet and feel wonderful. However, no one is served by misrepresenting the facts.

I hope VegSource will take down this ridiculous, sensationalist, inaccurate, misleading video. And, it would be wonderful if Dr. McDougall would make the appropriate corrections to his "paleo" newsletter.


Regarding the video being misleading, it's not. It's the most recent videos/photos of the individuals in question I could find. Yes, I could find older photos, such as on their book jackets, which don't look fat. So what? They *used* to be thin, but couldn't hack their own diet? Plus they appear to have aged quickly, in addition to packing on weight.

As for other paleos who aren't fat, I'm certain they're out there. So what? These are the low carb bigshots who wrote the big books. That's my point. If you were buying a book on "how to get rich" and there were two schools of thought, if one school all the authors were rich, and the other school they weren't, whose program would you think works? If there are other low carb "gurus" out there, other than those not taking steroids or doing a ton of exercise to keep weight off, they didn't hit my radar, so they're not in there.

Can people lose on a Paleo diet? Why not! I have a friend who just went through chemo, lost 30 pounds. That doesn't mean I would recommend that any more than I would recommend low carb.

I'm not sure which opposing comments were deleted. If you mean the youtube website, some of those lunkhead comments get scrubbed, but I'm not aware of anything deleted here on VegSource.

As for your contention that Dr. McDougall's newsletter is "a mess of inaccuracies," since your own inaccuracies here are so easy to prove, I'm going to dismiss your rant there.


What those people have in common is that they eat low carb, lots of fresh vegetables, no grain, no diary and some fish, eggs or meat. Plus they get a lot of exercise.


Any one can lose weight on ANY diet if they follow it carefully and stick with it, which most people don't do. I can't believe that anyone would actually promote any of the diets by the FAT and clearly very unhealthy authors. Paula Deen is a classic example of someone who has peddled dead animals and is suffering the consequences of it. That people would turn away from a kind, humane and animal loving lifestyle such as veganism astonishes me.


I believe someone else pointed this out, but the fact is that if you want to be lean and energetic and not calorie restrict or overexercise, you have to eat a diet low in protein and fat, and high in carbohydrates. Such a diet can be more or less healthy, depending on to what extent you eat refined foods, cooked foods, animal foods, etc.

Contrary to what Jennifer Allen claims above, there are people who have gone from eating a paleo diet to eating a vegan diet, myself included. Cooked paleo did not digest well and left me weak and foggy, and raw paleo digested better but left me feeling much the same. Both paleo diets induced calorie restriction through appetite suppression unless I held protein to 20% or less.

A vegan diet with higher fat (over 10% of calories) required me to restrict intake in order to maintain weight (the food is more dense, more calories per bite and fills the stomach slowly) and involved eating oils which are not whole foods (unnatural) or copious amounts of avocados or nuts (also unnatural). Low-fat cooked vegan was better in terms of mood, energy and mental clarity but the food was difficult to digest and unappetizing without adding toxic irritants like salt, sugar, garlic, onions, vinegar, etc.

Low-fat raw vegan solved all the problems I had eating paleo or cooked vegan: the food is easy to digest, appetizing, healthy, does not overly suppress appetite and I can eat as much as I want, as often as I want.

After a few months of eating a low-fat raw vegan diet, my BMI has fallen from 20.7 to 19.2. I have just as much muscle strength (despite averaging 5% of my calories from protein) which means I have lost 10 lbs. of fat and water. I expect this to continue, without need for meat, supplements, stimulants such as caffeine, cooked food or irritants.

The paleo diet is successful because adherents of the diet eliminate salt, which easily results in many pounds of water loss, up to 10 or more pounds for people with lots of excess body fat. Then the high protein induces weight loss through appetite loss. Finally, the removal of dairy and grains clears up many problems because both are problematic for humans, both are agricultural foods, they are new arrivals on the human dietary scene, causing allergies, diverticulitis, leaky gut, excess mucus, etc. The success of the paleo paradigm can thus be summed up: eliminate toxic foods such as dairy, grains and salt, and calorie restrict. The veggies, fruit, nuts and wild or grass-fed meats are all window-dressing to give the diet the appearance of health in the minds of SAD eaters.


Here is a great article from Scientific America:

Turns out the real Paleo diet was 97% vegetarian and 3% insects. But I don't think the low-carb diet gurus could sell many books like that, so they have romanticized the diet into 5 o'clock shadow and macho hunters.

But if you're really looking back at our evolutionary diet as guidance, you need to be vegan with some bugs thrown in, according to the experts.

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