Low Carb Book Authors -- ARE FAT! (VIDEO)


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Low carb diet proponents are making a killing off diet book sales.

But what about the authors themselves?

If they eat their diet and it's so great, shouldn't they look thin and healthy? 

We know the vegan diet doctors are all trim and enjoy robust health.

But the same doesn't appear to be true for the "experts" recommending diets heavy in meat and low in whole carbs.




Low-carb/high meat gurus featured in the video:

Loren Cordain, Author: "The Paleo Diet". Recommends you eat 55% meat.

Sally Fallon, Author: "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" - President Weston A. Price Foundation. Recommends meat, dairy, fish and vegetable fats.

William Davis, MD. Author: "The Wheat Belly" - Recommends no wheat, but lots of meat, dairy and oil.

Barry Sears, PhD, Author: "The Zone Diet". Recommends: meat, fish, and olive oil (restricts carbs).

Robert Atkins, MD. Author: "The Atkins Diet." Recommends bacon, brie and butter.


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